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  1. If you aren’t a graduated SQ/CC, the odds are infinitesimally small you’ll be picked up for SDE first look.
  2. The real victim in all of this is the poor shlub who has to translate all of this into sign language!
  3. Can’t you still transmit COVID regardless of vaccination? https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19-so-what-can-you-safely-do-2021032522230
  4. Glad someone else noticed this. Went an entire term without creating another forever war and suddenly the party of peaceful resolution wants to start striking everyone with reckless abandon...
  5. So as I sit here after being told (again) our OG will only be released a SINGLE DIGIT number of doses this week (again) in my OCONUS assignment due to lack of availability, it’s a little bit infuriating to hear about all of the vaccines we are shipping off to other countries. I am absolutely a fan of sharing the wealth, but when we have mission requirements driving ROM, copious testing, and the resultant impacts to users associated with both, seems like we’re missing the bubble with regard to distribution strategy. @congressman
  6. Why for the love of everything sacred do we insist on designing PT uniforms to require a tucked-in t-shirt?!
  7. I imagine if the Air Force could muster $135M to get 40 x IPs and 40 x MX and 252k flight hours in T-6s, they’d likely spend that money to replace IFS or make it a part of UPT and fix the glitch and training backlogs. That’s a lot of training capacity for not much money at all! ...but that would make sense and won’t happen.
  8. Another plug for Jon and Lisa. Finished our signing in Germany using local notary despite the house being in MD. Closed on our 2.25% rate and saving over $500/month on our payment. Thanks for setting us up and making this a reality!
  9. Pentagon ZIP for housing allowances shows DC.
  10. The irony is the intent of the test (beyond muscular endurance) has always been a desire to measure VO2 max. You can do that walking up to a machine and placing a sensor on your finger.
  11. I was just waiting for the third-string linebacker on special teams to put a block on her like Superfly Jimmy Snuka and stand over the top of her like Terry Tate...
  12. Another Trident plug: Locked in to 2.25% this week and starting the process on my VA refi. Fairly simple to knock out the application, approval near-immediate, and awesome lender credits! Looking forward to finishing the process and very impressed so far! Jon and Lisa definitely work hard to make this easy on the customer.
  13. If you’re stuck overseas with a house that has a renter in it, what sort of IRRL rates are available? Impact to funding fee usage?
  14. Which is a worse scenario? - Gay couple loves each other, gets married for the intent of sharing a life together (inclusive of intrinsic benefits of said union) - Straight individuals married purely for the sake of the benefits provided (tax, citizenship, health care, etc.) It seems a bit hypocritical for society to attack one of these demographics but ignores the other. It also shouldn’t be at the forefront of political debate with so many real issues facing the world, but our society has the attention span of a peanut, so there’s that Just one open-minded conservative’s
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