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  1. Got the software from tbastestprep.com but it is not recognizing when I plug my USB joystick into it. Having this same problem on both mac and windows computers. Anyone overcome this issue? Customer support has been of 0 help. Thanks in advance!
  2. Howdy, I'm curious to know if being an O3 or O4 in a reserve component would exclude one from being able to be picked up for a UPT board, assuming one is age and medically qualified. I haven't seen any regulations regarding this. I am curious because I am interested in serving in special warfare and am not sure if pursuing that on the officer side for a 6 year contract would make me ineligible to finish my career as a pilot.
  3. I’d love to hear from anyone who has been through UPT with a non-STEM degree and then went on to get a graduate degree in a STEM field... did your time at UPT count as any of the required courses? This is the route I would like to go down and I’m planning to take some community college classes in the basics (physics, chemistry etc) but want to make sure I’m taking only things not covered by the UPT curriculum
  4. Hey all, still figuring this site out but this seems like the right place. 22 y/o pilot applicant, working towards Guard/Reserve fighters. Current Army linguist but not much longer on the contract. Thought I knocked the TBAS out of the park... looks like I actually did pretty terrible. Working a federal job now I enjoy quite a bit, but willing to make a lot of sacrifices to fly fighters. It's been a long time dream, even having a rough understanding of many of its downsides. I would love to hear input on the journey, next steps, expectations etc. It seems like I could maybe benefit a lot from retaking the TBAS, but I had prepared so much and felt so confident on nearly every section that I fear retaking would be an unnecessary risk. Letters of rec from assistant comptroller of the AF, an Army 05, and a current heavies pilot. AFOQT: Pilot 95 ; CSO 99; ABM 96; ACAD APT 94; VERBAL 98; Quant 78 PCSM: 40 with 0 hours --> 66 PCSM when I complete PPL at 40+ hours. College: 3.73 BS International Politics from a top 10 school
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