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  1. This has nothing to do with airline hiring, but the USAF should be doing everything they can do get Tac Airlifter to stay. The dude should be running at least a MAJCOM. No shit heroic stuff as an individual and leader. Phenomenal American.
  2. I have almost identical timing but will be out at 15. I’ve struck out on a bunch of ANG units as “too old”. Thoughts?
  3. Didn’t see that post prior to my writing. I have no reason to not believe it and the multiple documents referenced throughout the story to document failures or quitting. That honestly changes my opinion significantly because I knew there had to be a simple boilerplate document for eliminations in a program that attrites 75% of candidates. If the other assertions are true that she will graduate no matter what, then I agree there should be consequences up the chain of command. It intrigued me that Lt Gen Slife called for an IG investigation into the claims because all these claims lead directly back to him. I know he’s a 40 pound brain playing 4D chess, but that’s interesting.
  4. So here’s a view that will probably get me crucified but I think this letter without no shit proof is a big foul. You know the whole community and all the fan boys are all boned up on the macho culture of being a CCT and think women can’t hack it*. These assertions feed exactly into that and it’s easy to get the masses worked into a froth with a “told you so” attitude. Same with all the “golden child” comments about her being a minority and fitting a woke agenda. I view this as the same view as a innocent until proven guilty type thing, hence the lack of proof. *my personal opinion is that women don’t belong on front line infantry (03xx/11 series) or front line SOF units (SF, SEALs, CCT, PJ, Raiders, Rangers) beyond a support capacity. But Congress didn’t ask me so we’re where we’re at now.
  5. Probably worth a whole thread. I read all that and I would like to see actual proof versus some brave anonymous CCT on the internet calling this woman out by name and exposing things that I guarantee he’s not privy to. For example…the offer of some ST student (female or not) to get fast tracked to the 24th STS makes zero sense and wreaks of rumor amongst students. No way did that happen.
  6. I just got pinged that I was ID’d as a bone marrow match for someone in need. What would that do for my Mil/Civilian medical? DNIF for a bit during recovery?
  7. Recruiter, local assignment, and even a humanitarian assignment would be doable. 100% have a plan and put in the work so when you present a plan, you help aid the CC in decision making. It may be unpleasant, but also have the diagnosis and prognosis factored into your “pitch” to your boss. Best of luck.
  8. You got it. Also plan to apply for VT-10 and see what happens. Looking at the application it’s basically the same as AF application but in funny Navy speak. One thing my bro in that squadron told me is that there isn’t the rushing the frat style ANG thing which is pretty interesting to me. Honestly glad about that after basically wasting a couple grand flying to multiple units (admittedly got multiple offers/interviews) just before covid hit and losing all of that with nothing to show for it.
  9. Anyone ever heard of it? Any advice? Standard POC on the announcement is like trying to find Bin Laden before that redhead got on the case. Looking at possibly making the jump and teaching NFO’s while tooling around in a T-45. Or a Super Hornet if they’ll take me.
  10. Can confirm there’s a Viper pilot at a Reserve unit that rides one of those hoverboards to the jets and around the squadron. Even better because it’s got the light up wheels so you’d see him coming down the dark hallways like a traveling circus.
  11. I promoted to 1st Lt in IFF and I was the only butter bar in my class of 10. 9 months casual (aka best 9 months of my life) 1 year UPT 1 month break to start IFF My dad went through UPT in 1969 and was incredulous that we sat around that long. GD hater.
  12. Does any normal person actually buy into this shit or is it just the Twitter sphere?
  13. Interesting takes and just saw all this. The most interesting part to me is the implication that asking guys to do their job is some active duty shit that the guard wouldn’t tolerate and it’s all about airline PIC time. Uhh…I’ve been in a TFI unit (fighter) and ANG dudes are absolutely not like that. I’ve seen those dudes fly in weather that AD guys would cancel 99/100 times. And canceling an airline flight because you don’t feel like it with no extenuating circumstances besides your gut when you’re legal to go? Good luck with that.
  14. I don’t have the reg citation, but I believe if the person you transferred the bill to hasn’t used the benefits, you can nullify them ADSC. Now getting the AFPC E-4 to understand that…
  15. Alternative sources for PNT and how starlink and others could play a role?
  16. Are you looking to blend the two? Civilian and/or military application?
  17. If you love the Air Force, why don’t you stay in? I know of a guy in the F-15 that made multiple millions on a Vegas jackpot that stayed in for similar reasons.
  18. If you want to gamble, send me a lot of this new money and put the remainder in Bitcoin. Try to beat that hamster.
  19. I’d seriously hope with an existing time that it wouldn’t take multiple years to field. And is TOLD in a BUFF that major of an event? Not like you’re doing austere ops out of dirt strips where you’re gnats assing it.
  20. Is this engine a new design? It seems like you could cut a ton of time off of that.
  21. Any foreseen risk of protest of the non-US company similar to Airbus tanker?
  22. Exactly…they’ll never see us coming!
  23. I remember min airspeed in BFM exceeded VNE in most bug smashers by ~69 Knots. I think you strap some 9X’s to a U-28 and they’ll be lethal to the low, slow crowd.
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