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  1. They’ve got great info and flowcharts for getting from A to B .... even if you don’t have to test / prep
  2. Right now .... no problem. Airlines are waiving USERRA time limits left and right and are generally happy if folks are gone. I see that rapidly changing. USERRA gets you 5 years cumulative time away ... for orders over 30 days. Can you cobble together that last 6-9 months on 1-week orders.... prolly. But it might not be fun and it’ll take a while. some Airlines have traditionally been more flexible with timelines... some have held to the 5 year rule. That may change as well ... bird in the hand ...
  3. Correct. It does not. but it does say you must be a citizen. So come up with a convenient and equitable method to prove citizenship and we’ll be all set.
  4. I laugh every damn time. Such good memories of such a good old fashioned burn. Ahhhhh. Good times.
  5. Wait .... are you suggesting there may be actual physiological differences between men and women. Weird
  6. Standard finance issue resolution technique: find the first officer in the finance chain of command. They usually can’t do anything ... but they know the people that can.
  7. In the other hand, Columbus/Laughlin/Vance isn’t exactly crawling with high quality trim ...
  8. I mean, other than living in a middle eastern shithole, and being surrounded by Egyptians, it was great!
  9. I did an ETSS gig in Egypt flying F-16s for a year. It was wonderful. We were on dip passports, the only other Usaf F-16 pilot in country was my boss, who was 90 minutes away. I owned a compound with 140 local national employees. and 90% of the effort was running an expat bar in Cairo and scuba diving the Red Sea. Recommend
  10. We’ve also had plenty of folks show up with hours and ratings that just couldn’t adapt to the “af way” of doing things. They struggled.
  11. What if they write a strongly worded letter !
  12. It used to be ... that being on the command list and turning down a command spot was considered a 7-day opt and you were done if you didn’t take the bad deal. pretty sure that changed in the 2010-2015 timeframe .... but worth asking the question. although if the game plan is a “good” command spot or retire, it may not matter to you.
  13. Flying a 152 with CAP won’t do shit for your airline apps.
  14. You can always decline a PCS ADSC if it would take you past your current sentence. they can still PCS you .... just no additional Adsc.
  15. Probably because you don’t see a lot of really elderly folks. What’s the baseline life expectancy in a third world shithole? also fairly hard to linger on with serious underlying conditions (co-morbidities for you epidemiologists at home) in a third world shithole.
  16. It’s A downday, sometime within the next 60 Days.
  17. Chappy was on rogan .... may have to dig that one up.
  18. If you have any interest in Delta, they’re program guarantees your app gets pulled and scored ... and has been pretty successful for folks Chet Kreske is a strike eagle bubba and runs MIL2ATP. One stop shop. Check it out
  19. I can recommend this course Of action.
  20. Other than the fact that they/we were promised free healthcare as an enticement for our service .... but yeah ... other than that it’s great!
  21. Wait ... what’s the overall mortality rate again? What about for military aged folks? Children?
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