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  1. CAFB drop night C-17 McCord F-16 TBD KC-135 reserve Grissom T-6 FAIP CAFB C-17 Charleston U-28 Hulbert AWACS Tinker F-16 TBD C-17 Charleston T-38 FAIP CAFB C-21 Scott F-35 Luke
  2. Totally doable, I had a buddy recently go AD Air Force from a 60 background in the army. He knew his aircraft and duty station before starting AD AF. he got Huey’s and when the AF changes those over to their new aircraft he will get that as well.
  3. @PilotWife2 and @Jon - Trident Home Loans are either of you licensed for Indiana or Kentucky?
  4. haha! i'm sure ill get smarter and dumber at the same time 😉
  5. pass me the crayons! Thanks for the response. My plan is and has been to go and be a sponge. Adsorb as much as i can, put my best foot forward everyday, and help the folks around me succeed as well.
  6. Question for the group. I have seen lots of posts about students shouldn't be hooking rides for the pattern-isms that are relatively small mistakes that can be corrected with table talk with their IP. What would you all say to the student who is faced with this situation? What is the most appropriate way to address this? Is it even worth addressing?
  7. I havent read Thud Ridge, but i recommend Dustoff 7-3. Written by a friend of mine who was one of the pilots on that mission in Afghanistan
  8. Is anyone starting at the beginning of October?
  9. Getting a couple hours won’t hurt but you would be surprised at how natural it feels still after all those auto rotations with a solid decel at IGE or a roll in landing in the 60
  10. thanks for the updates! always good to see someone pressing forward against hurdles. To answer your question, i did use the professional review by bogidope...and i highly recommend it.
  11. This doesn't directly help your issue, but i was in a lot of back pain recently and discovered some at home techniques that helped relieve quite a bit of the pain. I sent this on to a doctor to confirm that it would be safe, and they validated that this was a good technique. I hope this helps while you get all the other stuff figured out
  12. do you know if the guard also has the same opportunities for folks to do short tours back at the training bases?
  13. there may be, but i havent heard of anyone being hired for that role. thats probably more of a "after you have spent time at an operational squadron you can apply" kind of gig. im sure someone else may have better info.
  14. there are, just not as many on the reserve side compared to guard. I think there are about four reserve fighter squadrons. 2x F-16 and 2x A-10
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