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  1. Question: Why would you not be on terminal in this situation? Because how are you going to go back to your AD job after indoc/sim? Or start flying the line while still in the military?
  2. Update: Back up to $35k. "Additionally, the Air Force is working diligently to further improve the AvB program to meet the needs of both the Air Force and those of its Airmen as the defense and civilian aviation environments continue to evolve. Some significant and positive changes are on the table starting in FY23." Not sure what that means...it's capped at $35k...or at least that is all they are willing to ask for. FY22 AvB Update Letter_final.pdf
  3. I mean...Demi Moore's character quit BUDs in the movie GI Jane and still ended up graduating...so it only makes sense.
  4. Copy. What's scary is it seems like a realistic thing the brass would try.
  5. Wait...Seriously? Is that really a COA they are pursuing or is this speculation/sarcasm? I know a lot of different programs are bringing back ADSC's (TPS, WIC, 89th, etc) but that's the first I've heard of upgrades.
  6. Well, I swore I wouldn't get it on a weekend and instead get free days off work...but here I am. 2x Moderna (no booster, been too busy to be DNIF 2 days) and I wear a surgical most of the time but still go out to bars, restaurants, and have a social life. Everyone enjoy their NYE! I'm gonna save a bunch of money and calories by staying in I guess. 😷 Symptoms: cold, achy bones. Otherwise nothing significantly worse than the flu at this time.
  7. Spiderman No Way Home: Really good. Would suggest seeing in theaters. Matrix Resurrections: They should have left the series dead and not brought it back. Entertaining...maybe. Overall meh. Seemed like a cross of Free Guy (sans humor)/Ready Player 1 with John Wick, but worse. Their quest to bring back characters confused me also. How did Morpheus end up in it? I don't get that since everyone else was either a human or a program. And, to not spoil it, the main bad guy didn't seem very much like a computer program. Very human/humorous dialogue for an "analyst."
  8. Just dancing faces...I hope. Never know with the internet these days though.
  9. Why is it that aliens can figure out how to travel across many millions of miles, over how many thousands of years, through an extremely dangerous and complicated environment...and they always fuck up the landing?
  10. Not saying the other 5 commanders weren't turds...but at any point is someone (leadership) going to look at the bigger picture here and ask WHY this happening so frequently?
  11. So nobody cares that Biden is limiting flights from South Africa? It's only racist/xenophobic when Trump does it, right? https://thehill.com/policy/international/africa/583204-us-to-restrict-travel-from-south-africa-and-seven-other-countries
  12. Usually the Phoenix programs are for the shiny pennies. AMC uses it as a breadth program to either get experience in a different MWS (Reach), the AOC/CRG (Mobility), or staff (Torch). Reach and Torch are usually reserved for top strat'd Bob's with upper management written all over them. Mobility is all over the place...not everyone wants to play Army. https://www.amc.af.mil/News/Features/Display/Article/1550267/amc-pushes-boundaries-through-innovative-officer-development-programs/ Bottom line, to the OP or whoever else wants to get out of their airframe...is don't just sit, bitch, and wallow in self pity. Work hard, be a bro/bra, and earn a way out. If you just do the bare minimum your CC isn't gonna push you to do shit except maybe go somewhere you don't wanna go (are non-vols to pred's still a thing?). And don't just auto delete all the MyPers emails. Those are the official ways to apply to special programs (89th, U-2, B-2, etc)...which guess what? You still generally need a push from your Sq/Gp/Wg CC for those programs. And, at least at the 89th (but I imagine everywhere else also), you will definitely get bro/bra checked.
  13. Easiest is to go teach at UPT, but that will only be temporary and you'll end up back in the tanker unless you can swing a follow on PIT assignment. Phoenix Reach/Mobility can also get you out of the tanker for an assignment. 89th or Flight Check are more permanent options. And there is always the tiny chance of a mechanical crossflow.
  14. Damn, this shit is happening too often. Him, him.
  15. How many non-civ military only fields even have a CATIII approach? Andrews is the only one I can think of.
  16. Well, turns out the one with the new name is the mil-spec one in this example. As for why they changed the name, after another 6.9 second google:
  17. Just finished indoc at American. They are definitely hooking up the mil guys who had CJOs & class dates that got COVID'd. To my surprise, we are getting full benefits...so I now have a seniority date, pay date, travel benefits, and hacked my 401k clock. So now when I get off AD I'll start at AAL with damn near year 3 seniority and pay. I'm pinching myself.
  18. 89th guy now. If you want to occasionally fly in blues but go to awesome locations then don't immediately delete the MyPers email for once.
  19. I actually have no idea what is going on with SWA. Just getting back from a trip with no signal, min turns, and max duty days...so what's going on/the truth?
  20. People are saying either a T-38 or T-45 crashed in Fort Worth. Hoping for the best! https://abc7ny.com/fort-worth-plane-crash-military-lake-texas/11031300/
  21. How often do active duty guys end up in leadership positions at a Reserve wing?
  22. I don't think I would have gambled a 3 year ADSC extension (because of COVID) if it wasn't for the extra bonus money. I probably would have taken the ART job or DSG options I had. I sure do regret not taking the ART now! Granted, I'm also not the main consumer the bonus is being marketed to. The AF really wants people to stay til 20, thus why they dropped the shorter term bonus. Better question, with the rate the airlines are going to higher...can the AF take a risk messing with the bonus any more just to find out if that 30% would stay regardless? I mean...what if it drops to 10%? Are they prepared to basically gut an entire FY of officers?
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