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  1. Disagree.. an income tax taxes my productivity while a sales tax taxes my consumption. That’s what I see as the major benefit. Sure, luxury items have a higher price so the quantity of tax paid is higher, but not percentage. Hard for me to buy the argument that a basic sedan/minivan should be taxed the same as anything Audi or Mercedes makes. Not married to the progressive tax idea, but I think it’s worth exploring.
  2. I think the EU still has income taxes.. I’m on board with a sales tax.. as long as it’s the only tax. I’d like to see some way to recover the tax loss from my Roth accounts.. but I’ll and I’m sure most others will live. It would also be nice to make it a progressive tax as well.. luxury goods taxed higher than necessities.. I’m sure there’s plenty of lobbying to be done there to figure that out
  3. Copy.. am surprised to see it in an AF drop, twice. Found this article, should’ve googled before I posted.. https://www.mountainhome.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1357455/usafs-first-electronic-attack-fighter-pilots/
  4. Did anyone else watch this and think she looks/sounds like a real life version of a Southpark character?
  5. How did you make it 20 years in the military?
  6. Heartfelt congratulations to you and your family!
  7. Thread revival.. regarding the max of 130 inactive points in a year and 83 for ACSC. Are those ACSC points awarded at the completion of the entire program, or each individual course? Just trying to understand, if each year I max out TPs and UTAs, am I losing out on about half of those ACSC points. Don’t know how I’d realistically max them out, just curious though.
  8. herkbier

    Gun Talk

    I’m just doing the research for him.. Can’t argue that, he’s got a really great job opportunity that would be absolutely foolish to give up.
  9. herkbier

    Gun Talk

    Thanks for the link, I’ve got it bookmarked. I’ll do some more exploring on that website.
  10. herkbier

    Gun Talk

    I’m sorry to hear about your boating accident!
  11. herkbier

    Gun Talk

    My friend is separating from Active Duty and moving to California this spring. Any advice as it relates to firearms and moving to the People’s Republic? He currently has two pistols (don’t foresee any issues other than the 10-rd mags) and a basic s&w mp15 (I think it just needs a mag-lock and a 10-rd mag to be good to go). He expects to eventually inherit a few additional firearms from out of state family members in the future.. does a Gun Trust make sense? None of the firearms are special or unique, just the standard stuff. I know the firearms need to be registered within 60 days of moving them into the state. I think a gun trust gets around that and future acquisitions. Are there other considerations or things we’re not thinking about?
  12. Do you happen to have a link to the 9300 healthy people deaths article or source? Not that I disagree with you, it just seems high.
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