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  1. Twenty-five years ago today, I found myself in the Saudi Arabian desert near the Iraqi border with NVG's on watching a steady stream of traffic headed northbound and downtown. It was a very impressive sight. I mentioned this in the office today and guys were amazed that it was 25 years ago. Of course some said they were in grade school then so I gave them a quick history lesson.
  2. He needs to serve time. And not time served in Afg. He walked, so his time there was self-induced. Put him in the same cell with Chelsea Manning,
  3. No surprise some former Kw Drivers are not happy as FW guys on one year deployments to the fun box. Doing circles for hours is no fun compared to TIC and the smell of cordite in the cockpit. Still, it beats flying a desk or teaching the CCC at Rucker. If they wanted to stay in the cockpit and be allowed to grow a mustache when not deployed, they should have gone the Warrant path. Some guys want to be in charge and fly for the 5 - 7 years an RLO can realistically expect to be near a cockpit. Others are happy letting someone else being in charge and staying in a cockpit for an entire career. Tp each his own.
  4. Getting ready to call it a day after many, many++ years of service. Wanting to stay overseas (long story) and had been previously been told by Transportation that I could do a local move within 50 miles of my current gov't occupied quarters paid for by the gov't. Also, said move would not count as my retirement move to location of choice and then within 5 years, walk in as a retiree and ask to use my retirement orders for the final move to CONUS paid for again by the gov't. Went to Transportation last week and now they nor I can find it in the new JTR that says I am authorized such a thing. Anyone else run into such an issue or know where this was in the past JFTR? Wife is getting nervous. If we have to, we will do the local move ourselves and save the orders for the $$$$ move to CONUS in 5 years.
  5. Years ago, kid is out drinking with buds and gets in a small accident on a bridge with another car. Along comes another car and now 3 cars are involved. In the confusion with drunks, nobody notices where Johnny went to. Johnny is declared AWOL with everyone figuring he ran off to avoid charges. Mother finally calls commander and say that if Johnny had run off, he would have called Mom. Commander goes back to accident scene, looks over railing and there below is Little Johnny. Right where he was knocked to. Body was not pretty after 30 days of being wild animal food.
  6. I know way too many folks there doing that Army mission. Prayers to all.
  7. Asking the OSD if folks should lose the CZTE is a question maybe better off not asked.
  8. DoD pays for the IDP, while it is the IRS the gets shorted by the CZTE. DoD can Change the IDP, but Congress, the same folks that just cut your retiree COLA, would have to change the tax code to effect the CZTE.
  9. Sickening to watch. The flight deck crew had way too long to think about what was about to happen to them. Godspeed.
  10. Ex-Crew chief gets an A for effort to find the original owner. All of mine have "custom made for XXXX" on the inside. Maybe I will get as lucky if mine comes up missing.
  11. Was there last week and bought off the rack. Had some modifications done while I walked down the street avoiding all the shop owners for lunch. Got to see their back room where the workers are making cow hides into leather products. "Fuzzy pockets" are the bomb for keeping hands warm. Third jacket from Pop's.
  12. Agree that you can take proof of your eval to the FSDO for the renewal. I have never wanted to take the chance that I got some FSDO dude with an attitude on the last day for renewal and have him say, my proof is not good enough for him, the FAA representative. My last trip to the FSDO was not pleasant. After getting zero consideration for an appointment despite saying that I was TDY from overseas and limited by civilian sim recurrent schedule, being treated like a convict being booked for inprocessing once I got to the counter, having the inspector fling by paperwork past me on to the floor and then he tells me I would make a great prospective FAA employee with my Rotorcraft CFI-I, ASEL-I, MEI, CFII and 10K hours. Go figure. At least for me, I do the American Flyers thing every 2 years.
  13. I've used American Flyers for 7 + years. One time fee and I can renew for life. Every 2 years, I just plan on some hours waiting on the course to time out so I can take the test. Small PIA to have CFII. Highly recommend AM Flyers.
  14. I had 4X4 diesel Ford Excursion in Germany for 3 years. No, you can't go into a small town or a parking garage and think you are going to park it anywhere. On the road it was fine. With the size, it commanded respect from the little guys. It was good for road trips in Germany, where I could use my diesel ration. I never had a problem running out of my fuel ration amount in a month. I cruised the autobahn at 80mph. Crazy wife was doing 105 till I told her that this was not her sports car and it will not stop or turn on a dime. When I shipped it over, they said it was too big. I signed some papers to have the amount ($200??) deducted. Funny, that never happened. Yes, all the neighbors would ask me to pick up things at the PX for them. There is no hiding that you are a typical American in the K-town area. What you drive will ID you. I sold my Excursion to a Major that was pcs'ing to the states with 3 kids and they wanted a diesel to pull a trailer. Perfect vehicle for them.
  15. I was a Freshman in college and followed this closely in the spring of 82. Amazing what the Brits managed to pull together in such a short time and fight over such long distances. Good job to them.
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