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  1. You’re right, YMMV. I’m a 100% QOL guy and spent about a year flying in my MWS with the ANG when I started at my airline. Aside from the increased number of days for a flying gig, the unpredictability is what really did me in. I’d carve out a month that let me keep my sweet/high paying airline trips, drop the crap trips for mil leave, and still be home for birthdays and anniversaries, etc. Then as soon as I’d get to the unit and we’d cancel for Wx/Mx/tanker availability/mission slip/whatever then I’d have to scramble to decide whether I should annoy the unit by going non-current or else pick u
  2. There is a disparity between min guarantee and actual average pay. At SWA even though guarantee is 76 hours, the average credited (when our contract was signed) is 94. I’m going to take a wild guess that the average pilot picks up 1-2 extra days of flying. The rest of the difference is through premium time (time and a half for reroutes, changed show/block-in times, uncovered flying, etc.) or rigs (min guaranteed credit per day or trip no matter how short it is). And then vacation pay effectively credits about 4 hrs/mo on average for a new guy (goes up with a seniority). Personal example,
  3. Can partially confirm for SWA. The crews that bid PM trips are notoriously fun loving. Things can get real social with FAs… One thing I never thought I’d see at work: about 2 years ago a policy came out directing pilots/FAs to stop hugging on the job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Blocks are usually 3 or 4 days. There’s a 14-hr daily availability period for early flights starting around 3am, and another starting around 11am that covers late ones. Have to make it to the airport within 2 hours if called during your period. Trips are assigned based on how many days you have remaining, so if you’re the only one with 2 days left in your block and a 2-day trip drops, you’re getting it. You can set a “fly” preference (trips will be assigned by seniority) or “pass” preference (reverse seniority). Reserve days are rigged whether or not you’re used, and once assigned you get
  5. Sure, I’m currently 4th year. SWA wasn’t initially huge on my radar either, but looking back and knowing what I know I probably would’ve targeted it. My guess is that’s what most guys from the other majors would say about their own airline too! Cons: - You’ll fly a 737…kind of cramped, non-Maxes are noisy, old timey overhead panel, etc. It’s a bigger deal to some than others depending on personal desire for variety or something big or going to the other side of the world. - Current year 1-4 pay lags the other majors, then it is about equal year 5 and moves ahead (of narrowbody scales
  6. You could try the 3rd Military Airlift Squadron group...closed group, but maybe message the moderator. Think they used to fly SOLL II when the C-5 did it, lots of old timers there.
  7. Following up on the refi stuff, we just recently closed a VA IRRL with Trident that dropped us a half percent from the loan we initiated with them all of 9 months ago. I’d never really considered it, but Jon broke down the costs and it was basically free money. We live in CA where housing is...expensive, so 3.125 was our rate on a still-jumbo balance. However we did roll in all our funding fees so that we literally owed nothing. As was the case the first time, it was nice being able to fire off a text whenever a question popped up, but all in all it took maybe 3 or 4 total emails to get the wh
  8. At the risk of beating a dead horse over how awesome Trident is, just throwing in my 2 cents about our experience. I picked them 100% off the feedback I read in this forum, so I guess we took a little bit of risk, but I felt more confident with each recommendation I read. Jon was very sharp (obviously, he flies for the world’s best airline), he answered all of my questions during our initial conversation, and even tried coming up with some creative ways to save us money. Sure they offered excellent rates and could speak military/airline with me which was extremely helpful, but there are two ex
  9. I went SWA because they were the first to hire me, but I was weary about some of the same stuff I heard about them as far as quality of life goes. I finished my first year a couple months ago and was surprised that my logbook showed an average of 2.3 legs per day and 1.9 hours per leg. There are a hundred other variables leading to why I or anyone else would choose to stay or go, but just pointing out that from my perspective the ‘SWA is overworked’ narrative I kept hearing on AD was either overhyped or else I’ve just been fortunate.
  10. Reading the instructions...good move. My PME was missing from it too...is that being masked?
  11. I agree...well said. Besides the fact that the troll is now well-nourished.
  12. Just because YOU haven't heard of things doesn't mean they haven't happened. Reference Bone at Diego, Buff airshow demo at wrong airport, Thunderbird wrong altimeter setting, etc. Okay, stepping slowly away now from the troll.....
  13. I smell a troll. This happened at Shank. When exactly did you see a tanker fly the ILS into there? Gear up/wrong airport landings have happened before, and probably will keep happening too, as long as toolbags keep thinking their tribe is too smart or too good to do something retarded.
  14. Trolling. "If we elected FEs to Congress, we'd be swimming in cash."
  15. No kidding. You know, speaking from one amazing pilot to another, I think they ought to take all the inexperienced C-17 pilots to some aux field with a "nice paved under run" or something so they can practice how to flare into the zone...
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