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  1. Yep at this point in their career they are only about protecting their retirement check and post retirement employment. The only correct answer is the politically correct one. Not to mention thankful no social media/youtube was around when they were younger.
  2. I was reading an article and realized in a little less than 2 weeks (24/25 March) will be the 75th anniversary of The Great Escape. To The Fifty
  3. I had a good friend in Florida who went through this with his BS Crazy ex a couple years ago. She pulled the victim card and he was taking out the trash one day when 4 deputies showed up and after they patted him down they took all his guns. Fortunately they didn't haul him in and a few months later he got all of them back minus the ammo they took when the system figured out she was off her rocker. She still took him for ton of cash😖 Sounds like your guns are taken care of however. If you do have a concealed carry permit in Florida be careful. An accusation can get it suspended and just because you are found to have not done anything wrong it doesn't automatically get reinstated. Buddy found that out not all that long ago when he saw it was expiring and went to renew it and found out he didn't really have it anymore. All his moving meant he never got any notice. Good Luck
  4. Sound like an evening I may or may not have experienced at a certain VFW Post in Texas a few years back. Cougars came down out of the mountains to take advantage of an unattended flock of military types/get drunk and I mean the 2 legged kind. I may still need therapy 😮
  5. Actually saw another article on the same subject recently. When a lot of these things start getting fielded by different countries (depending on cost) I see the sea based leg of the triad in for a tougher time. Though I hope they don't overly rely on GPS for navigation as that's a whole lot of systems weak link. Persistent dwell will be their strength, just like RPAs are now.
  6. Enlightening debate. For my understatement of the day the devil is in the details. There are some really smart PHDs at GE/Boeing and other OEMs etc that do inlet design for aircraft and engines and if you get it wrong you really can impact stall margin. Looking at the Scorpion's inlet placement for example I can only imagine the penalty in weight, complexity and maintainability to design inlets to prevent FOD. As for the undercarriage I'm trying to picture the Scorpion with tundra tires. I admit the Scorpion appears to have some incredible capabilities just tied to a too large infrastructure/log train but with that still would be a great fit for some countries. I just recalled the fatal T-38 mishap at Sheppard in 2008 where they touched down in the overrun and gravel shelled an engine which contributed to the mishap. Granted not exactly the same but a stark reminder of what can happen. Going back to cost we can barely keep our legacy systems going with the current funding and that's the real issue. The fight usually ends up where you least expect it and are prepared to go. Certainly been my personal experience and we have to maintain an expeditionary capability IMHO. One final point in favor of prop platforms in the ability to reverse the prop(s) and stop in some pretty short distances.
  7. Interesting that this thread is pushing the 10 year mark in a few months. The answer may be buried somewhere in here but how important is the ability for an LAA to operate from unimproved fields? I see the current money says Boeing will be arming the new jet trainer. A few years back I also recall Boeing proposed the OV-10X as a Bronco on steroids as a LAA. I can see training is simplified going from a T-X to the armed version and I'm not at all saying we didn't NEED a T-38 replacement but how will it do on the same FOD ridden short runway? Sounds like it will need a fair amount of support infrastructure as some have alluded to. What do the military guys and gals on the ground and the taxpayer that keeps us all gainfully employed actually gain from an attack version of the T-X for the money (outside the congressional district where its built)? Consolation prize for losing out on the B-21? I just don't see it.
  8. In deference to those more knowledgeable, I say let's not forget the LRSO either and its still under debate whether it will even get funded long term. However the ALCM is getting up there in years and certainly something that IMHO we can't do without some version. Yes LRSO supposed to be nuclear from the outset and I don't know how it will work with respect to current treaties or whether it will ever be given a conventional capability. There's also the re-engine of the B-52 in the works so it can make it long enough for the B-52 to be replaced. Just isn't enough cash to go around.
  9. True inspiration is all I can think to stay. Pcola, I read "Unbroken" and saw the movie some time ago and it was unbelievable what Zamperini and not to forget his crewmates Phillips and McNamara et al. went through all in an effort to find another missing crew. And we think we have rough days.
  10. I think some have touched on FOPA and this case (Revell v. Port Authority)certainly did too. Long story short Mr. Revell found himself on an unexpected stop with a firearm in Newark Airport and ended up with a several day stay at Rikers. The arresting officer Scott Erickson of the Port Authority Police probably could have let Mr. Revell go on his way but instead at least my opinion took the chance to make life miserable for an out of state traveler and gun owner just because he could. My takeaway was if I found myself in a similar situation I would have gotten a rental car and gotten the HE!! out of the jurisdiction regardless of the cost. On another note I have spent time at McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst and came across some great people but I'll never go back there voluntarily.
  11. Jet or Turboprop. Take your pick.
  12. I was curious if any more had been done to "fix" the early reserve retirement discrepancy as originally introduced in 2007-2008. I.E. would it be made retroactive to 9-11 and fix the crazy fiscal year rule for determining qualifying service. I found (HR.569 - Reserve Retirement Deployment Credit Correction Act) Appears it hasn't gone very far from introduction a year ago but we can hope.
  13. Its Ok. 24 hrs after their enlistment Is up GOOGLE will hire them for more money than a second year Airbus Captain
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmudiyah_rape_and_killings What happens when you really lower standards. I remember a pre deployment meeting long ago where a medical officer casually stated that she was in the process of obtaining an adequate supply (for the duration) of anti depressants for those deploying soldiers who had been prescribed them. Talk about a WTF moment. Perfect example of the "Strategic E-4" A small group of low level troops doing something stupid with strategic implications. More than a few attacks were carried out by the locals/insurgency in retaliation. Unfortunately not the only example. To all you junior officers and NCOs remember you set the tone/example for the behavior of those under you and I frankly wonder where they were when this all went down.
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