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C-130 down near Savannah, GA

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Maybe it's just the times in which we live, but is anyone else bothered about the posting/airing of accident footage before the next of kin notification and initial investigation process can take plac

All nine made it home today...

I have an issue with this. If the engine was "secured" and feathered and it says not to turn into a shut engine in the -1 and he did, that's completely on him. If he just flew straight ahead and gaine

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News is reporting 5 were on board, 2 confirmed dead with the others status unknown. It looks like they came down on a warehouse of some sort too, so hopefully the people in the building got out as well.

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Live coverage.


They are reporting it on HW21 about 1 mile east of RW28.

They interviewed a witness, (STD Disclaimer), he sounded fairly coherent, knowledgeable. Said it looked like it was approaching to land to west, then rolled upside down (half roll could look that way to witness), then nose straight in.

Thoughts and prayers.


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This happened about a mile from my office. Reports now say all 5 confirmed dead. Before learning it was a Puerto Rico ANG C-130 it was really easy to believe it had to be some of our local guys with the 165th here in Savannah. Such a tragedy. 

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13 minutes ago, CHQ Pilot said:

There is video of the final few seconds from what looks like a security camera. Tragic

It is bone chilling.  FML.


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Hard to watch that video. Just saw a report that there were 9 aboard and the airplane had undergone “routine” MX in Savanna. The plane appears intact throughout the video. Some sort of loss of control event obviously occurred. RIP to those aboard and thoughts and prayers to the families and unit members. 


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Based on the video and the witness recollection of the relative position of the aircraft to the landing rwy (28?). Looks like a base to final stall/spin, or a Vmc roll if they were doing some sort of engine out work and it went south (no pun intended). Condolences to my childhood hometown unit.

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25 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

News reporting this was supposed to be the final flight of this aircraft as they were on their way to the Boneyard.  Also reporting this was a former WC-130.

Him Him

You are correct. They were Nashville birds.  We received the WCs after our H2s were BRAC’d. My last flight in the Herk was to deliver a plane down to the PRANG. I last flew the MA (968) on 30 Apr 12, almost 6 yrs ago to the day. The airplane I delivered, 866, ironically is currently sitting in Nashville and will reportedly soon have its wings removed so it can be trucked to the boneyard. 

To the crew :jd:

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