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  1. Technically you’d need approval from big blue to pick up a second job. and some airlines want you on no-shit terminal … but it’s been a while since I was in your place so I don’t know if that’s changed.
  2. It’s not about the degree itself. it’s about what it takes to get that piece of paper. Being able to manage time, commitment to long term goals, being “trainable,” etc. not saying that’s the only way to get or demonstrate desired qualities….but having a degree is a known quantity.
  3. You’ve clearly never had to get your own atis and it shows! /s
  4. I mean exactly what I said. 700 hrs of TPIC is different if you’re flying a modern automated crewed aircraft, or DV airlift, or a fighter with zero autopilot, or teaching UPT, etc.
  5. What have you been flying on AD? Not all PIC is created equal
  6. I think the root difference you may not understand is that most folks here don’t consider POSSESSION of a weapon to be a direct threat.
  7. Move to a delta base or commute.
  8. Has anyone tried negotiating with the flesh peddlers? Such as “I’ll accept continuation and help out your rated Manning if you waive all my adsc’s”?
  9. I had great success (very nice) with my STATE veterans affairs office. They were tenacious getting after the fed VA and getting shit done.
  10. Meh. how long does it take you to assimilate to the local area when you pcs? A year? 6 months? not necessary to have deep longstanding local roots to be part of the community.
  11. I went the (somewhat) furnished apartment route in universal city …. But that was a lifetime ago.
  12. Turn off the electronics and go outside. Meet people in your community. Join real live in person activity groups like rotary. Try a hobby. all of these are good.
  13. Nope. Realize getting your app to the 69% level is pretty quick. Getting it polished to the 95% level can take a while. Took me 6 months.
  14. Remember 14 days to flatten the curve? (Pepperidge farm remembers) is the current goal zero infections or don’t overwhelm the medical system?
  15. She Got a case of the yips!
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