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  1. Actually this is on my wish list for when I hit the Lotto. My ultimate get away from it all SUV.
  2. No idea if this is a previously posted article but here it is. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/we-are-dropping-like-flies-ex-fighter-pilots-push-for-earlier-cancer-screenings/ar-AAFYi15?ocid=spartanntp
  3. OK minus 5 pts for lack of SA on my part😬. I misread and thought he had been a SGT in the Army. And Duck has never turned down a BJ. But the rest of my post stands👍
  4. So where did you deploy with the Army and what was your job if you don't mind my asking? I know after a deployment I was thankful to be able to live pretty much anywhere in the good old USA with running water and a toilet. LOL Never been a fighter pilot but I know it does take a lot of different moving parts in the military to "prevent war if possible and win a war if necessary" which is what we ultimately all strive to do. Hope you find the place that works for you. All deference to Duck but I've never turned down a BJ no matter where she was on the scale😎
  5. So would this mean more manned ISR contracts for the likes of L3, MAG, Dynamic etc.?
  6. Federal Bureau of Prisons doesn't look very competent at best. At worst? I've wondered about the death of Whitey Bulger too given how long he was in bed with certain government entities. We were discussing at work a few days ago about how many prominent people would be outed when this went to trial. Guess that point is moot now.
  7. Guess this means the enlisted guys flying the Global Hawk have an argument to move into manned tactical platforms. I'm waiting for Air Force program that direct commissions these foreign trained F1 pilots to mitigate the pilot shortage. "Expedited US Citizenship available for those who qualify"😀
  8. I've always thought the RV-8s were a sweet looking aircraft and their performance was pretty good too. Can anyone here speak to how these taildraggers handle during landing?
  9. This is supposed to represent the new LRSO under development but to paraphrase a comedian "all the thrill of being a kamikaze without the commitment"
  10. That mishap was a tough one to figure out. Nothing really obvious at first and the locals had picked over the wreckage before the site was secured. Co pilot had just come off maternity leave as I recall. Kid would be just starting school now.
  11. Not long ago our local security manager said we are responsible for making sure that we regularly verify our credit score is accurate. The whole continuous evaluation thing. Not a bad idea but put another way if our credit score takes a hit due to identity theft we're on the hook to prove it's not our fault. You know the kind of identity theft that can result from a data breach at OPM😬Really love how a government screw up is our responsibility to fix. Wouldn't surprise me at all that the Chinese are continuously and actively promoting identity theft all they can just to screw with those who hold clearances.
  12. I'll risk it and wade a little into this and say money as is often the case a big difference. Uncle Sugar has very deep pockets to fund its training compared to a civilian operation (whole up company or individual student) that has to watch the bottom line all the time. Also many instructors in the civilian world (whether they are good at teaching or not) are just barely past students themselves and just building hours to move up. Often their only realistic way of doing so. Absolutely nothing to force them to come back and teach down the road after they get a few thousand hours and a lot of good real world lessons under their belt to pass it on. Fortunately a few do exactly that. Is what it is. Military as we've all know can simply order anyone under its purview who it thinks is a good fit to be an instructor to do so and I'm including FAIPs. As some have alluded to a willingness to set aside ego and learn can go along way no matter what realm you are coming from.
  13. Since Florida has been the scene of much buffoonery in this thread and I try to post actually useful information once in a while I'll add it here. Recently a young married couple I know well down in Florida ran into this issue a few weeks ago. Young husband goes out for milk one evening and cop pulls him over. I think cop had automatic license plate reader and that was the reason. Car had Florida registration and husband and wife were both listed on vehicle. More importantly both on the same auto insurance policy. Cop tells husband that wife's license has been suspended because DMV doesn't have her listed on policy. Fortunately she was at home and not driving at the time. They had moved about 3 months earlier so no notice was received from the DMV. Long story short is if you your name is on a Florida registered vehicle you must have Florida insurance and not an out of state carrier. DMV website is very specific about that. Fortunately there's a place on the state DMV website https://services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/ where you can check the status of your Florida license with you DL number. If you do in fact have Florida insurance it's relatively simple on the same website to find your Florida carrier in a drop down menu and submit an update and reinstate the license. At least in this case it was relatively simple after some online searching. Fortunately in this case no penalty was assessed as those start at $150 and go up for other infractions.
  14. The advances he saw in aviation in his lifetime
  15. Yep at this point in their career they are only about protecting their retirement check and post retirement employment. The only correct answer is the politically correct one. Not to mention thankful no social media/youtube was around when they were younger.
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