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  1. Their f-16 pilots are pretty good and focus on fairly complex air-to-air tactics. The line guys, at least, will have their fangs out. Don’t know about the politicians …. (taught in their f-16 weapons school at luke for a bit)
  2. This is why you don’t let non-pilots run flying organizations
  3. 1 leg commutes generally aren’t too bad. if you can sit long call reserve at home, even better. delta has positive space for commuting at the moment (you have a ticket and a seat). Runs thru sep 2022 I think … May be permanent. May not be.
  4. If you’re interested in an airline job in general, and a delta job specifically, I’d get on the book face. Lots of information swirls around there amongst the chaff.
  5. Delta just changed their hiring process. Read up on it at “delta air lines pilot recruiting” on Facebook.
  6. Can you still request an extension beyond 90 days? Used to be you could and it was generally approved … but I haven’t kept up with JTR changes.
  7. It’s expensive for what it is ….. especially if you both have retirement income. Compare its cost to term life and make your decision. when we did the math, frau would have to outlive me by 15-20 years and I’d have to die fairly young for it to make financial sense YMMV “kids only” SBP is an order of magnitude cheaper. May be useful if you have crotchfruit and both mort out.
  8. Because being a doc is the same really regardless of who you’re working for. military flying is different. Not a lot of places you can fly a fighter. Or do the things they do with fatties (?). airline flying is boring as shit. It should not be the pinnacle of your flying career.
  9. Delta just changed their addendum in airline apps. So if you’ve got an app soaking…be sure to reaccomplish that section.
  10. Leadership comes and goes. As a faip, you’ll outlast them.
  11. Or do something really stupid in the first year. Everyone will know your name. By the third year, nobody will remember why they know your name …. But they’ll still know your name.
  12. If you’ve never sat down and chatted with a chaplain one on one, give it a try. If you’re not a religious person, most are very good at taking off the “religion hat” and putting on the “counseling hat.” Most are very receptive and flexible if you tell them you aren’t coming to them for Religious needs, you’re coming to them for their confidentiality. Highly recommend.
  13. There’s a lot of “hidden” or soft pay. At delta, a 4-day trip pays a minimum of 21 hours. But I may only fly 10-15 hours of actual block. some folks like to maximize that soft pay. Some folks want to minimize it (then any delays or changes result in more pay right away). On mans trash …. reference the grid (few posts back) and look at the various rigs (trip, duty, etc). That’s usually where the soft pay comes from.
  14. Make sure you watch for dudes not wearing seatbelts too.
  15. If you want a decent apples to apples comparison… look at a current / recent issue and go to “the grid” https://www.aerocrewnews.com/category/issues/ it will all be Greek for a while … but it will help you at least learn some of the terminology and which questions to ask
  16. You can’t go wrong with white new balance shoes. Appropriate for all occasions!
  17. Great! money where your mouth is …. Being the change you want to see and all that. nice to hear about actions rather than just words.
  18. People without brain activity don’t recover.
  19. I’ve yet to meet a violently pro-life individual that has adopted kids. im sure they exist … I just haven’t met one.
  20. Which trimester is the planet in?
  21. The queep only takes up as much time as you let it. what are they gonna do, fire you from your admin crap? Stop giving you important but non-flying tasks? It’s only as hard as you allow them to make it.
  22. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.military.com/daily-news/opinions/2021/04/27/decade-later-families-of-9-advisers-killed-afghanistan-are-still-waiting-truth.html/amp 10 years ago today. a nickel for Klepto, Bruiser, and the others. watch your backs!
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