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  1. I think what he was getting at was that your using a very specific example of your unit to make that case that only a pilot should lead. Every conflict is different, and will require different skill sets. The first months of Afghanistan was fought with dudes on horseback. And as we move forward, the use of AI or pilotless aircraft will become more prevalent.
  2. This situation highlights multiple areas that need to be discussed. I can see where every person involved felt justified in their position. From my MAF viewpoint, this seems like a failure in the Mission Planning Cell. The 12 hour minimum show time is a shit plan for a local exercise. Personally, the OG/CC was placing his frustration at the wrong people. We give the A-code to the pilot to make the best call for the aircraft. There’s a level of trust that’s earned/expected; and to second guess them, because of a negative exercise metric is bad leadership.
  3. Honestly for me the main driving force to try for Lt Col, was being able to retire at 20. I was deployed while a passed over pilot was recalled to separate. There was also a good dude, fellow squadron mate that also had separate. Both guys, 3 years away from the check of the month club. That 2011 debacle worried me, and I knew if I didn’t make O-5, there was no guarantee I’d be able to retire. Thankfully for me, after I was passed over, I was continued. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. I downloaded the Excel sheets from the Stars-Demog site (via MyPers direction). The numbers I posted are directly from that source. And after looking at the 2021 data the LAF-A APZ DP rate was even lower at 54.5% This year was certainty a huge drop from the past.
  5. Here's the APZ DP promotion Rates the last few years. 2015: 83.8% 2016: 100% 2017: 96% 2018: 91.7% 2019: 91.4% 2020: 91.3% 2021: 66.7% For whatever reason, this board was significantly rougher for those individuals. That f'ing sucks.
  6. After my 1 APZ non-selection board, I never had another Commander tell me whether or not I got selected. The difference is that he had a DP, statistically 14N should have had a legitimate shot. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. This is correct. Your 1 APZ after your IPZ is considered “twice passed” over. For those in that unfortunate class, you should find out immediately from your CC is continuation is being offered. However, with the new 5 year look, I’m not familiar with how that actually will work…
  8. Thanks for posting this. A tragic reminder of an event that forever changed nine USAF families. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. Sounds like the VAT that the European Union imposes. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  10. “Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses” Referring to police as KKK members seems pretty obviously “left”. Honestly the song is 30 years old...you’re just finding this out now
  11. I'm surprised its taken this long for someone to float this idea. Everyone get ready for your mandatory Anthrax, err I mean, COVID shot... https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2021/03/24/lawmakers-call-on-biden-to-make-covid-vaccines-mandatory-for-the-military/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB 03.25.21&utm_term=Editorial - Early Bird Brief
  12. It’s almost amusing watching the cyclical nature of the Air Force. Blues Monday’s in the mid 0’s became a game of flying or having “appointment” to miss work. At my staff job, we took to changing into our PT gear after lunch, to get ready to workout. Welsh killing that nonsense was fantastic... Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  13. You're 100% correct, agile and acquisition don't ever belong in the same sentence. If we started 100% commitment today, what's the fastest we could really field a "new jet". I'm betting it's at least 7-10 years....That's part of the reason the F-15EX was so appealing, it was in current production.
  14. Has anyone used or can you recommend a Military-to-Federal Service resume writing company. I have a good start, but was wondering if anyone here had success, outside of doing it yourself. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  15. I'm wondering how long until OPR's will also have a static closeout date...And here I thought my #1 SNACKO strat was strong https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2519199/air-force-announces-officer-stratification-guidance/fbclid/IwAR0ZMyPcI7mMlft8KsjEjCFBTRRUexCi6Lq5wSePizQpLYYHckL7AvUU7E8/
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