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  1. Dillon Vakoff -a former 1C for the 96th BS at Barksdale- was something that was right in the AF, and a good person that the Red Devils enjoyed on their team. https://kdvr.com/news/local/officer-vakoff-heart-of-gold-always-smiling/
  2. Actually scheduled them on that tail then waited until they were at the gate so they could see it, then rescheduled them to another aircraft/city pair and extended them into an off day.
  3. It depends, timing is everything, keep your cranium on a swivel for opportunities, let your commander know what you want. The end.
  4. The Russians using their grey forces to do this sounds like a bad exercise road to war script. Can we loan them some screen writers? If we’re going to end up doing this, I at least want a better plot from the Russians.
  5. He attained that status well before this incident.
  6. I imagine there’s a frazzled A4 and A5 in certain theaters trying to figure that out.
  7. No major airline management wants to incur additional labor costs. Better vote in those strike authorizations to drive the point.
  8. https://defenseopinion.com/in-a-dangerous-world-new-pentagon-mitigation-plan-would-hobble-u-s-forces/183/ One excerpt. Interesting from the perspective that major combat would probably be hampered if you apply the same expectations as HVI hunts with Hellfires, which he argues we are doing.
  9. Petition to rename thread “Tacti-cool Tanker”
  10. Gotta get that hate out now while it’s still flying.
  11. When you look at the problem as a lack of number of booms overall, it does make some sense. Minus the ever making it to the fight because of threats part.
  12. Could also be the new CEO was looking for an excuse to cut those areas of business he just axed.
  13. Honestly? Probably not until they have hiring shortfalls. I mean AAL has been cutting its schedule by thousands of flights every month because they lack the pilots to fly it and apparently this doesn’t phase the corner offices one bit since they fly what they can at lower cost than getting a new contract done.
  14. FSDOs, like many bureaucracy minders, seem to enjoy their unquestioned fiefdom.
  15. Sure, I show up documents in hand…but only a few people take more than a cursory glance. One was an old DAL 75 CA, and the other couple have been regional jet CAs. Like yes, I’m trying to sit in this tiny CRJ jump seat just for fun.
  16. Cars already have an alternator that uses some engine power to create electricity. Putting more drag on a car with a RAT, or causing more friction (i.e. increased energy expenditure to move the car) by putting an alternator on the axle does not provide a benefit…unless the device only works when you want to slow down in which case you’re describing the hybrid design manufacturers have been using for 20 years.
  17. The cable for said system had the failure from what it looks like.
  18. UPS is, however, still stuck in the sand with their 1st year pay rate. Financial hazing in full effect.
  19. Definitely see that and the difficulty there, just summarizing in one sentence the new white paper. They also essentially said they would use force if they felt like it despite 16-19 pages of saying how peaceful the CPC is.
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