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  1. You mean like some news outlets swooned over Trump? C’mon guys. Yeah, the coverage is biased. But I don’t buy this “it’s all stacked against conservatives” bullshit. The conservative media has plenty of power. Maybe more than the liberal side. Tucker and the like have been apologists for, and are complicit in the armed insurrection of the Capitol of the United States for gods sake.
  2. I think you’d have a good point if this was 20 years ago. I honestly don’t think there are that many people in the middle anymore. Certainly not most people. We’ve done a fantastic job of sorting ourselves into our respective tribes and anyone who doesn’t buy in fully isn’t one of “us”. I’m not leveling this argument at you personally btw. I think the discussion here is far more civil and open than in other circles (ahem…airline cockpits). But for most people (there’s that term again), sorting one’s self into tribe x and buying most, if not all of what their selling, bullshit or otherwise, se
  3. That’s kinda my point: people on the right scoff Lemon. People on the left scoff Carlson. Nobody wants to admit/ can’t see that their guy is as shitty as the rest of ‘em.
  4. I hear a TON of people on the right openly scoffing Acosta, Lemon and the like, ALL THE TIME. In many cases, rightfully so. It’s funny, but somehow people can see the bias of the pundits that they disagree with, but tend to defend the ones they agree with. The truth is that “news” hosts on all matter of televised (and internet-ized) media make a shit ton of money for themselves and their networks by keeping you (the royal you) outraged. They will spew all manner of bullshit in the name of fresh content. People have ingested so much of this garbage, for so long, that a good chunk of our country
  5. Uhhh, who is “they”? Last time I checked, the guy with the highest rated evening “news” show was most definitely “in the bag for a particular side”. Just not the one that supports your narrative. Here’s a newsflash: no media source is impartial. Most media is garbage. A few sources are good. We live in a free country and that fact will probably never change.
  6. Prozac

    F1 Thread

    Better than all the teams getting fucked? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Prozac

    F1 Thread

    Pirelli has some ‘splainin to do. Would love to see a second or even multiple tire suppliers come back to F1.
  8. I know you probably don’t mean it this way, but it sounds like your argument is that because natural causes cause more deaths, we should turn a blind eye to mass shootings. That’s like saying seatbelts are unnecessary because you’re more likely to get taken out by cancer. FWIW, I support your right to own a firearm, but just because there are bigger killers out there that doesn’t mean that mass shootings aren’t an issue that deserves attention.
  9. Don’t forget the cellphone holster. Also, remember your black dress socks are always approved for wear with any footwear, especially aforementioned white newbalance’s, but also with sandals and even flip flops.
  10. No. Not even close. How do you figure a fully developed human being sustained by life support is the same as a fifty celled organism that is incapable of thought, sensory experience, or any multitude of functions or attributes that most of us would consider defining for human beings?
  11. I don’t know anyone who argues that an embryo is not a living thing. The question is; when does that entity become a person? And, perhaps just as importantly; who do you want to make that determination? Your church? Your government? Popular opinion? The mother? The father? You can see how this subject blurs the lines between morality, theology, and philosophy. Don’t we, as Americans, place great value on keeping our government away from such fuzzy issues? People are certainly entitled to make up their own minds on the subject. I would never advocate for someone who is pro life to change their
  12. Flea, one thing to think about when considering Kalitta or other ACMIs is upgrade time. Not sure what your situation is or how much PIC you’ve accumulated in the military, but if you think you need more, upgrade at the regionals will likely happen more quickly than at the ACMIs. A place like Kalitta can be a great intro to the part 121 world for a mil guy. Just be careful not to paint yourself into a corner.
  13. The crux is that you need to define “person”. Spoiler alert: Not everyone in this country (to include scientists, doctors, theologians, philosophers, judges, etc) is going to agree with your assessment. Not saying you or anyone else shouldn’t continue to be passionate in your beliefs, but reaching any kind of consensus on this issue in our lifetimes is unlikely at best.
  14. I don’t necessarily disagree that “mainstream” media is shit in this day and age (and I would include most right wing media in that description). However, I find it comical and ironic that many on the right claim to fervently support the free market, only to make a full 180 as soon as the market doesn’t align with their goals. Seems to me that those who espouse personal responsibility would extend that very American idea to include being more media savvy. That doesn’t mean going all in for InfoWars btw. It means there are sources out there that, while certainly biased, still do real, detailed
  15. Another thing policing and the military have in common is service. When you get paid with tax dollars, the public has every right to “yap about quality”. Seems to be a common theme that the bad apples forget that they work for the people they are policing, not the other way around.
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