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Track Selects and Assignment Nights

Guest oliwoody

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Guest oliwoody

Maybe this has been tried before, but it seems like it would be a good idea to list all the track selects and assignment nights in one thread instead of starting new ones every three weeks.

Here was the breakdown at CAFB tonight for the 07-10 track select:

5 T-38s

3 T-44s

1 UH-1

13 T-1s (I think)

I'm not sure how many ANG/AFRC slots were given out, so if anybody has the lowdown...please share.


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Guest oliwoody

CAFB 07-03 Assignment Drop:






T-6 FAIP(2)










T-1 FAIP(2)






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XL 7-03






Heavies..from what I can remember

1-C-5 Dover

1-E-3 Kadena

1-C-17 McGuire

1-C-17 Travis

1-C-17 Charleston

1-C-17 McChord

1-KC-10 Travis

and i forget all the other T-1 drops

My Class 07-10 Track a few weeks ago






3-T-1s (me!)





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well wouldn't that make the 07-10 one 5/22 = approx 22%...which is about average

07-11 looks like was below average, but that's just how the AF works, the next one might be above avg...over the course of the year the average will be about 20%

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Guest oliwoody

I've been keeping track of percentages for a little while and it seems like lately the average is about 25% for Active Duty at CBM. There were a few guard guys in 07-11, so its not quite as bad as 3/22. As far as I know, none of the 38s handed out last friday went to ANG.

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VN 07-11

Totals (AF only)

5 T-38 (2 Guard, 1 Reserve, 2 AD)

6 T-1 (1 Guard, 5 AD)

1 T-44 (1 AD)

1 UH-1 (1 AD)

So, 22% 38s AD only

On par with the average drop statistically, but none of the AD Toners wanted them. We had 2 guys put 44s as #1 choice. One got it, the other got Toned. Almost all the AD guys, except the helo special request and the two -44 wannabes, put T-38s first with 44s second choice. Plenty of broken hearts (and heavy drinking) to go around tonight. Apparently, CB got 5 AD 44s that nobody wanted, and there were unhappy faces down there about it. Maybe if those 44 slots would have made their way up here both classes would have been pretty content.

Navy side of the house will wait till Thursday. Only two dudes had already heard back, one jets (T-45) and one helo (TH-57).

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Guest tapeworm

CBM 07-04 38 drop:

1 B-1

1 T-6 FAIP

1 T-38 FAIP

1 A-10

2 F-16

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Guest levei363

CBM AD Drop:

C-17 Travis x2

C-17 Charleston x3

C-17 McChord

C-17 McGuire

KC-10 Travis x2

KC-10 McGuire

KC-135 MacDill (me)

KC-135 Fairchild

KC-135 Kadena


E-3 Tinker

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Guest ereforseroolz

Corpus Christi AF AD Drop

06-42(thats navy for 07-04).

Mildenhall 1 x MC-130H

Ramstein 1 x slick

Kadena 1 x MC-130P

Yokota 1 x slick

Moody 1 x HC-130

Dyess 3 x slicks

Little Rock3 x slicks



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