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  1. Thanks for a reasoned & polite response. I’ll give that podcast an open minded listen. FWIW, I was also an NPR listener for a long time (surprise 😎), and I too realized at some point that it’s bias went past “leaning left” to something more approximating “promoting the left”. I don’t listen much anymore (save for old episodes of “Car Talk” - those guys were great). Unfortunately, the America we now inhabit seems to have fully embraced partisan media. I’m not happy about that either & I think the left leaning media of the 90s and earlier bears a lot of the blame for refusing to address its own blind spots and creating the conditions for blatantly right wing media sources to thrive. Alas, this is one of those cases where the train has left the station & writhing against the current status quo fits more into the “Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change” category than it’s worth getting riled up about. Where I do take issue is when people complain about the bias of a source they don’t agree with while defending their own favorite outlet as sacrosanct. Yeah, CNN sucks. That doesn’t automatically mean that Newsmax is telling the truth. All of that to say, the only thing most of us here can control is who we vote for. But we have more agency than we think. We can get involved at a grassroots level and support good candidates from the get go. It might take patience, but it’s probably gonna be far more effective than continually bitching about how the networks that DJT constantly threatened and shat on didn’t give him fair coverage in the last election.
  2. Still not buying the whole “media is stacked against us” argument. The problem with today’s conservatives is that they’ve decided the only way to win is to make sure their voters are perennially pissed off enough to show up at the polls. They prefer to fight boogeymen vs come up with a coherent platform. The media hates us, immigrants are taking your jobs and murdering you, Hillary’s emails, Hunter’s laptop, Slick Willy’s Oval Office hummer, CRT, pronouns, and on, and on, and on. Don’t you guys ever get tired of yelling at the TV? You know which Republican candidates reliably get independent and even Democratic voters to turn out for them? The ones who can actually articulate the policies they support vs just shitting on the other side to rile up the MAGA hats. Guys like Brian Kemp will win you elections because they can convince voters of all stripes that their way is better & they do it without continually insulting liberals or debasing themselves in the name of culture wars. Spend less time whining about your nephew’s man-bun or Rachel Maddow’s Adam’s apple and more time supporting good candidates & you might be surprised. And yes, I fully acknowledge that most of what I just said can be just as easily levied at Democrats. I wish there were better D candidates too. I just happen to lean on the side of thinking that the Ds have been slightly less bad than the Rs lately. The bar is low. It shouldn’t take too much effort to raise it.
  3. I must’ve missed it in there: Where’s the part where she advocated suspension of the constitution, encouraged her supporters to storm the capitol, and suggest hanging the VP? C’mon man, yeah Hillary sucks (or maybe doesn’t….have to ask Bill), but Trump is objectively on another level of awful. While I disagree with a lot of the tone & hyperbole you insist on constantly posting about the Biden admin, I can understand why you don’t like him. So support a better conservative candidate rather than tacitly defend Cheetos for brains with “whatabout” arguments.
  4. Thanks Huggy. I was just curious. It’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a simple altitude deconfliction briefed that could’ve averted this disaster. Of course we’re getting a lot of hearsay at the moment & perhaps more detail will come out with the full report that helps explain the planning & thinking in the moment. I’ve heard acquaintances familiar with the air show circuit say some pretty disparaging things about the warbird crowd in the past (lack of competency, training, etc) & wondered if some of that also extended to the air boss role. Whatever comes out of this, hopefully the lessons will be learned to prevent this in the future. Always sucks watching fellow aviators ball up perfectly good airplanes. RIP gents. 🍻
  5. Delta AIP out. Looks good for the rest of us from what I’ve seen. Nice going gents. 🍻 (United pilots need to start covering the double breasted sky gods’ bar tabs to cover the heavy lifting.😎)
  6. Question for the warbird/air show types here: What kind of experience/training/certification is required to be an air boss at an event like this?
  7. Note that both of those individuals served. We most definitely need more of that. Amazing what you can do when you realize you have some common goals even if you disagree on how to get there.
  8. Ohhhh, the boom’s dissing the nav! Somebody get me my box lunch while I watch! 😂🤣 (Stated with love and ‘all due’ respect boys)
  9. I think he was inspired by your previous post about nutsack injuries. 🤣 Looked like it must’ve hurt!
  10. Prozac

    Regret leaving

    Not for a second. I do miss the camaraderie, & the flying in the airlines is decidedly boring (that’s a good thing in the 121 world), but the amount of control you get to have over your own life combined with a pay increase means it’s no contest.
  11. Fixed it for a whole bunch of us here. They were, are, and always will be pricks.
  12. I would think, unless some specific engine modifications have been made, that oil use/starvation over such a long duration is the potential issue here. There may also be some MX inspections and such that would have their intervals exceeded by an extremely long mission….maybe some of the maintenance/crew chief types on here can speak to that.
  13. Care to elaborate? I missed most of today’s news cycle although I did see where the going explanation is stray Ukrainian SAM. Haven’t seen anything about NATO suggesting retaliating against Ukraine in any way.
  14. Looks like they’ve decided to deny. Stating there were no Russian strikes in the area. These guys haven’t played the smart move once since they decided to invade. Standby for some pissed off Poles.
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