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  1. Not long term. Demographics are still necessitating mass retirements, and airports are still packed. I think the larger inflation problems might lead to softer demand, but it’s a long way from that to appreciable drops in hiring.
  2. nunya


    Where are y'all seeing the end of the 2.5%? I plan to go with Fidelity's 2% if/when my 2.5% goes away. Edit: Nevermind, found it in my wife's documents. Card's in her name. Well I guess I'll join the ranks of moving my main bank from USAA.
  3. I don't think you'll need to go to those fairs to get interviewed. A bunch of dudes that don't fit the theme is part of the game - not gonna change any time soon. They'd be a lot more annoyed if you went to a White, Cis, Male Hetero Pilot's Association Conference.
  4. Ok, I figured "generally" would allow one exception among the big airlines. I'll be clearer: DL, AA, UA, AS, JB, FDX, and UPS all have something approximating 50% til 65. SWA also allows you to bank over a year of sick leave.
  5. I'm sorry you had to deal with that and I'm glad you recovered. Point of order, though... disability insurance at major airlines is very good (generally all your pay for a period, then ~ half of your pay until 65), so losing your medical isn't an immediate detour to poverty. Lots of guys happen to lose their medical at about age 63. Those last 2 years until retirement living on insurance payouts are probably pretty tough.
  6. I'd wear your bag (or is everyone in 2 piece now?). Bring whatever paperwork you have, but leave it in the car unless somebody important wants to see it. The bros won't care about your CDB, but you very well might find yourself in an impromptu interview with the DO or something. I know if I was DO or CC and I had time I'd sit down with you.
  7. Maybe. Youngest on the list this second is 24 and, amazingly, 24 is ho hum at this point. Their career earning potential blows my mind. With 40+ years to fly, their company 401k contributions alone will be something north of $6m in today's dollars. If they max their IRAs, 401k, HSA, and maybe throw a few bucks at a 529 (not that hard to do, really), they can easily get to $12m by retirement.
  8. Met a dude today that will be <10 at D for 5 years. 🤑 Civilian.
  9. The closeout season obviously has to follow the calendar year.
  10. Talk to your Shirt, too. The good ones are magical dealing with "people problems." The CC will have to sign off, but (good) Shirts have immense resources and connections.
  11. Don't overthink it. The airlines aren't worried that a 12+ year military pilot is lying about their hours. Get the best product you can get and make it look as professional as you can. If the first line in your logbook is a summary of years 6-9 instead of a line by line, nobody is going to care.
  12. Live below your means. The below-er the better-er. That makes everything else fall into place easy-er.
  13. Beyond a reasonable doubt is a necessarily high bar and I don't think the woke wave is [the only reason] why he'll be acquitted. I think the actual evidence is light, the hearsay and contradictions are numerous, and the two people that should provide the most damning testimony are hardly model citizens. The case will be like trying to discipline your kid when you're 99% sure he's lying, but his story does kinda make sense. Smollet probably staged it, but he'll also get acquitted.
  14. No. You're a cost item to the company. You're costing them and not making them money if you're not in the seat. They're going to use you to the full extent of the law and your contract. Domestic NB is many legs (very rarely less than 3-5) and short layovers (11-12 hours), wherever you go unless you play one of the many, many schedule enhancement games. Those games differ for each carrier but they are where you make your money and tilt the scales in your favor away from the company using and abusing you. Unfortunately as an outsider there's no way for you to fully appreciate those games so don't even try to consider them in your "which airline" decision. Unless you are sure you want WB, don't commute for DAL.
  15. Invalid assumption. Gross income is not as simple as hourly rates. It’s not even entirely dependent on left or right seat. Seniority is a pay raise all its own. You want to stay domestic? Yeah, you can do that everywhere and it’s not an uncommon career plan. Lots of guys don’t want to deal with the circadian interruptions, longer legs, customs, large international cities, etc.
  16. Funny that you said Guard units are in rural areas. I can't think of a single unit (especially with airplanes) I'd call "rural." I guess we just have different definitions. My point is that, hospital or not, there's going to be an OB/GYN clinic in whatever town you find yourself. Anyway, good luck man. Nursing is one of the nation's most transportable fields.
  17. Yes. Actually finding an opening is a different story. USAJobs shows mostly VA and Indian Affairs openings. Does she not want to do civilian practice? What specialty?
  18. Next we'll dive into religion, politics, and COVID and it'll be just like the longest 5-day in history!
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