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  1. They are, though I’m not sure it was an option this year. I never heard back when I asked.
  2. Somewhat terse TBNT from Oregon just went out for anyone who's still wondering lol.
  3. I actually cold called them like a year ago and got their information for their board then, but then it ended up getting canceled due to COVID. Then they emailed me out of the blue a couple weeks ago asking if I still wanted to interview.
  4. Anybody interviewing for FRED at Travis tomorrow?
  5. Has the deadline for them passed? Would love the deets if the application period is still open.
  6. Ok now that’s just a bunch of trash. After all those years enlisted with them they thought you weren’t dedicated?? Best of luck with Vermont, I hope you get it so you can stick it to them. 😉
  7. My home unit turned me down after an interview too. It definitely sucks (like it feels really bad on a super personal level), but at the end of the day I don’t think I was owed anything. Being home grown definitely helps in landing the interview, but once you’re in front of the board everyone is equal and you have to convince them you’re the best.
  8. Unsponsored is an AFRC thing, so it only applies to the Reserves. Also from what I’ve heard it’s hypothetically possible for an unsponsored candidate to go to a fighter unit, it’s just rare.
  9. Nope. I asked when I submitted my app, they confirmed receipt but didn't reply to my question.
  10. Depending on the type of unit, the pilots will be involved in airlifting, logistics, etc. Probably not the boots on the ground though. Enlisted people and non-rated officers can be on the ground but more as a second string if the Army isn’t enough to handle it. Source: was part of the response to the civil unrest in June and was trained in riot control.
  11. I would say all of those are good options, and I would suggest getting one from all 5 of the people you listed for three reasons. 1) You may encounter a board that requires more than three, 2) to give you added versatility depending on who you’re applying, and 3) one or more of the letters may not be l as good as you’d hoped. I know I’ve had high hopes for some that turned out to just not be very good. I also agree with Checksix, the best thing to do is honestly to just edit the PDFs to change who they’re addressed to if a unit asks for them to be addressed specifically, cuz if not you’re gonna be bugging the hell out of all those letter writers and often.
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