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  1. Lots of things are possible, but that doesn’t make them likely. if you end up in fighters, expect to PCS every 3 years +/- 3-6 months … usually on the minus side. You will move more often right after UPT for various training … long TDYs or full PCS’s. AFPC likes to shuffle the manning holes around. if you’re looking to homestead somewhere, consider the guard/reserves
  2. You can always go back if you don’t like your taste of freedom and independence.
  3. Bah! a good ETSS guy could have that place untucked in a week! (if you know … you know)
  4. I miss the flying. I miss the camaraderie (but it’s easy to keep in touch with the bros). I don’t miss the AF
  5. Deltas wholly owned subsidiary, endeavor, has reached an AIP. That’s the 50-60% raises.
  6. Be careful not to step in sidewalk shit. It’s everywhere.
  7. Faking a vax card is not particularly difficult ….
  8. There are movements in the wind to change the way instructor certs are renewed … especially once expired. but I’m sure that’ll move through the FAA at the speed of smell ….
  9. The 1500 hours is an FAA min for an unrestricted ATP. So “airline conversion factors” aren’t a factor in your total for that. But some sim time does count. So get smart on the FAA rules and whether or not the sims you’ve been in count for FAA times. don’t forget your UPT time counts towards your 1500 hours. That’s usually about 200 hours or so. That being said, another 200 hours would be easy to get in a UPT/IFF tour … maybe a viable backup if you can get all your shit in a sock to get to a regional before you officially separate. And it would give you time to better plan your exit. Doing it as a reserve/ang dude would be even better. but would delay your line number a bit vs coa2
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