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  1. Several O-5 billets being changed to non-pilot AFSCs while I was in the process of applying for them . It was easier to take a job with a different pilot AFSC than my own.
  2. In my search, the billet rank wasn’t a problem when I was looking at O-5 ones for what it’s worth. AFSC changes for those billets are what nixed it.
  3. At various times on the reserve vacancies site, but I admit I haven’t looked in a few months. I’m sure you are doing this, but I was always looking one rank up and down in the columns for that.
  4. Is ALPA getting that ALR High pay LOA ready?
  5. 10th AF is in Fort Worth, if I remember correctly. I remember seeing jobs there pop up occasionally.
  6. In my mind, apply anywhere you can envision working while waiting for that top job.
  7. https://www.travelsafe.pr.gov What a clown show.
  8. Truth, but don’t mistake the cynicism for aspects of it not being worth it. Everyone’s calculus is different, and may change over time. I have plenty of bros who were CSO types that managed UPT (and one even in RPA) slots that are enjoying it. The flying is definitely a highlight.
  9. Don’t worry. There’s not a morale or retention problem in any way, shape, or form in the Air Force.
  10. There’s also plenty of new 2.1 type equipment out there. With enough research you can pretty much do whatever you want.
  11. You could AFWERX the shit out if this idea with how many man-hours it would save. Whatever knock off of shark tank we’re into this week. “Save $6.9B a year” “How difficult is the technical development.” “There is none, we just simply do it.”
  12. You would be living with covid whether people “did things to mitigate it” or not. Do you not understand this disease? It’s not polio, it’s like the flu. It will mutate and it will be around and it will keep killing people because the vaccines for it aren’t like MMR or Polio or name your static virus you won’t get with a proper vaccination. Quit being so thick with your religion of covid vaccination.
  13. Yes. Time to move on, sorry you were misled.
  14. No, these vaccines simply aren’t the silver bullet you were led to believe. In the President’s own words from the other day, over 200M are “fully vaccinated” and we have the same case loads and deaths we did a year ago when he claimed he had a plan to stop COVID. It’s all just hollow promises, and it’s unfortunate for everyone.
  15. Our chem trails program on Mars is severely behind, have to catch up with these balloon type sprayers. But it’s fun to consider the possibilities.
  16. Well that “generational wealth” is something they’re against so it makes sense, but they do characterize it as something only Peter Thiel types use… when it’s far more common as you said.
  17. Released from the AFSC functional strictly for the program itself. All prep tests/coursework on their own time while flying
  18. Fify, and they’re already on top of it sts Avoid, suppress, kill the voucher
  19. Anecdotally, I know of two (rated pilots) that were released by their functional to the program to apply for and complete med school that applied to civilian med school programs. It takes a lot of educating commanders, AFPC staff, the functional, and everyone in between that has no idea what it is.
  20. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.
  21. They probably need a provision that adds a lap after the SC, but with limited fuel could cause an issue.
  22. Yeah, they are taking issue with only letting the five between VER and HAM through (which, let’s be honest, are the only ones that mattered) because if they do that they should let all lapped cars past.
  23. Oh definitely. He’s on the record as claiming that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union. Ukraine was “gifted” Crimea…so he took it back. [it’s a gift , Todd] He 100% still views Russian greatness as a return to the Soviet era poise, and in that world view, Ukraine is just a Russian extension.
  24. Somehow they’ll cover Latifi in detail and barely cover the real story for that week…jk yeah that should be good.
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