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  1. Captains, as full fledged CRM ninjas, should be able to fly competently with anyone. That’s the explanation I was given as to why captains don’t get to bid to avoid people. also prolly because their bids get run first … so the FOs are unknown at the time
  2. I remember exactly when many … so many…of my wonderful kinks revealed themselves to me. good times. good times.
  3. And there was drinking and flickerball!
  4. They let flight attendants use KCM … so why not
  5. With some prep you’ll have wonderful airline interview stories …
  6. IIRC, the anthrax vaccine was never really tested against inhalation nor “weaponized” anthrax…. It was developed to counter skin infections in sheep farmers/shearers. So there may be a big question mark over your “protection” But that was a long time ago, and those brain cells have been abused.
  7. We’d do the same with crawfish from Acadiana. Gotta stay a thousand or so few below the freezing level to keep them alive
  8. “Retired reserve” are the key words you need to research. There are caveats to unit manning and other stuff. I can, and has, been done …. But I don’t think it’s blanket approval
  9. The jet bitches at you if both sides are making inputs … and one side can completely override the other now.
  10. And storage just like any other PCS IIRC
  11. Cheaper and electronic… but my citizen satellite wave has been phenomenal. And a sapphire crystal
  12. Same shit they were telling us 6-9 years ago …. Feel free to leave we’ll make more and what not. glad to see they’ve learner their retention lessons. get your foot in the door at a major yesterday. Then you can dabble in the guard until you realize your loosing significant money for every TP. For most folks, that’s somewhere year 2 or 3.
  13. I’d guess that the vast majority of judges actually take their profession seriously ….
  14. Pretty simple…somebody sued the federal govt and/or cDc and/or TSA and/or Dot and won.
  15. Documentary also said that if you didn’t counteract runaway mcas, an issue nobody was aware of at the time, within 10 seconds it was unrecoverable.
  16. This isn’t exactly the low credit score, lower income, denied previous mortgages crowd. read the room dumbass.
  17. That’s the key. the evaluator is the last line of defense goalie. exspecially in a training squadron.
  18. I liked it. But I’m not sold on Pattinson. He’s got the correct jawline…but is just too small
  19. And the best teacher for bidding, scheduling, work rules, etc is when you screw it up due to lack of knowledge and then suffer with a terrible schedule for a month, etc.
  20. I believe the term you’re looking for is racist
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