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  1. Don’t forget 787 production problems. No 787 has been delivered in like a year or so
  2. Is there even one program that Boeing isn’t screwing up? It’s an honest question as I cannot think of one between all known military and civilian programs.
  3. Yes, for real. I’d recommend paying more attention to what China has been doing over the last 20 years.
  4. You mean like how everyone deals with China?
  5. There are not enough applicants for the airlines to hire over the next couple of years. Already desired number of new hires is being lowered to meet applicant pools
  6. More like each level of leadership wanted to show how successful they were by increasing something by X% on their next performance report. Gotta make rank you know.
  7. You say that like management isn’t already trying to develop better comms so they can speak, I mean direct you while you are in combat.
  8. Also true. Hence the Class A rates
  9. It seems failing/washing out has been pushed to the FTUs
  10. And not the slightly above well below average UPT graduates. Don’t kid yourself
  11. Can’t fly a non-combat dangerous mission if you can’t get the jet to taxi
  12. The lack of experience in the CAF is also getting people killed, losing pilot and machine in the process.
  13. From a friend at HAF, pilots are also planned to be cut in the VSP/RIF as they are “nothing special” The good news is that the airlines are starting to hire again
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