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  1. November is a terrible month for Laughlin. Thoughts go out to all the Red Bulls. Hook 'em. A nickel...
  2. Bro that was a couple classes behind me at DLF. Super good dude. Way too soon.
  3. Treated and released, if I am not mistaken.
  4. He had it figured out and was waiting to head to IFF and then B course. You weren't the only one to over G on his watch. Either.
  5. Nickel on the grass for an amazing dude. He was an awesome inspiration going through UPT, and I wish I would have been able to get to know him better.
  6. KDLF 19-02 F-16 TBD B-1 Dyess f-15C Kingsley B-52 TBD E-3 Tinker T-6 KDLF T-6 KDLF T-6 KDLF RC-135 Offut MC-130J Kirtland C-17 McChord MC-130J Kirtlnad C-130J Dyess C-130J Little Rock C-21 Scott C-130H PRANG CV-22 Canon KC-135 Fairchild C-130H DEANG EC-130H DM C-130J Dyess KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 Macdill
  7. I will be in the minority here, but just press with IFT. You have a guard slot so its not really delaying any training in my experience. I went from OTS, straight to IFT, straight to UPT. Its low threat, most of the instructors are awesome, you can meet some bros, ghe C Springs area is nice, and you are on orders getting a paycheck plus per diem. Better than sitting around after OTS waiting for UPT.
  8. Many airframes are limited in inverted flight only by the oil and fuel systems properly feeding the engine.
  9. Not all airframes have an asymmetric wing 😉 However, in order to maintain inverted, level flight an aircraft with the common airfoil design would need to use a flight control surface such as horizontal stabs to compensate for lift direction.
  10. T38s resumed around noon, I am sure T-1s followed suit several hours later after they enjoyed sleeping in and grabbing some lunch 😉 I didn't see any T6s in the sky today. https://www.12ftw.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1639721/update-2-t-6a-texan-ii-crash/
  11. It does show that they are starting to get more flexible with age due to struggling numbers, though.
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