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  1. Yeah. It’s long. and it’s the equivalent of a high school essay titled “Everything napoleon did ever” but set to film. visually … Joaquin looks like napoleon … but the voice just killed it. It’s like a super lazy hint of a New Jersey accent. And he narrates. Absolutely killed the film for me. catch it in streaming later. I predict a flop. 1 star….maybe
  2. It’s not just a $6-9k paycheck for the month … it’s $6-9k on top of your paycheck for zero additional work.
  3. For those that don’t speak airline, that’s an extra $6-9k for working over the holidays.
  4. I wonder where ole sondecker the hiv is these days ….
  5. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that 100 billion killed a lot of Russians with zero risk to us forces. A win by any accounting.
  6. Get your BS and don’t suck. If you’re after a UPT slot you should be prioritizing all your effort that direction now.
  7. You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning …
  8. Depends on the airline. At delta, once you hit the limit 401k DC (company contributions) are paid to you as cash or now they go into a different fund (MBCBP). at other airlines, when you hit the company contribution limit, the money stops.
  9. Meh. Get below the weather, look outside and make it happen.
  10. Whhhhaaaaaa??! are you telling me state doesn’t have their shit in a sock ? color me surprised. Again.
  11. That thing looks like an inner ear / spatial D nightmare. fly it just like you would the real plane. But whatever you do, don’t turn your cranium left or right.
  12. I’d bet a WIC paper could be fashioned into an ACSC paper fairly easily …
  13. So you’re saying it’s just small, unrelated pockets of window licking stupidity throughout the left ….
  14. It’s really hard to jam/hack/interdict a bullet or a dumb bomb delivered by a well trained thinking human being. lemme know when the egg heads crack that nut
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