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  1. They might be able to make it harder, but they can’t make it any longer ....
  2. If you’re inside a year, come and go and do as you please. You’ve got to take care of you, because no one else will. what are they gonna do, fire you?
  3. Like stirring a big pot of Kraft Mac and Cheese
  4. You can start fairly early out .... and the VA will work your stuff through their wickets. But you get zero feedback until the day you turn into a mister. Then poof, it’s 75% through its steps. start early. expect the VA and your base dude that helps put your package together (sts) to fuck it away early and often.
  5. So start one. Let me know how the economics work out for you. be the change you want to see... or some such shit
  6. Yes ... the 99+% survival rate for military aged folks is very problematic
  7. Enjoy your disability later ...
  8. Just like BQZip’s mom
  9. It’s more of a high G lifestyle.... you can’t control your height. but you can control your muscle mass and resting blood pressure. Lots of ways to reach the goal. nicotine, bacon, whiskey, and coffee works really really well. Not the best for longevity. But can get you a 7g resting tolerance. 9+ from there is easy.
  10. Find your state’s veterans affairs department (either where you are now or where you’re going when you retire). reach out to them now, make contacts, and explain your situation. the state folks are usually pretty good (and pretty aggressive) working your issues with the federal VA. our base guy was good at getting the ball rolling ... but missed a lot and it required a lot of work/coord after I retired. ive got florida contacts if you want them.
  11. Re: fighters touching down short of the captains bars/glideslope ... most fighter vol 3’s say to touch down 500-1000’ down the runway. In a 38 you can’t do that unless you’re starting your flare well short in the underrun. Runway length is almost always a factor, especially with EPs. When a few hundred feet might matter, it’s good to have the practiced ability to land on brick 1.
  12. Where in the constitution does it say the federal government has a duty to protect the citizenry from financial ruin?
  13. I don’t know if that’s a battle worth picking ....
  14. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    I am of the other camp on pistol calibers....bigger holes are bigger. a lot of the “kick” has to do with the weight of the pistol. A super lightweight “lady” gun (lady smith revolver in 357 for example) has a sharp angry kick. An all metal 1911 does not .... and as an added bonus can be used as a blunt implement if you’re out of ammo
  15. Yup. Another swing at bat. Just be aware that being a faip May close some doors further down the road. For example, Fighter WIC is/was much more of a challenge to get into as a former faip.
  16. The DPE was the only worthwhile part of accessible aviation ... and I don’t know if he’s still giving check rides. Avoid crazy Carl.
  17. Once they get 12-15 years old, paper thin, and the threads turn a bit purple ... they’re super comfortable.
  18. Midget isn’t a race...it’s hilarious
  19. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    California is so stupid
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