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  1. this is going to summon Toro
  2. first part of this is possibly my most "i've been on baseops for a while" post i think i've ever made: i was trying to get finance to turn off my married rate BAH for months but no one answered the phone, the portal they have is a Byzantine maze, and the office looked* dark and locked; finally said fuck it and just pulled the sliding door open and lo and behold, there were people who were eager to help me. i mention this because apparently the SECAF is trying to roll finance into MPF and squadron CSS functions and so is in the process of shuttering Finance shops around the service. my FE buddy told me this, no idea if it's true, but it did make me feel a lot of empathy for the E-1 and O-1 who ended up helping me, they didn't decide to do this dumb shit, they just have to go along with it, in that way they're actually remarkably like us on the rated side.
  3. hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is flood Ukraine with heavy weapons for the next fifty years
  4. woke up thinking about this incredible post the other day, had to RT for old times sake
  5. a bit off topic and not disagreeing at all with your main premise but 1. wouldn't characterize the current capes that way, future is vague to say the least 2. beats constant E-3 IFEs
  6. it's not always rosy at the little guard bases, sometime leadership thinks they can get away with shit because big air force can't see
  7. "Air Mobility Command is discussing the option as part of how it may handle war in the Indo-Pacific, where it believes large, slow jets including tankers would be more vulnerable to attack from Chinese anti-aircraft missiles. Shrinking the number of airmen onboard a tanker could help minimize potential troop casualties while still getting combat jets the fuel they need." PACAF attrited half the F-105 fleet in three years and in the middle when they ran out of fighter dudes to fly them started non-voling 135 guys to fly them...
  8. i am not a 46 guy (yet) but i just had dinner with a 46 friend and he answered some of this so, fwiw: 1. still in testing so no traditional deployments right now, not sure how long this will last. on the road one week a month is the standard, more available as desired. 2. not quite as typical as it will probably end up being, but people are still able to take in community assignments. vectors outside are probably a few years away. 3. people seem to like flying the plane quite a bit, especially coming from older aircraft. can't speak to the pulse of the whole community. 4. hearing a year or so ac to ip but it depends. 5. Pease, McGuire and Shady J all coming online, Travis and i hear March to follow. McConnell and Altus are what they are.
  9. some key issues: everybody is stuck at tinker, for better, for worse, for neither, we're all packed in here together, no coastal bases the jets are very broken 11Rs don't have a ton to do with the mission once the jet is up, the way jet is configured, BUT they have the chance to get smart on the mission stuff, HOWEVER no one is sure when to do with them when that happens, i.e. no WIC etc 13B leadership can't reckon with how dis-empowered 11Rs feel to say nothing of 12Rs; the FGOs leave, the CGOs feel generally, pretty hopeless. your only move is to ride it out and get out or plead into a better deal. it doesn't need to be this way. we probably need people from outside the community, for sure new iron and ideally new, additional bases. whether the E-7 is the solution or not is irrelevant if you give it to a 552d as it is today, where every day is funny hat day
  10. yes, i never seen a place that kicks itself in it's own ass so aggressively and consistently and i was a fighter crew chief
  11. are you? or are you an Aircraft Commander who works with the SLIC to do the mission?
  12. the pain of the 40/45, GTX and GTXT conversions are all still so fresh, i really hope people from outside the community are brought in to help this time
  13. they Navy has basically had this mindset since the Iron Hand days. Even with the Specialized A-6Bs and EA-6As of the era there was a shit ton of just lobbing shrikes off of A-7s and A-4s with very little to actually cue them
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