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  1. Anything that would fit a freshish 11x. Fed employees get a cumulative 5 years of active duty time away from work without repercussion, but after that I figure it’s taking whatever is available in IMA or traditional drilling with an overseas unit.
  2. Are there any reserves units based overseas with aircrew positions? Asking for a diplomat friend.
  3. Yes, that would be extremely helpful. I have all my testing and college completed, now just looking to get out and meet some units.
  4. @stuckindayton Figure I owe you an update to say that you were right-- the diagnosis my surgeon gave me of never being 20/20 proved to be completely false. I've met with the 3 optometrists and 1 ophthalmologist in the last year, all of whom have confirmed my 20/20 in each eye post surgery.
  5. Thank you, this gives me a lot to think about. I just finished six years as an Army guardsman / guard bum and have seen the benefits of flexibility, but my previous experience for any request to do something in another state / component was “well you can send up your transfer packet to the general and see if they’ll let you go despite massive retention problems and your contractual obligation”… granted, I could see that conversation going easier for a CPT than it did for enlisted me.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement and beautiful plane. My first thought was something AFSOC? U28’s and C12’s we’re my first love
  7. @brabus @Biff_T @Tarawa565 @Nate B First off, a big thanks to everyone who replied. I truly did take the advice to heart and am actioning just about all of it. New updates, so I'll just post a summary since I'm excited and don't have too many pilot mentors in real life yet: 3.7 GPA, 95 Pilot score, 92 PCSM (new), 22 hours (more scheduled), 24 years old Plan: This website and the commenters have been invaluable in helping me figure out this process. Now that I have a good PCSM, I feel like a lot of options have opened up. I'm now outprocessed from the Army (non aviation job) and working on my master's while doing some EMT work in the evenings. My first choice might be active duty until someone can talk me out of it; it just seems there are more opportunities for a single, unmarried guy whose imagination gets captured by U2/B2/AFSOC roles and the Pilot Physician Program. Obviously I'm not assuming I'd get any of those, but the opportunities seem more prevalent in AD world than in AFRC or NG. Getting a recruiter to deal with me as a prior enlisted guy has proven to be a pain in the ass... So I am still finding a few AFRC and NG units that promise really unique opportunities e.g. CSAR, AFSOC, fighters and applying to every one in the country. Question for you all: 1) Am I correct in thinking that a lot of the AF's niche programs would be an uphill battle to apply for from NG/AFRC? It seems like a tough conversation to have with a unit that invested in someone at such a personalized level. 2) Any anecdotes about NG/AFRC pilots who have broken the mold of flying one week a month and working on the airlines?
  8. I'm getting ready for my TBAS retake after doing pretty poorly the first time around, despite some preparation. Can anyone here verify if the baseops link below is accurate, specifically regarding the combination of listening and target tracking? It also mentions an "emergency scenario test". I have no recollection of either of these and I'm trying to figure out if I accidentally took my headphones off too soon or something. https://www.baseops.net/militarypilot/tbas.html
  9. Mind mentioning your scores/flight hours/experience? congrats by the way!
  10. Has anyone found success reaching out to units that aren't listed on Bogidope? Does anyone have units they have moved on from/ don't mind sharing? Totally respect keeping the cards close to the chest if you're still actively applying there.
  11. Thanks for the response… I never really thought about going all the way to CFI to boost the application process (and learn along the way), but I do have 4 months or so before my graduate school starts and this sounds like a good use of time. As soon as I can stomach the thought of spending $xx,000, I’ll heed the advice
  12. I'd like to hear people's experiences with applying to units out of driving distance of their current home. There's a few places I would relocate to if I got selected, but I wouldn't move there on a whim if it weren't for the opportunity to be a pilot. Does that raise red flags at the prospective unit, or is this common for selected applicants?
  13. Anyone on here willing to offer insights into the reserve component helo units? Working with a rescue squadron sounds like a great environment filled with unique missions (see: supporting NASA launches, wilderness rescue). Is it as rewarding as it sounds? How are the application processes these days?
  14. congrats on getting picked up! I'll be applying to the one FY23 board I'll be stateside for. Honestly, I think there's a lot more flexibility in active duty careers. Just has the uncertainty up front. Out of curiosity, what type of units were you applying to on the reserve component side? Your scores seems great.
  15. @Tarawa565 Thanks, I appreciate the well thought out second opinion. I am going to remedy my PPL and TBAS issues ASAP, once I return from being out of the country. Once I have undeniable test scores, I am planning to pick a top 5 or so dream units to visit as often as they will allow. You're definitely right that I should expand my search nationwide. My only hesitancy with the Guard side of the house is how limiting the Guard can be for big Air Force programs (e.g. it would be one admin step harder to get released for Pilot Physician or U2 programs down the road). In the meantime I'll keep chugging along at my Master's degree and racking up flight hours while applying and visiting units. Part of me is worried I would "settle" for something other than my #1 air frame, but in a process where nothing is ever easy or guaranteed, I think there will be some element of sucking it up and being happy with what I get.
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