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  1. Awww geee. Thanks for being such a fucking humanitarian. So glad I’ve got guys like you offering to legitimize me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Giving out more homework that I’m not gonna do? 🤷‍♂️ Even if I responded, you’d attempt to bludgeon me with whatever answer I gave. No thanks.
  3. Some of you have undoubtedly seen this 8 year old YouTube masterpiece/catastrophe, but I just discovered it today and feel it is a solemn duty to leave it here:
  4. Says the guy spreading Putin’s propaganda for him. SMH 🤦‍♂️
  5. Doesn’t take much imagination…
  6. You’re right. Appeasing murderous dictators is a much better, historically proven strategy.
  7. Even forty years later the soil immediately beneath the topsoil is radioactive. There have been reports of Russian soldiers who occupied that land showing signs of radiation sickness. There’s a reason access to the site is still highly restricted, even after all these years. If you’d like to go dig holes in the dirt around there, be my guest. Not sure what point you’re trying to make in your second sentence. You believe Russia cares about a radioactive plume but Ukraine doesn’t? Okayeee.
  8. Russians dug & lived in trenches in the Chornobyl no-go zone. As long as Putin believes the radiation won’t reach him, he doesn’t give half a fuck. I absolutely wouldn’t put it past him to stage an accident/terror attack at Zaporizhzhia. Also, if the Russians would be affected by a radiation plume, the Ukrainians are going to have it much worse. Why on earth would the Ukes be the more likely instigators using this logic?
  9. Despite wide ranging views on immigration, one of the things we do well in the United States is integrate people into our system. Generally, within a generation, families who come here no longer consider themselves Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc, rather they identify as American. It’s arguably our greatest strength. This is not so in the rest of the world & France is particularly bad about this (their German neighbors aren’t too far behind). Most of their migrants live in borderline slums and will never be considered “French” by their hosts. It’s a thorny issue and I can certainly understand those who are trying to hold on to their culture when the vast majority of immigrants don’t share the same history, language, religious values, etc. But history tells us that a large population of second class citizens in a country tends to cause problems that will eventually have to be addressed. The current French system isn’t working for many of the people who live there & they will eventually have to do something different.
  10. A good reason to gain at least a working knowledge of the RLA when entering the civilian side of the career. RLA strike rules are very different from “normal” (NLRA) unionized jobs & having some basic understanding of the process is helpful when trying to wrap one’s head around the union side of this profession.
  11. That’s fair but remember that “not dealing with pax” means I get to fly in pajamas & get up and take a piss whenever I want. Also, in my admittedly short experience flying pax, it was usually the FAs, not the pax, causing drama. I still maintain flying freight is more chill. Not a big enough difference to really be a factor in deciding where to hang one’s career hat though.
  12. It’s five o clock somewhere….
  13. I dunno. Prigozhin & the whole Wagner group now have a huge target on their backs. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve heard about security instability within Russia’s borders. I hear there are some loyal Putinist Chechans itching for a fight…
  14. Seeing reports that Putin’s plane has departed Moscow & that Lukashenko may have departed Minsk for Ankara. LOTS of pieces in the air & all information will be highly suspect as various factions attempt to control the narrative. Next few days will be very interesting.
  15. Give the old man a break. He probably posted that before he took his Geritol.
  16. You do realize you’re deep into coo coo for coco puffs, tinfoil hat, complete nut job territory here? Hard to take a word you say here seriously after that.
  17. Jesus dude. No, they don’t. Please keep your kids out of public schools.
  18. Now wait just a damned minute! 🤣
  19. Biff”s got the big picture view. Sometimes I think it’s ironic that we see heated arguments (on this forum & in society in general) about the merits of voting for one party or another. The irony is that they want us at each other’s throats. I recently had a conversation with someone who has spent a lot of time in DC lobbying (for a pilot union). This individual rather quickly became jaded (as is the way in Washington), and one of the things they told me stuck: the politicians yelling the loudest about hot button issues don’t want to solve said issues. In fact, they work very hard to make sure the stalemate continues. Why? Their very generous donors go away when the issue gets “solved”. This is universal regardless of party affiliation. Think about that the next time you want to demonize your fellow regular Joe, who may disagree with you on a particular issue. “They” want you screaming at each other because it energizes & makes their donors’ fundraising jobs easier. One of the reasons all of us should fight one another a lot less, and fight for campaign finance reform & term limits a lot more.
  20. Alright man, I’m pretty sure you’d consider me one of those “keyboard warriors” & I’m bored so, what the hell, I’ll engage: I was always open to the lab leak idea, just against knee jerk reactions until some sort of investigation had been done. I still doubt we’ll ever see truly definitive evidence, but I will absolutely give it to you that this is one of the most, if not the most, plausible theories going at this point. We can disagree on whether it was a good call or not to wait on declaring definitively that it was a lab leak. What I’m betting we agree on (and I would guess most Americans do) is that China is responsible one way or another and probably should be held accountable in some way. Whether they will or not, well, let’s just say I have my doubts. Conspiracy theories involving Hunter Biden’s laptop and Italian satellites notwithstanding, there are still many, many Western people with big financial interests in China. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have both recently been courting the authorities who run business dealings there. The Germans have recently stated that they have no intention of decoupling with China; it’s too important to their industrial base. As much as I’d like to see the world give the Chinese the middle finger, I don’t think that’s realistically going to happen. You might argue it all comes down to conspiracies, but I’d venture that this is just Occam’s razor at play once again. A billion plus potential consumers is simply too big a market for most nations and businesses to turn their backs on. You may not like it. I certainly don’t. But welcome to the real world.
  21. & cheap “Rolexes” (but only if you score the ‘first customer of the day’ discount).
  22. Agreed. Not a good omen for those of us at Brown hoping to pattern bargain. Purple guys chime in, but scuttlebut around here is that the A plan (pension) will no longer be offered to new hires in favor of an improved B plan, some backwards movement on scope and QOL issues (ex. long call callout time reduced from 24 to 16hrs), and rather paltry pay raises. Barring some glaring positives that we’ve missed, we’re generally hoping they vote it down. FWIW, I don’t think we helped them out much with our last two contract extensions either.
  23. And I’m the one who’s triggered? A little over sensitive/borderline histrionics here man. Sorry you think I’m hateful because I don’t want to engage with your painfully meandering and obtuse arguments. I’ll try and keep your sensitivities in mind in the future.
  24. WTF dude? You’ve got a lib on the forum and you feel that you can place all of your angst about what you think liberals represent on me? You don’t know me. GTFO with your assumptions. Here’s a tip for you: don’t debate individuals as if they represent the entirety of positions you don’t like. Individual human beings are nuanced and complex, with wide ranging viewpoints on various topics. If you knew me at all, you’d know I don’t hate anyone. Hopefully someday you’ll realize you can’t fix the world with your head all the way up your ass (said with love).
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