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  1. I guess, I see an article about a pumpkin contest that a squadron held; there they “learned” (what a ing stupid term for the PA reporter to use) they have people from a variety of backgrounds. The title says “diversity makes AF stronger” without a single sentence to support the statement. A photo of a non-white Airman from the Sq is used. In another article, Amn from above photo is accused of killing someone. I honestly see it as just another set of shitty PA articles.. but reading you reply again, I see what you’re saying about this particular piece. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you; diversity based solely on skin color alone is dumb.
  2. Am I missing something? What does the story with diversity (which happens to use this dudes photo) have to do with the murder? Have there been an increase in violent crimes by military members since we started this diversity push, years ago? Was there something in this dudes past that would have normally disqualified him for service but was overlooked in the name of promoting diversity?
  3. Agreed. A strong moral compass is required of any politician (to do a good job).
  4. Are you AD, Guard or Reserve? Just curious which perspective you’re coming from. I disagree, but this isn’t the most outlandish thing I’ve heard. I worked with an well educated Army Major in my last AD job who argued that Officers shouldn’t vote in Presidential elections.. i don’t get this whole “shut up and take orders from your masters thing, both in this thread and the COVID one. The military preaches it doesn’t want a bunch of conformists, that’s why it has got a hard on for innovation and diversity. Some of you would be throwing the book at Billy Mitchell given the chance..
  5. We should’ve trained their women, they have/had more to lose following a Taliban takeover and would have fought.. plus, we would have scored points with the work crowd.
  6. Money and power. I understand how some groups profit from continued hysteria and terror, but I’m not smart enough to really understand how others are benefiting from all this. Ironically.. investigative journalism and watch dog groups filled that role—although, I guess now they are just labeled conspiracy theorists.
  7. It’s actually very easy.. you start with being truthful in everything you say. You have integrity. You admit everywhere you’ve failed to do that. You don’t tell white lies of omission for political reasons or to try and steer people one way or the other. Those institutions have proven they can’t be trusted. It will take time to regain the public’s trust.. that shouldn’t be surprising. edit: You also get out of the news = entertainment business. You engage in thorough reporting and cite reliable, vetted sources. You acknowledge opposing viewpoints without thinly veiled swipes.
  8. Interesting article, definitely need to explore his website a bit more. Curious of course what others opinions on this metric are.
  9. I imagine he confused pawnman with nsplayer.
  10. I think I read in another thread you are going through MC-J transition training; when you get to your unit, look into getting the Lockheed test pilots to come out to your Sq and give a presentation and Q&A. I’ve been to two or three of their roadshows and they were well worth the time. They did some TOLD presentations, cleared up some myths about the J and answered a ton of questions for us. I don’t have a POC, but I’d bet OGV does.
  11. Lockheed has the data.. the AF won’t pay for it. Same for data on AMAX climb performance and a host of other things we all get to just guess on.
  12. Have you been living under a rock? Don’t you know the perk of being elected to represent your fellow citizens is: rules for thee, not for me. just kidding, I know you know. We all know, but apparently don’t give a shit.
  13. Disagree.. an income tax taxes my productivity while a sales tax taxes my consumption. That’s what I see as the major benefit. Sure, luxury items have a higher price so the quantity of tax paid is higher, but not percentage. Hard for me to buy the argument that a basic sedan/minivan should be taxed the same as anything Audi or Mercedes makes. Not married to the progressive tax idea, but I think it’s worth exploring.
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