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    Yup. Most interesting meeting I've ever been in that didn't involve discussion about blowing shit up. Refreshing to see a 3 button getting basically yelled at by a room full of crusty O-3s and O-4s. Some big takeaways: 1. He came into the meeting incredibly insulated from what is going on. His disconnect from reality was no fault of his own, but very clear. For example, he couldn't wrap his head around guys not wanting to be "developed" by way of ACSC and other PME. Also was unaware of some of the buffoonery going on such as Vance being dry, the elimination of additional duties memo being largely ignored, and the perception that the AF is at best incompetent in the way it handles people, and at worst malicious. It was obvious that the O-4s he is surrounded are the pickle shining types would would rather die than tell the boss bad news. We didn't have that problem, and he wasn't sure how to react. 2. "There is a plan in the work, trust us". Supposedly there is a 28 point plan of some kind floating around to address the retention issue. See point 1 for his reaction to our skepticism of it. 3. He doesn't even know that he is fed a steady diet of bullshit. He told a story of a great base visit he went on, and was dismissive when told to take everything he sees on a base visit with the biggest grain of salt he can fit on the jet he rode in on. He didn't realize that whenever guys like him show up, guys like the ones in that room get stuffed in a closet. 4. Stop loss is off the table. CSAF realizes that even IF they could get a stop loss approved (unlikely) it will permanently break any chance they have at retention. They'd get a temporary bump from locking guys down, but they know that as soon as that lockdown inevitably ends, EVERYONE leaves, not just the people who were on the fence before. So maybe we opened his eyes, but even if we did, points 1 and 3 above kinda indicate that at best he will be one more voice yelling at the brick wall. The AF is chronically averse to making the kind of changes necessary to retain pilots, and will continue to hemorrhage talent.
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    We don't understand it is an opportunity unless we have someone (family/mentor) who can expose us to it. I'd say that's true of everyone though. When every picture of someone in a cockpit doesn't look like or represent you, its harder to make a connection at a any age that it's something you can do too. When I was in girlscouts, we did sowing, baking and figuring out what clothing color looked best with our skin, today I'm getting girlscout troops onto the airfields and into cockpits.
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    Comey was a tool and firing him would look bad....until yesterday, when Clapper said over and over under oath there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. That gave Trump the breathing room to fire him, Obama should have fired him. And Ns, love ya man but Russia didn't hack the election, they hacked the DNC and did it help? It certainly didn't hurt, but Hillary was a terrible candidate that nobody trusted. Bernie had a better chance I think, at least he's honest about his views, I like him for that, but his views would take us down the road of Venezuela. Trump wasn't my guy, I liked Rubio or Cruz, but I like most of what he says and is doing, all be it with the Trump flair which I find entertaining. This whole thing is just to delegitimize Trump so it is partisan, but we don't have to hate each other. The BIG story everyone is missing is who ordered the unmasking, that would be bigger than WaterGate.
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    You're right - the contractor has a profit motive that will get bigger F ups done faster and for more money with less iron bought - genius! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please tell me you submitted the leave and made them deny on the official request. This stupidity needs to be highlighted. Regarding "Catch 22": it was my submission to the CSAF Reading List.
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    All good points, not to mention forward basing with the teams we support builds relationships which both enable ops that might not otherwise happen and improve the quality of deliberatly executed ops. Manned ISR is an absolutely essential part of current and future operations. Unmanned is huge value added, but these capabilities compliment rather than replace each other. I know plenty of guys who have crossed between manned and unmanned ISR and they unanimously share these opinions. Dual sensor manned ISR isn't going to be replaced by single sensor unmanned. Take binoculars and a VSLIM, check in w/ GFC as sensor 3, profit.
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    Dual sensor on a single platform, let alone dual sensor in a 2-ship, changes the game for strikes where CDE is a concern (i.e. a huge percentage of all operations). Cheaper than MQ-9 when factoring in all the link architecture. Helps with pilot retention issues vs hurting them (i.e. people would want to fly the light attack mission, not so many pilots are volunteering for RPA). Much faster response time from launch to target area (400+ kts vs 200 kts). As stated, all WX capability. Better LOS radio comms and better maneuverability = better CAS support when friendlies on the ground. MQ-9 is great at what it does and is getting better every day with new tech and weapons, but I wouldn't think I'd have to advocate for the pros of a manned platform on BO.net!
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    This is where I get them from, http://liquorliquidators.com/jeremiah-weed-100-proof-bourbon-whiskey-750.html Order a few at the time because shipping is expensive if you order a single bottle. Shipping was relatively quick too. Enjoy
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    Yes. You can even start applying during your last year of college if the unit permits it (sometimes applicants are hired during their last year or last semester), but that's a bit rare from what I've gathered. Is there an AFROTC detachment at your college? If so, you might be able to arrange to take the test on campus with them. Each detachment usually administers it at least once per semester, but priority obviously goes to their cadets. If that's not an option, your local ANG unit might administer it on base from time to time. The recruiting office should be able to let you know.
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    When he jumped out in front of cameras last summer and provided the list of criminal acts regarding emails by Clinton and then stated no reasonable Prosecutor would file charges based on intent which doesn't even exist in the statute, he should have been fired within 6.9 minutes. The flail that has been generated by his office is doing nothing but stirring up hate and discontent on both sides of the political spectrum. Laws should provide clarity, not confusion and he has certainly fanned the flames of the latter.
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    Comey "fvcked up" for the left, and he "fvcked up" for the right. He's playing nonpartisan politics in a highly polarized world. He's honestly lucky he just got fired instead of the normal "let's dig into his past so we can bring up dirt, destroy his career, and make him quit." I think Sessions did absolutely nothing wrong, but was caught up in the "let's get everyone outraged at a possible Russia-Trump connection" frenzy that is still taking place. I'm neutral on the recusal, but definitely don't think it was "absolutely necessary." Was there ever any evidence that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded? If yes, show me or tell me it's classified, but those with a need-to-know will have access to it. If no, then start to wind down the "investigation", and stop the witch hunt until actual evidence or "reasonable suspicions" (whatever the fvck that means) surfaces. Also, the media needs to stop trying to get me outraged at every little thing Trump does. I'm so numb to it now that when he actually does something stupid (like 99% of the time he Tweets) I just assume the media is foaming at the mouth again (cry wolf much?). Convince me that, if collusion exists, it's worse than Obama telling the Russian politician to tell Putin that "he would have more flexibility after the election" or it's worse than Obama making a huge push and wasting a lot of money to try to stop Netanyahu from getting re-elected. I know we meddle in the politics of rivals/enemies, but do we meddle in the politics of our allies now? What's "allowed" and what's not? (honest questions) It's too soon for me to form my own opinion, but right now this is how I see the media reacting to Comey being fired (wooo!!!)... by Trump (wooo's fading).... at the recommendation of Jeff Sessions (BOOO!!!!!!!):
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    It's fairly technical, but all things are possible with 1s and 0s + time + money. But the bottom line is that it will never work if the industry partners in question don't work together. GA has typically not been friendly at all to other companies "encroaching" on their fairly sizable RPA empire, even when the operators are jumping up and down for improvements that are par for the course on other platforms.
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    The day before Comey was fired, and some say even hours before, the left was calling for his head. Staunch Hillary supporters were furious at him after she accused him of being the one to steal her victory away (which shows that she's still utterly clueless as to why she lost). Paul Ryan, however much you like or dislike him, hit the nail on the head: Russia/Comey/whoever didn't put the server in her basement, and they didn't tell her to ignore Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump deals in absolutes. Comey uses non-specific rhetoric. The attitude trending is that there was no collusion with the Russians, but Comey didn't outright say that. Incorrectly stating that the e-mails were forwarded to Weiner's laptop was the excuse Trump needed. Trump was already upset with what I'm sure he perceived as Comey taking the initiative to not recommend charges against Clinton, then being so standoffish on stating that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.The two of them aren't compatible. Trump saw that a week ago, then again yesterday, and canned him. Agree or disagree with the decision/method/timing, that's what happened.
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    I don't know why, but this is all just hilarious to me. Thanks for taking the bullet and speaking out to the clueless above us. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    Test Pilot PSDM dropped today on MyPers. Reserve and Guard pilots are allowed to apply. Make sure you search under Active Duty Officer.
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    I remember CAP incentive rides at my detachment. It was designed to target ROTC kids with no flying experience to see if they were interested. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    I thought the approved 3-1.CS section on trouble tickets said to just delete said ticket, then when queried by the requestor blame it on a "new ticket system" and have them re-submit.
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    Bold is mine. It's been 4 ~3.5 years, but we are already there for a good deal of AFSCs. #Nostradamus
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    This so much. Me via my Col, "Hey, there's this big new service migration coming week after next. The 4-star promised the other 4-star we'd get it done. The ticket's been in for a couple of weeks now with no action. Sq/Commander X, can you look into it and make sure it moves along so we're not wrangling Amn on a Sat to get it done. It is planned for XX May XX." CC'd whole chain for vis. Nothing for 4 days, so we pinged saying this was coming <a week. Commander X, "We've got to make sure it goes through our ad hoc process, did I mention we're undermanned?" "Right, but...you know, 4-stars, high-vis...you're a Commander. We've made Amn jump through their ass before, and we're trying to avoid that. Can you give me a ETA of when it'll get done" "Ops Grp" CD, "Well, you can raise the priority on it and that'll move it through the log-jam. I'll get you a POC. What's the due date, we aren't tracking it?" Call "Ops Group" 5 hours later since we've had no comms. CC, CD, Sq/CC all gone TDY/Leave. Talk to the civ "deputy" who "Doesn't work the ops side of the house." Goes on and on about how the new contract is going to take care of all these tickets in the future, and we need to plan them better, etc. Sq DO shoots me an email telling me we need to prioritize their work for them, that they've had this ticket for a week, but weren't doing anything because it's a "project" and they don't work those unless tasked. Once it's tasked, then they'll start planning, but won't start planning now. Also, they guy they need to do it won't be in for the rest of the week, so we have to figure something else out. Accused my Col of Bro-netting the tickets to get done. I will not be taking the bonus, because I will not serve under these monkeys.
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    Down goes Frazier, er, Comey... Left is screaming conspiracy while conveniently forgetting their anger/angst at Comey last October and even last week. Administration and defenders have gone defensive with no hope of regaining momentum. Too bad that whole serving "at the pleasure of the President" thing is glossed over. Comey porked himself multiple times in public including his latest one yesterday. By publicly commenting on the Clinton e-mail investigation, but laying out a case that was easily prosecutable (and would've if it had been any of us being so cavalier about classified) then saying she had "no intent" so no one would prosecute. Even if the statute doesn't give that sort of leeway, it was never his position to say so. Then his bumbling none answers regarding Russian shenanigans in the 2016 election made him look stupid. No tears shed at his leaving.
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    Why not? The government has screwed it up so much might as well contract it out.
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    Yes. Live version of the page is 404, but see the google cache link below. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:o-XVgMeVCPUJ:www.wpafb.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1038723/agilepod-reconfiguring-isr-mission/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
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    This is more of symptom of what's wrong with the AF rather than the cause but it reeks of shoe clerkism & process worshiping versus professional, competent, confident decision making... Unprecedented: US Air Force Will Let a Defense Company Pick Its Next Jamming Plane Like the Boeing 737 Compass Call, would be a good part of a re-cap strategy for an 737 fleet for JSTARS, AWACS, RIVET, etc...
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    Unfortunately, pilots are grossly underrepresented in ROTC and other commissioning and recruiting sources. If we were a presence, perhaps the information would be a little more accurate.
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    Got to add that you can sell the LAAR to the fuzzies and let them fight their own battles. Really tough to sell them US RPA technology, though they just buy em from China anyways
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    No lawsuit...enjoying life with a beard.
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    I'd have to agree. But I think part of the reason that myth is still around is because all those stories from Uncle Charlie, and others of his generations, who didn't get selected for the Aviation Cadet program back in 1942 and ended up shoveling shit in Louisiana and missed out on WWII. These stories get repeated and repeated and then somehow become cold stone truth. Along with other "facts" like when someone's best friend's second cousin's dog talks about how things "really" work. Like everything in the BX is a nickle, dime, quarter because that's how it was back when old man Smith down the street had it when he was in the Army back in 59'.
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    I mean, I've been to MEPS a couple times in preparation for getting my FC1, and the number one comment I heard from the (almost literally) kids there when they found out I was trying to fly was, "Oh, I'd have done that, but I have glasses." The myth that you must have superhuman eagle vision is extraordinarily prevalent. Lots of misconceptions like that exist, I think. How many people know that the Guard and Reserve actually commission and train new pilots, outside of these forums and a few others like it? Not many. I didn't, really, until a friend in Reserve suggested I look into it. It's well known that the recruiters aren't exactly a well of knowledge and veracity, as well. I guess my point is, maybe the traditional method what the USAF has done for pilot recruiting is great for recruiting white guys, but not for other groups. I don't want pilot affirmative action by any means, but increasing the applicant pool by targeting demographics that simply don't apply in serious numbers would increase the quality of pilots by simple numbers.
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    Nothing can replace a man in the loop ISR no matter how many times the JOC declares they have "global SA" you cant replicate the ability to look out the window and apply on the scene common sense.
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    After my FEB, the recorder (prosecutor essentially) became the DO in my (AMC) squadron. I overheard him in the mission planning room tell a new co-pilot that the reason there are so many AFIs is that you couldn't possibly learn/adhere to all of them, and the AF could hold you liable.
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    So this is an Eagle unit, copy.
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    This is becoming a recurring theme throughout military aviation, regardless of the outcome the crew gets thrown under the bus. Just happened to a friend of mine. Had to eject from a Superhornet after fighting it for over an hour, and the causal factor being hung around him because of a peculiar system anomoly that barely gets any mention in NATOPS (our version of the -1, I think) that no one in the Superhornet community had any clue even exsisted. Case in point, the F-22 crash in Alaska. Some how an OBOGS defect was the fault of the pilot? Robin Olds would've been kicked out for wrapping his glo-belt around some shoe E-8's neck, and Chuck Yeager would've lost his wings for breaking the sound barrier with broken ribs. More and more the best you can do anymore is break even, from emergencies to employment in combat. Give it another 5 years, they'll see what it's earned them.
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    To be honest, most wing execs I know went kicking and screaming. I felt bad for them. Best advice I ever got : be good enough at your job that you get the mission done and bring your boys home safe, don't be too good that you start getting considered for HPO...I didn't know what HPO was at the time but I'm fairly convinced it's not a choice to many..
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