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  1. USAF 101 and effects based planning...what effect are we after? Is it the ability to provide “armed overwatch” of SOF teams in far flung places and over a long period of time? If it is, I think the AT-6/A-29 just aren’t the best solution due primarily to loiter time considerations.
  2. Awesome info and thanks for the update! I totally agree with you about coming into Cyber now as a 2nd Lt would be very exciting. Thanks to you personally for your service and congrats on your pending retirement!
  3. Also, if you are really in a dark spot where your psyche is in a downward spiral, seek help. Chaplain, POTFF if you have that, Military One Source, mental health in that order. Being a pilot is great, but don’t kid yourself that that would make everything alright immediately. Best of luck
  4. Can you explain? I always wondered about the missileers and sitting in the silos if they got qual’d and just did that their whole careers or what.
  5. How about "The Last Full Measure"?
  6. Went back several pages for this, but wanted to run this scenario by the group. I am planning to leave AD and go be a Reservist UPT IP. I'm not and never have been qual'd in a white jet so I'd need to do PIT and seasoning (3 months). Basically, I'm planning on 7 months of mil leave. Talking with the bro network, I am planning on doing that after consolidation...good plan? Bad plan? My thoughts are to get the line number, indoc, training, and consolidation done but not the first full year of probation. I know that legally you can do it, but I don't want to cause any problems for myself or other mil guys making the switch. Planning this with Delta or United, if that matters. Thoughts?
  7. What about crossing from Reserves to ANG and vice versa? Is that common/difficult?
  8. I know this has been discussed before, but I've talked with some bros and gotten some wildly different answers. What would you put as "availability date" on your app? The no shit date you will be available, or try to game it a bit? I was talking to some guys at a IFF squadron and they were all putting like 6 months before they could actually get out. That seemed a bit ballsy to me.
  9. I'm planning to sell/back my leave when I separate this fall. I understand you can only sell back 60 days and any use/lose you have beyond that can't be sold back. My question is, can you use that use/lose as terminal leave and still sell back the 60? E.G., if my date of sep is 23 September and I have 40 days of use/lose by then, can I final out on 13 August?
  10. It talked mainly about dudes mowing the lawn, an unlit tower, a new MDA that went into effect 5 years ago, World War 3 starting, and an unlit taxiway.
  11. https://t.co/Z5xCJrDwY1?amp=1 Well, there we go.
  12. Don’t make snap judgements of a senior leader based on a bio. Luck and timing has a lot to do with combat as well. Back in the day, Rainman talked about not logging combat time in OSW and ONW and that was common in his squadron. Maybe a similar thing here, who knows. And by this logic you could say “she didn’t even kill one MiG over there? Dudes got kills!” Combat decorations for quantity don’t signify anything other than participating. My community is a great example of a few guys with a crap ton of combat time and air medals that don’t have very good tactical credibility. I’ve never met this Colonel or the OG and don’t know anything other than what’s in this thread. I do wonder if there is a single leader that the unwashed masses of this site think isn’t “toxic”.
  13. Speaking of commuting, is it possible to start trips outside of your base? For example, if you’re based out of San Francisco but live in Anchorage, can you do the first leg of a trip from Anchorage to San Francisco or do all trips have to start in domicile?
  14. Even with enlisted aircrew, a lot of people of varying ranks think they have to be everyone’s friend. Not the case. Don’t be a jerk to the E’s, but be clear, direct, and fair with them (that whole golden rule thing) and you’ll do fine. Biggest thing I’ve seen with E’s is that if you know what you’re doing and treat them respectfully, fairly, and lead them, they’ll run through a wall for you. If you’re a weak person that tries to be everyone’s friend, they’ll run all over you.
  15. Any nuggets out there for the app that trip guys up? Currently going back and listing various military schools I attended and getting official transcripts and such. I also had a guy recently ask me what he should do about having a failed civilian checkride that didn’t show up on his FAA records review. I said still list it, but it’s like the opposite of hiding something there and makes you look odd.
  16. Homemade cookies are always good and the church types make good ones. Ensure that a piece of bread is included in the bag. Works great to keep them moist. Depending on the unit, board games can be a big hit. I never knew Settlers of Catan could get so competitive/aggressive, but that game made a deployment way better when it caught on in the squadron.
  17. Crazy/sad story of a Combat Controller just ID’d by the Air Force that unintentionally came out of the back of a 130 into the Gulf of Mexico. Massive search effort was unsuccessful. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/11/10/air-force-identifies-combat-controller-lost-in-gulf-of-mexico/
  18. Ricky Gervais on Twitter consistently roasts that Yaniv individual and it’s awesome.
  19. If you end up going into something non-ejection seat and want to be tactically oriented, AFSOC is probably where you want to go. Given that you already have neck issues, I would avoid any AC-130 variant though. In the left seat, you’ll spend a ton of time with your nugget turned left and looking down with NVG on. I’ve got several Gunship bros that have pretty severe neck and back pain. YMMV. Best of luck!
  20. Is there any place you guys have wanted to go over the last 20 years and never made it? I think a big trip to celebrate could be cool. As lame as it sounds, I think if you put together a book of photos with you and the kids over your career and then inscribed it with something heartfelt would be a cool touch that they could keep. Congrats on retirement!
  21. I spent a lot of time with the Kurds over the last few years and I think we should support them in getting their own state. Drastic, for sure, but the Iraqi Army of ~20k abandoned Mosul to 200 guys and the Kurds basically saved the day (including Baghdad). The only reason they’re so screwed is a treaty from post WW1 that left them in the cold. I know it’s about 15 layers deep with all the regional players and such, but they actually seem willing to join the 21st century and fight for what’s theirs.
  22. In the few jets I’ve flown, you could do either. But only in the F-15 was it a specific units of AOA you’d fly instead of just on the green donut. The others have been airspeed or AOA. The Eagle also could calculate landing speed with something similar to the T-38 (I think it was 138+gross weight or something) but AOA units was much easier. Do airliners give you the 1.3 Vs out of some computer and it varies each time or is it a consistent speed?
  23. That guy was also featured on the PBS “Carrier” documentary a few years back and his (very Navy) callsign is “Sex” hahaha.
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