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  1. Yeah, I don’t think it’ll be foreign source, but protest on whether the objective/threshold/cost decision was made properly.
  2. Protest to be filed for sure, but agree as above not for those reasons. Same engine already on E-11 and C-37, if I recall. Whether it was the best choice or just the least costly one will be interesting to see play out.
  3. Stupid concept. It’s imaginary money, doesn’t exist until the stock is cashed in. Could be assessed for $50M and then be worth $500 when you have to pay up. Edit add: they also paint buying and holding of stocks as some evil thing super rich people do. No, that’s just a normal thing people do.
  4. If only there was another thread where UPT hopefuls could read the opinions of Online Doctors about politics, vaccines, or other random shit that aren’t Upcoming Boards.
  5. We’ve finally found a purpose for the $169M stealth VSTOL fighter airplane that screwed the other multipurpose fighter designs and that has a range less than the carrier killing missiles “some threat countries” put on “islands.” The Cessna will NEVER see it coming sts.
  6. It sure as shit isn’t revealing a broad amount of TS to the entire world.
  7. Just to clarify are you talking people under the official pilot-physician air force program, or just people who are civilian physicians that are also AF fliers in the ANG/AFRC?
  8. Does it void the warranty when you take it off roading?
  9. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4977386/user-clip-bank-accounts Just two small little pieces of harmless information, that’s all.
  10. For stan, that’s the equivalent of a lightbulb on a dark night for a moth.
  11. I don’t think you have a clear understanding of how the nuclear enterprise works.
  12. That’s actually exactly how it works. There’s a whole system and it doesn’t include the CJCS, nor does it need to. Edit to add: it’s not like it goes straight from POTUS to 25 Captain Snuffy’s with launch keys. There are several high ranking people on down that could preempt malfeasance.
  13. Hah! Hell, what’s the U.S.A’s credit score? On second thought, It’s probably infinity because of dividing by zero.
  14. https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/7c7fcc08-e8ee-4f54-8859-bbc247138ddc
  15. For separation, it felt like the first time anyone had ever tried to accomplish the process and there was a lot more wringing of hands and lack of answers. Just as a data point because I’m curious, were you above O-5?
  16. 2. No terminal shenanigans. I think all the AFPC and MPF shenanigans you’ll find will be right up until your final out.
  17. Well, their entire economy is based on opium, so they might be ok unless the chinese have undermined that whole thing too.
  18. https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/f5d1a724-15c8-408e-a378-2a4a1ab42597
  19. If you needed 20 years to figure out that you could hit an asshole riding on a dirtbike without taking down a building by firing a laser guided rocket from a high-end fighter…sure… but we used 20 years times 36-69 constant caps of our high end assets on the range that are now tired and have no service life left with no viable replacement. Yuuuuge. Net. Loss. Edit: unless you’re a defense contractor [emoji385]
  20. I mean, he’s not wrong. It only took from Friday to Sunday. https://twitter.com/alexsalvinews/status/1426882826088165377
  21. John Kirby is definitely the new Baghdad Bob August 14th [/url] John Kirby: "There is no intention right now to close the embassy…The situation in Kabul is calm right now." August 15th John Kibry: “Kabul is not, right now, in an imminent threat environment.”
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