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  1. I did PTDY for my ATP but that was 5 years ago...
  2. Did they get FENAB for doing the flyby with their gear down?
  3. “Give me a committed B student with a boiling will to win over an A-plus scholar with a careerist agenda, and we’ll be on our way.” Dan Pedersen in his book “Topgun” about his founding of the Navy Fighter Weapons School.
  4. Maybe get the Aussies, Brits, Kiwis, and Canucks to get in on it and make Air Dominance great again!
  5. The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. -Churchill
  6. That lady has since offered 50% off her only fans account to military as a result. A true patriot.
  7. Yeah, McCain is always brought up but he had a bad rep in the service and by a lot of the old heads now. GWB was an ANG pilot but didn’t get a physical in time and just sort of faded away. At least he didn’t make his military service the cornerstone of his candidacy like some of these people. George Bush Sr had a hell of a story in the Navy at Midway and gave the country lots of honorable service, including a textbook example of how to conduct a major military operation. So naturally he got voted out after one term.
  8. You mean the dude that occasionally posts here? Or whom are you referring to? This is always an interesting topic to me because I don’t think that simply being a veteran qualifies you to be a governmental leader.
  9. Has there ever been an aircrew member turned politician that was well regarded? I’d say Duke Cunningham but he didn’t exactly have a successful political career.
  10. All political stuff aside, if you don’t like flyovers then you’re a commie pinko fuck and I don’t like you.
  11. But looking cool keeps flames off of you. Don’t you know anything?
  12. I’ve got quite a bit of experience, just not with your specific request. I’d start with the local FSDO and TRACON and ask for their mil ops liaison.
  13. What are some comfortable under shirts you guys use? The squadron issued coyote brown ones are garbage and I will spend on good, comfortable undershirts that don’t make living in Florida extra hot.
  14. This forum has turned into F-35 GK central (at least for me). What are the different flight regimes where the throttle reacts differently? I’ve only done AR in the F-15 and the throttle just acted one way regardless of what you were doing. Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you’re saying and I’d understand different amount of throttle requirements in landing config vs clean BFM config, but AR?
  15. If I have no other legacy with my bros in the AF, I hope that my insistence on good instrument flying sticks around. I always get asked about various threat systems and capes/lims, but I always ask the questioner how many people they know that have been shot down in the last 20 years. You need to know your threats obviously, but don’t scoff the IFR environment and run into the ground with its pK of 1. If the vHUD isn’t IFR certified, why are guys being taught to fly approaches off of it? Why is it written into approved guidance (3-3) to use? This whole case has been really interesting to me. Thanks for bearing with the myriad of questions.
  16. OMG that sounds amazing. Best 10 months of my life was casual.
  17. Is the speed hold at 202 normal? That seems really fast? Is there an auto-throttle type system too or does it control pitch? Is the vHUD IFR rated? Can you pop the visor up and fly off of some kind of display in the cockpit? Thanks for the capes brief!
  18. Don’t know this dude (but if it’s the F-15E turned F-35 guy I had in my element at SERE I can’t say I’m surprised), but that bolded part above is the kind of warrior spirit and attitude I want leading as an F-35 IP on night 1 with China. JFC. And having never flown the battle penguin, is that a common technique to land? And did the airplane act normally in that particular mode? Is there something like an “autopilot disconnect” or equivalent so when you plug in the AB it doesn’t do that? Seems amazingly stupid if that’s the logic of the flight control system. And how did the convening authority arrive at the fatigue conclusion when he said he had adequate crew rest? The entirety of the 1 SOW is grossly fatigued with constant night flying and schedule changes if that’s the consensus. Not trying to be overly critical here, but this seems crazy. Imagine the outcry if this had been a new guy and not some 1500 hour IP.
  19. Great advice above. Cast the net far and wide to include the sister services if you’re dead set on being a pilot.
  20. This video is very interesting and discusses the actual how to and potential future of energy. https://youtu.be/ElulEJruhRQ
  21. I was at Klamath while you were doing the TX post MC-12 gig. Thanks for taking the time to give some mentoring to a young punk! Best of luck in the future.
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