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  1. I’m sure you’ll do better than this guy....
  2. Update on it blowing up and pics?
  3. @Sketch is it possible to have a viper drawn up with a specific squadron on the tail?
  4. That red line makes me walk way too many unnecessary steps
  5. Back in UPT, I had a Reserve IP tell me that there was a deal where AFRC gives you up to 5 years of orders that you can go on and off. I found it after the conversation but now can’t find the info. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. 100% agree on this. This will sound stupid, but take a moment and ask the person your interacting with “how are you doing?” That simple question made things night and day for me. You would hear them be an asshole to the person ahead of you and then their attitude would change when I dealt with them.
  7. Are there warbird sims that can be used for training/EP Sims/type ratings?
  8. It was a poor question. If I apply for a loan today, how long do I have to use the loan and would I receive an interest rate when I apply or only once I place a house under contract?
  9. @Jon - Trident Home Loans How long do we have to keep a mortgage rate once we apply for a loan? Looking to purchase a house in the Miami area by April 2021. Thanks.
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