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  1. Oh shit! Now you’ve done it... I looked at a few articles he posted. Didn’t know there were so many “traitors” in our midst.
  2. According to the article she sent that to him.
  3. I wonder if anything happened to the woman involved in this relationship? Sounds like she started it, pursued it, caused all the conduct that was prejudicial to good order and discipline, but he lost 2 stars and given paperwork and forced to retire. I’m sure I’m just a misogynist, but if she didn’t receive a similar punishment as an AF officer, that’s BS.
  4. If that’s truly your only options, I’d look at going to AFSOC. We’ve got plenty of folks with diverse backgrounds and if you want to stay kinetic, it’s a great spot to go.
  5. Even with Ellsworth tapped to be the B-21 FTU?
  6. Has there been any update on timelines or anything for B-21? Hidden agenda is I’m curious about being a part of any ANG/Reserve unit that stands up at Ellsworth.
  7. +1 on YouTube to learn pretty much anything you want. In the last week, I’ve used it to fix brakes on my bike, replace a tailgate handle on my truck that broke, rebuild a sink, and learn how to get sticker residue off of a few different items (white vinegar on wood works crazy well). I used to roof houses and am decently handy, but I’m nowhere near some of the folks in this thread. I’ve learned a ton from YouTube. Secondly on cool places to live, look at the Black Hills of SD. That’s my home area and my wife is from Knoxville and they’re pretty similar. SD isn’t as hot, but there’s no income tax. Rapid City is a great town which has a climate similar to the front range of Colorado, unlike the eastern side of the state which is more typical cold prairie. Spearfish, SD is awesome as well.
  8. That trailer legit showed the whole movie. I was truly born in the wrong generation.
  9. This thread is funny to me because the 215 pound 80% body fat 19 year old A1C that’s never done any kind of athletic feat in his life will see this and say “I’m built more for Ironman and power sports. This 1.5 mile is bullshit and doesn’t reveal my true fitness.”
  10. Already delivered a care package to the head of their nuclear development program. Very charitable of them. And Biden wants to get back into the deal with Tehran so it looks like peace in the Middle East.
  11. Just read the article and a few thoughts: 1. You absolutely design kicks like that to keep the ball away from certain returners. If that’s what was called, well done. If not, then yikes. 2. She gave a halftime speech to fire up the team? Holy fuck. I played D1 football and nobody ever did that. If some girl that had been on the team for a week would’ve nagged us at halftime with what she was saying, I may have had a stroke and died on the spot. 3. That article was pretty damn funny and spot on.
  12. Why couldn’t they have the SA to let her just kick it off normally instead of squibbing it down the side (which she did nicely)? To Joe Six Pack that doesn’t know football, that kick looked terrible and undercuts the coolness of the moment.
  13. Haven’t flown the Eagle for awhile but I’ll take a stab at it. 1. This mission is within his skill set because he was post MQT so he was qualified on this mission. The weather conditions were challenging, but still doable. 2. JHMCS offers good SA, but I think the channelization he experienced would not have been sufficiently overcome just by the JHMCS. Can’t say for sure. 3. Seems a bit low and the floor usually coincides with local restrictions, uncontrolled ejection altitudes, or a operations restrictions (F-15v3). I don’t know this answer but 4,000 isn’t too low but unknown how they arrived at that. 4. I was curious about this one as well. I’ve personally seen HUD video and have a friend alive today because Mac D built that jet tough as hell and held together after an 11.8 G asym pull after a GLOC where he woke up seeing a face full of desert. I know of others that have done similar. Unlike the Viper (as you alluded), the Eagle will give you all you want when you pull. My guess is that he was well trained to recognize tones and heard either double rate beeper or solid tone and froze the stick like he would’ve done in normal execution. I don’t know if he would’ve made it if he just reefed back on the stick and pulled 10+, but it would’ve been close.
  14. Not the bro opinion here but when working with enlisted aviators, you don’t have to be their friend. You have to be their leader. That doesn’t mean being an asshole because you outrank them, but if you know your shit, empower them and ensure they know their shit, they’ll respect you and get along a lot better than if you’re some clown that’s everyone’s friend but can’t fly worth a crap. On the topic of saluting, I don’t understand the problem with it. It’s a show of mutual respect between military members (hence the return of the action). It’s not some hazing thing. Lastly on how to address these issues, just address it directly and handle it. Don’t go tattling to dad if you can’t deal with someone that’s not meeting the standards of a military member. Believe it or not the Air Force is a military branch and not some jobs program.
  15. Are we the same person because damn that sounds familiar.
  16. On this topic, what’s everyone’s opinion on the vaccine? I’d 100% not take this vaccine and just get exposed if that were an option. I have no issues with vaccines, but rushing something out with those earlier referenced fatality numbers seems like a cut off the nose to spite the face thing.
  17. So this is probably not what you’re looking for, but a “beer of the month” club or some kind of subscription to a food delivery service would be great. You don’t have a ton of time in UPT and those things would’ve been amazing while I was a student.
  18. I don’t follow politics hardly at all, but whatever happened to the Tea Party within the Republican Party? Don’t hear about that anymore.
  19. Anybody been at Klamath lately? Back in 2011 timeframe we got tankers all the time. I bet I tanked 15 times up there. Fight tank fights were pretty common in all phases of the syllabus. I can’t believe there wouldn’t be tons of availability at Luke with a collocated tanker unit. Unless that’s what was referenced earlier.
  20. I know it’s Bill Maher, but trust me you non-Dems (and probably Dems) will like this.
  21. I guess you can get on a stable 3 degree wire at half mile to QC? I personally wouldn’t rely on an ILS for guidance on an overhead because it’s a visual maneuver, but I also never learned that. AFSOC does night overheads and much lower/aggressive maneuvers than that on certain platforms. Do they still have that night overhead sortie at ENJJPT? Another piece of food for thought on the whole fighter vs heavy thing re IFR. It’s pretty easy in a fighter recovering to your main base after going to the same couple of MOA’s every day and not needing instrument backup because you’re so familiar. In heavy flying, they’re going to unfamiliar and different airports all the time with minimal local area fam. It’s a good idea to just do a published procedure when you aren’t familiar with the lay of the land. One thing that seems to have atrophied over the years is the ability to read a map and navigate VFR off of that. That’s a great skill to have and definitely has tactical applications.
  22. I actually think it’s the best CBT we have. Very good review of info. I also went to AIS and for legal purposes do not support my previous statement on 1522 dishonesty.
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