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  1. If that’s what you want to do, get hired by a UPT Reserve squadron and go to USAFR. If you want to go back to your Guard unit in 4 years, see if they’ll take you back. There’s no 1288-type process to go from a state asset to a federal asset.
  2. At least this guy attacked a taxiing airplane. I guess that makes him the smart one.
  3. AU Portal is up right now. Couldn't get in this morning.
  4. I made the jumpseat commute to a unit 9 hours away for 6 months and gave up. I don’t think it’s long-term realistic, especially starting out. If the unit is #1, move to your unit city and figure out the civilian job there. Edit: I’m assuming you’re flying since you’re on a pilot board, in which case once a month is also unrealistic unless that’s once for many days.
  5. My ROTC offering even specified “Electrical Engineering.” Nah.
  6. Don’t be fooled. The Bobs will put any of us on the street to save themselves. Even SWA.
  7. What do 16R4s do? "Planning and Programming" Is that XP? Lots of TR and IMA openings nationwide.
  8. Yep. Created out of thin air. Looks like a good job by APA.
  9. "Offering early retirements" means nothing in modern airlines. With no A plan at most carriers (and those with A plans aren't hurting right now), you walk away with nothing extra if you leave at age 61 or 64+364.
  10. Attendance will suffer, either on a person basis from the media fear-mongering or because local governing bodies will outlaw mass gatherings.
  11. Holding out hope that any CSAF will materially improve life for airmen is just asking for disappointment. The best we can hope is he just doesn't further f it up.
  12. Seems like a warfighter at least, and hasn’t been out of the ops world for too long.
  13. At least we can finally quit pretending they’re going to maintain a functioning Air Force after we’re gone.
  14. “Pot of gold” is Irish cultural appropriation.
  15. The only thing keeping you from getting called for the interview might be felonies and drugs, but there are still plenty of ways to f up the interview, and not giving it the proper respect is the first way.
  16. Since you asked twice, I’ll assume it’s a genuine question. Doing virtual stuff at home. Gotta have a telecommute agreement, approval, etc. Usually CBTs, OPRs...
  17. Lightweight Vr I'll believe. With 132k of stuff in the back, low level, in turbulence? Not so much. I'm not trying to discredit the paper Clark linked, but when they assume 100kt retardant drop speeds, it makes me question the rest of their assumptions.
  18. That’s cool, but can a C-17 fly 100 knots!?!
  19. This seems appropriate here... We're definitely off scale high.
  20. Not that hard, but very frustrating. It’s about like going active to ARC. Completely different systems.
  21. Ask those same bros how they're feeling after Pilot Hiring calls them for a start date 4 months before they're available and they have to explain why they lied on their app. Just don't do it. The interview can be an enjoyable experience. It won't be if you need to say, "Well, about that availability date..." And don't think you'll fool them with jargon Fairchild-style. At least someone interviewing you will be ex-military. Seniority is everything, but with everyone hiring like they are and will be, you stand to lose a whole helluva lot and stand to gain very little.
  22. Holy crap, I had to go look up your 190 pay scale. Didn't realize it was so much lower than everything else!
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