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  1. I had great success (very nice) with my STATE veterans affairs office. They were tenacious getting after the fed VA and getting shit done.
  2. Meh. how long does it take you to assimilate to the local area when you pcs? A year? 6 months? not necessary to have deep longstanding local roots to be part of the community.
  3. I went the (somewhat) furnished apartment route in universal city …. But that was a lifetime ago.
  4. Turn off the electronics and go outside. Meet people in your community. Join real live in person activity groups like rotary. Try a hobby. all of these are good.
  5. Nope. Realize getting your app to the 69% level is pretty quick. Getting it polished to the 95% level can take a while. Took me 6 months.
  6. Remember 14 days to flatten the curve? (Pepperidge farm remembers) is the current goal zero infections or don’t overwhelm the medical system?
  7. She Got a case of the yips!
  8. Their f-16 pilots are pretty good and focus on fairly complex air-to-air tactics. The line guys, at least, will have their fangs out. Don’t know about the politicians …. (taught in their f-16 weapons school at luke for a bit)
  9. This is why you don’t let non-pilots run flying organizations
  10. 1 leg commutes generally aren’t too bad. if you can sit long call reserve at home, even better. delta has positive space for commuting at the moment (you have a ticket and a seat). Runs thru sep 2022 I think … May be permanent. May not be.
  11. If you’re interested in an airline job in general, and a delta job specifically, I’d get on the book face. Lots of information swirls around there amongst the chaff.
  12. Delta just changed their hiring process. Read up on it at “delta air lines pilot recruiting” on Facebook.
  13. Can you still request an extension beyond 90 days? Used to be you could and it was generally approved … but I haven’t kept up with JTR changes.
  14. It’s expensive for what it is ….. especially if you both have retirement income. Compare its cost to term life and make your decision. when we did the math, frau would have to outlive me by 15-20 years and I’d have to die fairly young for it to make financial sense YMMV “kids only” SBP is an order of magnitude cheaper. May be useful if you have crotchfruit and both mort out.
  15. Because being a doc is the same really regardless of who you’re working for. military flying is different. Not a lot of places you can fly a fighter. Or do the things they do with fatties (?). airline flying is boring as shit. It should not be the pinnacle of your flying career.
  16. Delta just changed their addendum in airline apps. So if you’ve got an app soaking…be sure to reaccomplish that section.
  17. Leadership comes and goes. As a faip, you’ll outlast them.
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