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  1. Probably the stupidest argument that I hear kicked around for the sim-only track (regardless of type simulated) is "well, the airlines train sim-only". This completely ignores that the airlines don't hire dudes with nearly zero hours. Ask any regional Capt how much fun it is to fly with a straight-from-flight-instructing new FO, and that's on a relatively small regional jet doing a VERY canned and low-threat flight profile.
  2. It's kind of a gray area. CCW laws are written more towards either you being a "state resident" or a "out of state" resident. As a military member you're kind of neither. For my career I was a FL resident, but I never once laid my head to rest in FL (aside from TDY) in FL; however, I owned property in FL, maintained a FL address, and "paid taxes" in FL. As a result I carried with a FL resident permit, regardless of where I was stationed at. I'm no lawyer, so don't take this any kind of legal advice, BUT I would say that this is one of those gray areas that you can exploit. I would ad
  3. Regionals are a grind for sure, but if you end up at a decent one it's bearable. Beats flying droids from a shipping container in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Definitely didn't mean that in a screw-my-bros sort of way, if that's how it came across. I've been chasing this job aggressively for going on two years now and would be glad if those who lacked tenacity to deal with inconveniences like a temporarily broken app system or maybe saw FDX as a hedge for another job elsewhere would step aside and give others the opportunity.
  5. I hope they all bail. Fewer people standing between me and my dream job. I would do unspeakable things for a job at FDX.
  6. PIREP from a current applicant (me). Yes, MOST of your pilot credentials info will transfer, but there are many transposition errors necessitating a complete scrub of your app. Do not assume that just because you have and up to date PC profile that your app in the new system will be good.
  7. Unofficially we would try to make it work, but no way would a top 3rd kid get bumped for a bottom 3rd kid just for Join Spouse consideration. Maybe up or down a spot or two tops to massage it, since assignments do come down to Flt/CC discretion, but beyond those one or two spots it gets really hard to defend. As with all things the most important thing the student can do is be successful and take control of their destiny.
  8. AFI specifically prohibits Join Spouse as a consideration for initial assignment selection out of UPT. With that said, grabbing something that is not as competitive to a base with a wide mission set is your best bet to unofficially get stationed together or at least close. Edit: It has been three years since I was a Flt/CC and worked assignments. Perhaps the AFI changed, but if I were you I would get smart on it, specifically the 36-2205v4 (or whatever replaced it).
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/us/jet-crashes-on-texas-air-force-base Fox reporting 1 dead/1 injured.
  10. If wearing the bag is a make/break thing you may have some serious life prioritization issues
  11. Just released-- second crewmember (Navy dude) didn't make it.
  12. Seeing word on Facebook that Holloman is reporting a mishap with a "manned aircraft". No words on type, nationality, or condition of crew. https://www.alamogordonews.com/story/news/local/community/2018/06/22/holloman-aircraft-crashed-wsmr-cancelling-military-exercise/726450002/ Edit: looks like an A-29, see below.
  13. Ya, I had about 3 months left, so I flew my ass off and banked about 100hrs. It was actually the good life-- I only showed up to work when I was on the flying schedule, what were they going to do? Fire me?
  14. It is indeed RNLTD. My story concluded with me getting an assignment with a June '16 RNLTD, I dropped the 7 day option, enjoyed the good life for a year, caught a non-flying "gee i can't understand why all the pilots are leaving" 6 month going away tour in CENTCOM, and now I'm a free man.
  15. Without Gp/CCs and NAFs, the AF would struggle to "groom" HPOs to join the club. The AF is a jobs program first and foremost.
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