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  1. I bet you already saw this. https://www.airlinepilotcentral.com/airlines/cargo/kalitta_air Their new contract sets them up nicely amongst the ACMIs. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone over there. But former K4 guys now at FedEx have told me repeatedly—guys are generally happy at K4. One dude told me he was so comfortable that he even debated putting an app in with FedEx. Again, all secondhand info, so nothing to base your decision on. Just be careful perusing the APC forums for actual info...it’s a ton of sport bitching and over emphasized negativity by a vocal few. Hopefully someone on he
  2. You have just succinctly described the entire woke movement. Nice job.
  3. “2”. I won’t lose a pension over it, but my family will not be participating in the largest human experimental medicine charade of all time.
  4. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/could-american-airlines-become-the-next-gamestop-reddits-wallstreetbets-says-its-possible
  5. FedEx Update (December 2020) - We will be opening two new bases in 2021, a 767 Oakland (OAK) base and a 777 Anchorage (ANC) base. OAK is slated to open in the fourth quarter of FY21; ANC is forecast to open in the first quarter of FY22. We’re excited about these new locations and the operational flexibility they’ll provide in both the domestic and international markets. Both bases will provide opportunities for pilots as well. Speaking of opportunity, I’m pleased to report System Bid 20-02, which closed December 3, was successful in filling nearly 400 captain and over 500 first officer va
  6. Yeah, I can see that. The FedEx pilots living out near/at HKG have similar issues. Simply not possible to avoid in some cases. There is a list of approved airlines the company is allowed to use though; a lot of these smaller national airlines are excluded from the approved list.
  7. 737 down in the ocean near Jakarata https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/indonesian-authorities-have-lost-contact-sriwijaya-air-flight-182
  8. Found on APC. Good summary of current parking situation. CNBC Summary
  9. So many cool pictures from the U-2
  10. I stink at putting in links. Gif from U-2 cockpit @ 70,000
  11. Cargo airlines are booming my friend. FedEx/UPS/ACMIs are all hiring, and are projected to continue for the next couple years. FedEx is projected to hire over 400 next year. I know that’s not what you’re asking, but just want to correct information on here. Don’t let the USAF’s fear/loathing about their various welfare programs put your family in a less than optimum position.
  12. The release for that board has been in the 3rd week of August for the last two years. I’m talking about the AFRC O-5 board; apologies if you guys are talking about Active Duty.
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