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  1. I was surprised how many are feeding him.
  2. By excellent you mean an aircraft that is still dwarfed by a C-5 and is slow as a strat airlifter, and destroys the dirt airfields it lands on when performing the tac role. Good all purpose aircraft but not great at any one thing.
  3. My guess is some Capt WO had this as an idea for a deployment situation and wanted to try it now instead of when shit kicks off. Instead of just killing it, Mini said well let’s try this out of the box thinking and see if it’s feasible. I also assume they went into it knowing the answer may end up being no. However instead of just killing the idea he empowered the people to try it in a controlled environment, the stuff most of us want. But the memo leaked and we lost our minds because we all made assumptions about why the memo was created, the long term intent, and the classic “that’s not how we’ve always done it”. People read way too much into this. Maybe I’m just looking at this with my glass half full.
  4. Curious how this works since for a lot of people the religious accommodation is acknowledged but then not having the vaccination is incompatible with service after the religious accommodation which is the reason for separation.
  5. You have to hold your rank for 3 years to retire as that rank, so they would retire 1 May as a Lt Col and be a Major, retired the next day.
  6. I think Ukraine is showing the purpose of the growth. Countries should be allowed to self determine. If Ukraine had wanted to be Russia’s bestie like Belarus, more power to them. But they didn’t want that, and it’s not Putin’s decision to force them to align the way he wants.
  7. The problem is, and the driving force behind all these arguments, is none of us agree on what makes a reason valid.
  8. I don’t think it’s immoral. It’s just some people value American values and ideas, freedom etc. more. Some people value US interests, money, lives more. It doesn’t mean people value only one or the other, just what they value more. I don’t think either answer is right or wrong, but as a democracy we should go with the majority.
  9. You can change a retirement date but it has to be approved by commander and AFPC based on needs of the Air Force, so not guaranteed.
  10. MCO


    Depends on where you are going. They can’t provide service in some countries like Japan, but can provide more in most European countries. When I was in Japan they wouldn’t even talk to me on the phone, but a lot of that is local law. In Germany I had a direct line to the UK USAA phone center.
  11. Good points. There also hasn’t been a WWIII and war casualties worldwide have been relatively minimal post 1945 compared to pre 1945.
  12. There are 2 parts to a religious accommodation. The first is do you have a sincerely held belief, which actually has been yes more than people think. The second is can the service accommodate it without risking others or negatively impacting service. With the vaccine that part is what is getting denied. Not having it risks those around you and makes you non deployable from big AF perspective. The few approved are mostly people on terminal or teleworking prior to terminal. Not saying it’s right or wrong but for SA.
  13. I wouldn’t do any of those things, and I’m against mandates. But who cares if someone wants to wear a mask on their own? I saw it all the time in Japan pre-pandemic and no one cared. I don’t understand the rage it causes. Just like I don’t understand the rage not wearing a mask causes. Why can’t people just do what they want?
  14. Special planes not special people. Although that guy sounds special.
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