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  1. Flyin hemmet? motorcycle hemmet? short bus hemmet? what are we dealing with…
  2. Crushing pussy is admin … married or single. Should take very little of your time and attention to do well. or maybe you aren’t cut out to fly fighters ….
  3. Cool! Now do Miami….
  4. And pass along some cat-5 stories. My boy’s at the zoo and I’m sure he’d enjoy a craniums up on the incoming supt
  5. She’s a pretty shitty chief diversity officer if she(?) doesn’t list her pronouns in her signature block ….
  6. Yup. Nobody gives a shit here. Indoor. Outdoor. Private land. Public land. Offshore. Just don’t be a dumbass. And even that is a low bar in florida.
  7. And FFS get a good gun belt. (you cannot get a good gun belt at JCpenney, Kohl’s, or the Gap)
  8. those are both terrible and not the only options ….
  9. The local, adversarial to the feds, vso guy is worth their weight!
  10. 9 and 7/8ths of them are full of shit
  11. Nope. Nor do I hope to be. Around my normal territory, if a weapon is produced folks back away. If a weapon is fired, folks run. We aren’t dealing with organized squads of trained paramilitary. Even in Phoenix and Vegas I wasn’t carrying to win a protracted gun fight ….
  12. As opposed to a Glock with no safety? and a steel 1911 makes a fine blunt implement if you run out of BBs. Plastic guns don’t.
  13. 3” stainless 1911. if you need more than 8, you’ve got bigger problems
  14. There you go. If it’s a legit FAA blessed sim, track it!
  15. In the fighter world…none of the sims were FAA blessed or even equivalent to FAA blessed sims, so sim time meant nothing. ymmv
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