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  1. People without brain activity don’t recover.
  2. I’ve yet to meet a violently pro-life individual that has adopted kids. im sure they exist … I just haven’t met one.
  3. The queep only takes up as much time as you let it. what are they gonna do, fire you from your admin crap? Stop giving you important but non-flying tasks? It’s only as hard as you allow them to make it.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.military.com/daily-news/opinions/2021/04/27/decade-later-families-of-9-advisers-killed-afghanistan-are-still-waiting-truth.html/amp 10 years ago today. a nickel for Klepto, Bruiser, and the others. watch your backs!
  5. They’ve got great info and flowcharts for getting from A to B .... even if you don’t have to test / prep
  6. Right now .... no problem. Airlines are waiving USERRA time limits left and right and are generally happy if folks are gone. I see that rapidly changing. USERRA gets you 5 years cumulative time away ... for orders over 30 days. Can you cobble together that last 6-9 months on 1-week orders.... prolly. But it might not be fun and it’ll take a while. some Airlines have traditionally been more flexible with timelines... some have held to the 5 year rule. That may change as well ... bird in the hand ...
  7. Correct. It does not. but it does say you must be a citizen. So come up with a convenient and equitable method to prove citizenship and we’ll be all set.
  8. I laugh every damn time. Such good memories of such a good old fashioned burn. Ahhhhh. Good times.
  9. Wait .... are you suggesting there may be actual physiological differences between men and women. Weird
  10. Standard finance issue resolution technique: find the first officer in the finance chain of command. They usually can’t do anything ... but they know the people that can.
  11. In the other hand, Columbus/Laughlin/Vance isn’t exactly crawling with high quality trim ...
  12. I mean, other than living in a middle eastern shithole, and being surrounded by Egyptians, it was great!
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