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  1. It’s sad, it looks like the story board for some broadway play.. patient’s relative crying in the foreground while the frontline first responders do a musical dance routine in the background.
  2. Special ops fighter pilot. I’m also curious about what a computer thinks the “defensive egg“ looks like
  3. Which issue? Contributions to zero or the ability to over contribute?
  4. You win this thread, might be the most WTF article I’ve ever read.
  5. If you’re looking for exciting flying.. maybe consider Alaska bush pilot or something like a Missionary pilot in Africa. I see job postings for the latter very so often. Flying a Caravan or Porter in sub-Saharan Africa is just like flying a Herk, just a different set of customers.
  6. Fantastic video from Grass Valley Tanker Base this season, features two (maybe 3) AF vets..
  7. You speak up, you’re doxxed by the militant tolerant left.
  8. Two questions, just a dumb herk guy. 1. Why haven’t the services just standardized to prove/drogue? Wouldn’t that simplify our logistics problem? It can’t be that hard to find a way to retrofit USAF aircraft with some kind of donkey dick unicorn adapter. 2. What about a turbofan flying boat tanker? Can operate from all over the pacific and could reload from dispersed bulk refueling stations. I’m sure it would be ugly as hell.
  9. I saw a thing a while back that said flights pay for TRs/DSGs won’t be prorated anymore; work one day, get the whole month of pay. I think it was supposed to take effect FY23, am I remembering correctly? Is that real?
  10. Not entirely sure where the airlines fit into this.. but, you do bring up a good point. Wonder how mishap rates compare between single pilot and crewed aircraft. I’m going to guess crewed aircraft have lower mishap rates.. maybe they extra set of hands and eyes contributes to that?
  11. Sound like you weren’t being very sensitive to the feelings of your crew chiefs. Shame on you.
  12. Exactly. This is the feature, not a bug. Negatory, and others, when you signed up to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, did you not understand the system of government we have? It’s working as intended.. for the most part.
  13. If it’s a short drive, bring the family, I’m glad I did. Montgomery isn’t that bad and they don’t have to just sit in their hotel room. My wife found plenty to do with our 4 month old.
  14. Let’s not forget all the Dems pushing for additional gun control laws while failing to enforce those already on the books.
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