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Track Selects and Assignment Nights

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Del Rio by the sea. Apologies, this was sent to me - I don't have the -38/-1 breakdown.

F-16 TBD

KC-135 X6 MacDill, March, Fairchild, Mildenhall X2, Scott ANG

C-17 X2 Charleston, Dover

F-15C X2 Kingsley, OR

Saudi fighter TBD X3



MC-130J Kirtland, NM (TBD)

C-130J Dyess, TX

B-2 Whiteman, MO

HC-130J Davis Monthan, AZ

AC-130J Hurlburt, FL

F-22 Tyndall, FL



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7 hours ago, matmacwc said:

Ive heard this for 20 years, it has nothing to do with nothing.  I’ve handed out assignments as a phase 3 commander, taught young dudes how to fly F-16s and been exposed to AFPC on how they handle assignments.  I was also a XX-15 graduate, last class in the fiscal year, best drop we had seen in years.  Everyone who doesn’t know how this works was thinking doom and gloom, they are wrong.  Work it out in your own mind, follow on training for anyone that graduates toward the end of the year, their MWS training will be next fiscal year.

Doesn’t mean you won’t get screwed. Ask the 15-13/14/15 dudes. 

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