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  1. I’m a big fan of everyone using #insertbaseReadyAF
  2. MCO


    You think AFPC thinks ahead?
  3. Actually it was an unemotional response just pointing out that the argument you are making is like the argument anti-vaxxers make. It wasn’t an attack. Sorry I’m not sorry you’re offended there are similarities in the arguments. Personal opinion, no one should be forced to get a vaccine, it shouldn’t be held against you before it’s fully approved, and after approval you should just have to deal with some places not being OK with you being around. Just like every other vaccination.
  4. Sounds like a good anti-vaxxer argument.
  5. I get your frustration but without being able to compare the entire records against one another there is no way to really know what was going on. At a glance it seems like a DP should get the nod but there is more to a record than that. There is just no way to know if you really agree with the decision without access to all of the entire records.
  6. Without seeing the rest of your record or the full OPRs and just going off those strats, the result doesn’t make sense.
  7. Heard rumors notifications are starting
  8. To get everyone back on the same page, I don’t think he is saying AMC guys couldn’t do it, just that it’s more than taking an airdrop qual’d crew and saying airdrop this here. You’d probably need some additional training. I think the idea has merit, but it definitely needs a hard look to see if it’s actually feasible for lots of different reasons, many of them already stated. But if I can throw more shit down range at the right time to get an intended effect, why wouldn’t I at least look into it?
  9. BS the C-130 is perfect in every way
  10. To your point, most of the tanker crossovers I’ve seen come into the Herk are usually surprised/terrified by the Herk culture of pushing the envelope to make the mission happen. Especially deployed making decisions on the fly without C2 blessing because you can’t get ahold of them. For the most part, you adopt the culture you grow up in, and a lot of the MAF culture is more of an airline business model than a fighting force.
  11. As a flyer commanding an ops squadron it’s possible but you would have to be a commander as you pinned on O-5. I’ve seen it but it’s rare. Otherwise your bar napkin math checks.
  12. It seems like the answer for most Americans when it comes to all COVID decisions is “my families and mine”.
  13. Got it, and I assumed so which is why I said like F-15F, but it’s not a new airframe, it’s just the next iteration of an old airframe. Hence give it a new letter. Or call it the Eagle II and pretend like you developed it from scratch. Edit to add, I don’t really care, it was just more of an eye roll when I saw it.
  14. Yeah, how is it not just the next letter in the series? Like F-15F?
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