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  1. Never volunteer for a bad deal.
  2. Have you called your gaining CC to maybe coordinate this master plan your hatching?
  3. Nope. Lots of folks are the shaft.
  4. How about “ops” and “support”
  5. If he turns a slide green...or less red....then it’s a win for management. stop trying to apply logic, common sense, or reasonability to things. It’ll only give you a headache
  6. If he was enlisted it would be an auto-discharge. Officer....not so much. A pilot in the midst of a shortage .... fuggedaboutit.
  7. You got thru upt and got wings. If the af doesn’t want to release you from your Adsc (out of the kindness of their hearts) then you’re fucked. Be the best finance/LRS officer you can be and try to unfuck some things in those worlds.
  8. If a receipt is required, I always pen and inked the conversion math onto the receipt (including any foreign transaction fees) before I scanned and uploaded. Then claimed everything in good ole USD.
  9. If it doesn’t involve flying, why would: a)the company care? and b)you ask for permission?
  10. If you already have a job lined up, you can Clep out of 3 1/2 days of TAP. Or use that time to work on your apps quietly in the back of the classroom. I turned my airlineapps data into pilotcredentials data and got a call from SWA about a week later. It was a nice weeklong break...
  11. Go find a night strafe video. Those bulkets go everywhere off the berm
  12. .... I’ll have this whole place unfucked in about a week .... still one one of the most cogent things ever written. Up there with the dear boss letter.
  13. Take detailed notes.
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