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    Yup. Because I have 2BPZ and 1BPZ “as met” packages complete with the signed PRF from my SR. You are trying to apply the O-4 promotion process to the O-5 process and they are a completely different animal. O-4: 75% DP allocation and 95%+ selection rate. Of course doing your job and not failing a PT test (also your job) will get you promoted. O-5: ~55% DP allocation and
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    You might be the new Bender. Bendy
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    Your tiny view of the AF is not very accurate for the broader force. Many SRs write and submit complete 2BPZ PRFs. They have to do the work anyway (unless the member elects to submit it blank). It also gives the member two draft versions before the IPZ goes live. But be careful, as you can have 2BPZ and 1BPZ with all the right pieces...and a new SR comes in and decides your PRF doesn’t need that “definitely promote” in the bottom line. I know someone who went to the SR after they weren’t promoted with a P (reindeer games) wound up getting his PRF invalidated, and going to a supplemental board with an outright DP. I know many other people who have asked for the feedback. It is only quibbling if you go to argue. If you go to truly understand why you didn’t get what you thought you deserved, then it can be valuable. Most Sq/CCs don’t really understand strats and pushes. Many Gp/CCs don’t either. My Sq/CC told me straight to my face that my PRF was great. I said it wasn’t. Guess who was right? I’ve seen too many good people get burned by not knowing there is even a game to play when they’re Lt and Capt.
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    The only thing 'wrong' about this is that it took 4 years to get approved; I saw worse abuses of religious accommodation on active duty...
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    No.... no they do not. I have been fighting this mentality for years. Even Army leadership doesn’t understand the error in this thinking. We were told the same BS this last rotation through Iraq with the security risks from some of our “partner forces.” Having Apaches or Cobras on the field did literally nothing at Bastion. They will do literally nothing the next place and time either. You’ve got an enemy dressed like the good guys fighting small pockets of good guys in close proximity with nobody aware of where anybody is. Even if you could get the aircraft launched under fire then what? I get to just start picking and choosing my best guess and laying out 30 and rockets? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remember, we’re still looking at a YG that was offered RIF and VSP. Many of my friends got out in 2014. When we get to the 09 YG and beyond, where it will be their first opportunity to vote with their feet, expect abysmal take rates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got my Maj, 2BPZ, and 1BZ directly from my WG/CC in the wing conference room, and he'd booked out the next 90 minutes to talk to the folks he'd just given PRFs to.
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    I may be too skeptical, but I’d truly like to see the data used to green up the spreadsheet with these “results”
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    Worth a read on what troubles the AF: https://warontherocks.com/2018/11/heed-the-grail-knight-can-the-air-force-choose-wisely/
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    Dude seriously... This... exactly what you just said is the attitude that fuels the notion the Army gets that the Air Force is disconnected and uninterested in supporting the warfighter. You say this to some Ranger riding in the back of a Chinook to the X night after night or to the poor bastard that’s rolling down Route 1 doing yet another IED clearance patrol and you get (and largely deserve) a complete scoff. To think otherwise means Kuwait is a Deployment, active combat operations actually ceased, and dudes getting IDF’d at Dahlke we’re tragic victims of some accident as part of a forward deployed “supporting effort.” Is it perpetual and self serving, absolutely. Does our collective leadership seem to be writing its guidance in sand/crayon... no doubt. Are we still actively engaged in combat with a military force who seeks to do us harm both there and abroad... to deny otherwise would be foolish. And no that attitude isn’t exclusive of service. God knows the Army Fobbits turning people away at the Independence Chow Hall because they have dirty uniforms don’t understand it’s a war either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For some reason it’s only the name/AF tape Velcro that sucks. Taking a patch off the arms is about as hard as getting your drunk recently divorced buddy to leave the strip club.
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    They did “sue” the Navy over that exact COA (and somehow won which I don’t get). Really the Marine thing is just stupid. They did the equivalent of the kid that gets handed the candy licking it all and saying the other kids couldn’t have any. Especially considering all they did was steal a Canadian pattern and with the help of some Army money “develop” and patent a unique pattern like we hadn’t been wearing the same pattern at the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m still at my RPA squadron but I am PCSing to a cockpit after the new year, got my assignment a few months ago, finally dropped orders today. I was a UPT D from the round 3 years ago. As a recat your only option is white jet, so with your med status T-1s are probably your only bet. Hopefully you can snag a jet. I here the AF is looking to ramp up UPT, going to require more instructors
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    Currently in UPT and have heard rumors of unsponsored hires being able to be assigned to the reserve squadron after graduation if said persons couldn't find a unit at the end of training. I highly highly doubt a reserve training squadron will sponsor somebody and send them to UPT though. Best bet would be go unsponsored if unsponsored boards are still happening.
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    I’ll tell you that being a Patch should not mean you just PA to O-5. I’ll also tell you that you do not have to be a Patch to be a shit hot tactician. Some of the most lethal aviators I know are not Patches and some of the most garbage officers I know are Patches. Don’t let labels define who you are in the AF.
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    I admire you guys, those of you continuing down the active-duty path. I’m in my last year in the reserves. I’m a T-38 IP and I got hired by DAL in 2007. I absolutely love my civilian job and will be VERY glad when I retire from the reserves. I admire your willingness to put up with the idiocy, the antiquated personnel policies, and asinine admin work. Seriously, no sarcasm, hats off to you folks. Love, Merle
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    The one who gets irrationally angry when someone wants the standards upheld? No, I'd agree you're the commander and I'm the guy trying to be the voice of reason.
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    One year ago today. Stuck was a great guy.
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    Part and parcel with one of the cancers that has been growing in AF leadership over the last 10-15 years: nobody wants to make a decision, lest their superior disagree with that decision and it reflect poorly on them. So, we have raised an entire generation of "leaders" (really "managers") who have to "run it up the chain" for absolutely every decision. And this attitude is reflected, now, by the superiors themselves, who expect this kind of "mother, may I" out of their subordinates. The grand result is that nobody is really empowered to make any decision, and few commanders have the balls to just make a decision <gasp> and risk their bosses not liking it.
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    There are other folks who currently fly for them, ahem, and haven't heard such a rumor.
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    As long as the American public allows themselves to believe that the current conflicts cost them nothing more than an occasional “thank you for your service”, nothing will change.
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    Afghanistan is definitely a war. What is the timeline when a war becomes a conflict in your mind?