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  1. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/03/06/air-mobility-command-ends-flying-only-career-track/ “The bottom line is, there just wasn’t the appetite there for the program” Seems like it was a great deal. Only have to maintain tactical proficiency with zero chance for a non-flying assignment or PME. Only two C-17 bubbas took that deal... What went wrong? Is there something we’re just not hearing about?
  2. My favorite exchange, helped shape my UPT dream sheet. 🥃
  3. KSPS 20-02 USAF (All active duty) A-10 A-10 F-15C F-15E F-22 B-1 T-38A Langley F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke F-16 Luke MC-130J Kirtland T-6 FAIP Canada CF-18 CF-18 Germany Eurofighter Eurofighter Eurofighter T-38 FAIP The great Oprah Viper giveaway has gotten its second wind.
  4. Sheppard 20-01 US A-10 DM x2 B-52 x3 B-2 T-6 Sheppard T-38C Sheppard F-16 x4 all TBD RC-135 Offutt T-38A Eglin F-15E SJ Denmark F-16 x3 C-130 Turkey F-16 x4
  5. Been a while. Here's the last few from ENJJPT. Shep 19-05 USAF F-15E SJ C-130J ANG B-2 ANG B-52 Barksdale F-16 TBD F-15C Fresno ANG F-16 TBD T-38C FAIP F-35 F-15C Jacksonville ANG A-10C Internationals Eurofighter Eurofighter Eurofighter T-38C FAIP (German) F-16 Netherlands F-16 Netherlands F-16 Netherlands F-16 Turkey Shep 19-06 A-10C B-2 B-52 B-52 B-52 B-52 EC-130 F-15E F-16 TBD F-16 TBD F-16 TBD F-16 TBD F-16 TBD F-22A F-35A F-35A Vermont ANG T-6 FAIP T-38 FAIP Vance (join spouse) T-38 FAIP T-38 FAIP (Canadian) CF-18 19-07 A-10 DM F-15C Kingsley F-15E x2 SJ F-16 TBD F-22 Eglin F-35 Luke T-6 Sheppard AFB T-38 Sheppard AFB B-52 x4 F-15C x2 Portland ANG F-16 Miami ANG F-16 SCANG KC-10 Reserves (No, really) F-16 x3 Netherlands
  6. Shep 19-03 USAF AC-130 A-10 B-52 C-130J E-8 F-15E F-15E F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 (Tulsa ANG) F-22 T-38 FAIP T-6 FAIP GAF Eurofighter Tornado Tornado T-6 FAIP
  7. Shep 19-02 F-15C ANG F-16 T-38A ADAIR Langely F-15C ANG E-3 Kadena F-15E T-6 Sheppard F-22A AC-130 A-10C B-52 F-15E F-16 T-38C Sheppard F-35A F-16 F-16 Denmark F-16 Denmark CF-18 Canada
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