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  1. 🍺 to Officer Vakoff. But I think skibum, and other inquiring minds, wanted someone to out the General Officer that was chiefing people for their patches.
  2. There are also UPT, white jet, Green Door, etc assignments available that can get you into a different jet. Don't suck and you can apply to the 89th. Win a lottery ticket (and also don't suck) and you can fly the C-37's out of Ramstein or Hickam or the C-40 out of Scott (if they don't close).
  3. I was always told that Y was a second buy of the X tanker to replace the -135 and Z was a larger format tanker for the -10 replacement. Not saying they didn't change the definition sometime in the last 20 years or maybe my info was wrong. AMC also thought leasing 767s from Boeing was a good idea the first time round too. Has anyone looked at how we are going to get, maintain, and resupply millions of pounds of jet fuel out of an austere location? Yes, dispersing our assets is a great idea for survivability...but each sortie for a KC-135/KC-390 is going to be 200K+ in gas. You're talking millions of pounds of fuel somehow being refilled in a dirt strip...and I don't think an oil pipeline is going to be easily hidden nor is an oiler ship offload facility. This isn't going to be a FARP for a couple helicopters that we can push off the back of a C-130 and keep the Army happy for a week. This COA is talking serious amounts of fuel. I'd just be curious what the plan for that would be or is this a disposable FOB that we will fly 2-3 sorties out of and then bug out back to a hardened facility (that probably would be a smoking hole).
  4. Interesting. Also, originally the KC-Z was supposed to be the KC-10 (large) replacement while the KC-X & Y were supposed to be the KC-135 replacement. So I wonder if Big Blue gave up on an actual -10 replacement and is just going to settle on 3x -46's for every 1x -10 on a coronet from now on.
  5. So how much fuel can it carry?
  6. Granted it's been a hot minute since I've been a tanker toad...but I'd imagine a low observable tanker is a much more survivable way to get gas closer to the fight than going the route of a jet powered H/M/KC-130. But with how much AMC is jerking itself off on the "ACE" acronym I guess it's hard to discount any idea, no matter how devoid of common sense, it appears.
  7. UPS had a normal forecast so it is curious why the disparity. It could always be a negotiating tactic by management against their work groups.
  8. I'd recommend avoiding small time financial managers in Wichita...but if you want to short that advice then you need to invest with them! 🤣
  9. I'm also pretty bad at investing. So bad that even the institution I let manage my funds has been an overall negative return since 2017...thus me publicly sourcing information (and firing their ass and going to Vanguard).
  10. What's everyone's favorite low cost Vanguard Index Fund, ETF, etc? VFIAX? VOO? BNDW? VTWAX? VCSH?
  11. 737 HUD doesn't adjust. But the seat and pedals have enough travel that it's never been an issue for my short (5ft7in) self. Good news is I'm one of the few people that doesn't bitch about the 737 cockpit being cramped. 🤣
  12. Service Secretaries and Chiefs should be advocating for their personnel. Buuuuuut, those people also want a high paying job from one of them fancy defense contractors when their stint is over...
  13. Because the Ops Group always gets shafted. We have the weakest union out of all the groups IMO. The techno bus at 3am was always nice though...as was Pete's. "B-69! That's a bingo."
  14. Why does Iran have beef with Albania?
  15. Well, some good has come from this because I just realized I don't have a copy of my FCC license in my non-rev wallet. So thanks for that everybody!
  16. It’s hard to order Cuban cigars from iHavana.com using cash though… Or so I’ve heard. That cedar lined wooden box I have is for fung shei decorating purposes only.
  17. Crap! Not sure why when I searched "Iran" nothing came up. Mods, obviously, feel free to merge or delete.
  18. Didn't see a similar thread for Iranian Tomfoolery. Besides them being in the news recently for trying to steal US Navy Saildrone Explorer USV's (new acronym to me: unmanned surface vessels)...looks like they just put in an order for 24 Su-35's that were originally tagged for Egypt. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2022/09/04/iran-buys-24-sukhoi-su-35-flanker-e-fighters-produced-for-egypt/?fbclid=IwAR3BeYvM_22ZO2vRPgDaftw7WYRFZVJ9_q3Jljh4gv04-YjOI89sfuxbxxI
  19. I'm sure some law enforcement agency could pull the meta data pretty easily and find the guilty party that way. Just not enough public outcry yet to warrant that COA.
  20. If you two were looking for a sign for whether or not to stay in or go airlines...just saying...
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