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  1. Awww geee. Thanks for being such a fucking humanitarian. So glad I’ve got guys like you offering to legitimize me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Giving out more homework that I’m not gonna do? 🤷‍♂️ Even if I responded, you’d attempt to bludgeon me with whatever answer I gave. No thanks.
  3. Some of you have undoubtedly seen this 8 year old YouTube masterpiece/catastrophe, but I just discovered it today and feel it is a solemn duty to leave it here:
  4. Says the guy spreading Putin’s propaganda for him. SMH 🤦‍♂️
  5. Doesn’t take much imagination…
  6. You’re right. Appeasing murderous dictators is a much better, historically proven strategy.
  7. Even forty years later the soil immediately beneath the topsoil is radioactive. There have been reports of Russian soldiers who occupied that land showing signs of radiation sickness. There’s a reason access to the site is still highly restricted, even after all these years. If you’d like to go dig holes in the dirt around there, be my guest. Not sure what point you’re trying to make in your second sentence. You believe Russia cares about a radioactive plume but Ukraine doesn’t? Okayeee.
  8. Russians dug & lived in trenches in the Chornobyl no-go zone. As long as Putin believes the radiation won’t reach him, he doesn’t give half a fuck. I absolutely wouldn’t put it past him to stage an accident/terror attack at Zaporizhzhia. Also, if the Russians would be affected by a radiation plume, the Ukrainians are going to have it much worse. Why on earth would the Ukes be the more likely instigators using this logic?
  9. Despite wide ranging views on immigration, one of the things we do well in the United States is integrate people into our system. Generally, within a generation, families who come here no longer consider themselves Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc, rather they identify as American. It’s arguably our greatest strength. This is not so in the rest of the world & France is particularly bad about this (their German neighbors aren’t too far behind). Most of their migrants live in borderline slums and will never be considered “French” by their hosts. It’s a thorny issue and I can certainly understand those who are trying to hold on to their culture when the vast majority of immigrants don’t share the same history, language, religious values, etc. But history tells us that a large population of second class citizens in a country tends to cause problems that will eventually have to be addressed. The current French system isn’t working for many of the people who live there & they will eventually have to do something different.
  10. A good reason to gain at least a working knowledge of the RLA when entering the civilian side of the career. RLA strike rules are very different from “normal” (NLRA) unionized jobs & having some basic understanding of the process is helpful when trying to wrap one’s head around the union side of this profession.
  11. That’s fair but remember that “not dealing with pax” means I get to fly in pajamas & get up and take a piss whenever I want. Also, in my admittedly short experience flying pax, it was usually the FAs, not the pax, causing drama. I still maintain flying freight is more chill. Not a big enough difference to really be a factor in deciding where to hang one’s career hat though.
  12. It’s five o clock somewhere….
  13. I dunno. Prigozhin & the whole Wagner group now have a huge target on their backs. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve heard about security instability within Russia’s borders. I hear there are some loyal Putinist Chechans itching for a fight…
  14. Seeing reports that Putin’s plane has departed Moscow & that Lukashenko may have departed Minsk for Ankara. LOTS of pieces in the air & all information will be highly suspect as various factions attempt to control the narrative. Next few days will be very interesting.
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