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  1. Some of y’all here be like this
  2. Not scared, but extremely concerned with their capes, yes.
  3. So what’s the current scuttlebutt on when the airlines are going to be hiring again?
  4. The big news today was that Covid deaths have surpassed 100,000 worldwide. Since I’m socially isolated and bored, I looked some info up: 1. 7,671 a day die from obesity worldwide (2.8 mil annual) 2. Estimates up to 59k this year in the US for influenza. 3. 1,772 die a day from heart disease in the US (647,000 annual). 4. 3,699 die a day worldwide from driving (1.35 mil annual) 5. Over 2 million die yearly worldwide from work related accidents and Illnesses. 6. From 2008-2015, 1,610 people died from animal attacks. Mostly from farm animals and bees/wasps. 86 annually from venomous animals. 7. 67,300 died from drug overdose in the US in 2018. 8. 88,000 died from alcohol abuse in the US annually. 9. 1,300 a day die from tobacco (personal or second hand). Food for thought.
  5. I’m with Huggy on this one. I have more of an issue with the Secretary being a complete loser and bowing to the pressure of the unwashed masses than with his decision. His whole bleeding heart point was that the strategic value and combat readiness of a carrier was compromised by Capt Crozier’s actions in a world that’s “not totally at peace“. What do you think the message is to China that if you make enough noise on Twitter that they can get high level government officials canned? I’ll admit that this thing was fucked up from Jump Street, but there is absolutely zero courage to make tough calls in large portions of our government now.
  6. On this topic, where can you look up when your current use/lose will expire?
  7. Effectiveness of moustaches? My bulletproof moustache continues to bat 1000.
  8. It’s hurting me by making me look like a fucking idiot.
  9. Can confirm that getting released from AFSOC is difficult. I’ve been at Hurlburt for awhile and only know one guy that was released. Several people from Cannon were able to pull it off, but definitely few and far between.
  10. After reading that, I agree and disagree. I agree that the military should be abiding by the CDC recommendations and not instituting large gatherings of personnel. What I disagree with is that the military should just hide inside for a few weeks and let this thing blow over. I think this has really shown the micromanagement culture and lack of empowerment to subordinates. To me, this is the ultimate case of giving clear intent from the top down the chain and trusting those down the chain to carry it out. Hell, we could even profit from a crisis here and practice dislocated nodes and communication is a less than ideal environment.
  11. Can you imagine how fully torqued Rick Rynearson is waiting for someone to knock on his door?
  12. That Western South Dakota toughness and grit will pay off in your future career! Congrats! (even if you’re from East River, it’ll still work out).
  13. I’m delaying mine for much more practical reasons. Gotta feed the wife and kids.
  14. Personally, I’m a fan of the “sweet and sour sickin’”
  15. Hypothetical situation here...say I know a guy, let’s call him “Danger”, who planned to separate and go to the airlines before some guy in Wuhan decided to eat a bat and give the whole world the plague. The AF approved his separation but now he’s having second thoughts. Is it possible to move that date back/remove it and stay AD for awhile? What about signing a 1 year bonus? Is that even a thing for pilots?
  16. If you took a Thud to Route Pack 6, you’re immune to coronavirus.
  17. Not sure the exact name of the document, but it was sent to guys that were joining a Reserve unit that wasn’t being offered a Palace Front/location bonus. It did list Patrick though.
  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit Iran soon after the 2 Americans were killed recently. I can already see the “Wag the Dog” pundits talking about Trump is only doing that to distract from the virus and the handling of it.
  19. Not a helo guy, but I did see recently that helo pilots are being offered a reserve bonus and Patrick was getting a location bonus as well so I’d venture to say that your odds are pretty good. Best of luck!
  20. Based on what you’re saying is important, I’d recommend you SIE from UPT (kind of kidding). The only thing that will allow you the stability to be home a lot and focus on your family is FAIP or RPA. Everything else from the traditional T-38 track or T-1 track is gone a bunch. It’ll vary of course, but you’ll be away from home a good amount in whatever you fly. Even if you aren’t going to CENTCOM, you’ll be away from home a good bit (example here is PACAF Eagles and even they go to CENTCOM some). Abandon the dreams of getting several years off of ADSC for Palace Chase. The longest I’ve seen is 9 months and that guy was basically kicked out because of his actions and being a piece of crap. Most dudes get 6 months. I’ve heard of up to a year, but that’s super rare. Who knows what it’ll look like in 6-7 years though, but temper your expectations. For dreamsheet stuff, find a mission you would like and pick jets that do that. For example, if you want to do CAS and nothing else, don’t put Raptors first because the jet looks cool. And unsolicited family advice: Plenty of guys have great family lives and adventures with spouses/kids in all assignments. It truly is a quality over quantity thing and being gone a lot makes you appreciate the time you actually have. Plus, if you pick purely based on your spouses desires for an assignment you don’t really want, that’s a recipe for disaster/resentment.
  21. To continue your earlier parallel to aviation development, look at some of the roles of intelligence and tac air in Vietnam. Over classification and compartmentalization cost us a good amount of jets and aircrews. Hopefully Cyber won’t have to relearn that lesson and can profit from our mistakes (to quote Chesty Puller). I hope they do it quickly too because the pace of Cyber is one hell of a lot faster than aviation development.
  22. That is a very interesting article and exercise. Has there ever been a discussion of using “aggressors” like the original aggressor units? Get a group of talented people together, learn and employ like the enemy, and travel unit to unit to thump on them and teach them how to counter/defeat the enemy?
  23. I’m cautiously optimistic. Apparently the framework is a Taliban brain child originally so maybe they’ll be more open to abide by it. The part that makes me nervous was Haqqani put in his NYT op-ed about how they’re willing to do things IAW Islamic law. We’re all aware of their interpretation of that so we’ll see how that goes.
  24. Other than felonies and drugs, I hear the corona virus, the economic fallout from it, and the Max debacle has stopped United hiring. Good info?
  25. Thread update. I’m thinking about getting this done and the flight doc today said DNIF of 6 weeks. My brother did one and said he was good the next day. What’s the story?
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