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  1. Dogs are fine and getting a car is not hard. The paperwork on the other hand is painful, but that’s true of everything in Germany.
  2. I was in a briefing with a bunch of 3 stars and a 4 star. Our team briefed some COAs and a 3 star asked the briefer why some majors and Lt Cols think they get a say when the proposed COA was presented. As the briefer was trying to find words the 4 star said I’m going with their suggested COA. Briefing concluded.
  3. Damn dude. Shitty timing and you even laid out the issues with the timing. Transitions end. Shit will still need to get moved to the front of the fight. Also, turns out we also train to worst case peer in peer but if we get into another less hot conflict guess who is going to be bearing the brunt of the intra theater airlift again? Every deployment is different. There are squadrons that deployed and did 100+ airdrops on 1 deployment and literally the next group out did 0 on their 6 month deployment. They don’t make requirements based on what’s fun but what’s needed. Some of the stuff we’ve done in Africa is pretty cool, but it’s always changing from current world politics. No 2 deployments are the same. There is a ton of stuff in the AF to get mad about and this is obviously an extra one, but you sound like you checked out as a 6 month FP.
  4. Sounds like a stateside squadron that isn’t connecting the tactical training piece to the fight for you. Still trying to figure out new normal post Afghanistan.
  5. With the onslaught of chang posts, it’s always sad how there is just enough truth in them to scare you.
  6. The comments on that video are gold.
  7. New PSDM out on strats. The only way to get a good strat now is to be an exec. Everyone else is a denominator for the exec, but small enough they can’t get a strat.
  8. Plus of ENJJPT is some lower quality studs get fighters which forces some higher quality into heavies at the SUPT bases. Obviously not the best if they want fighters but it helps a little with the spread.
  9. We were fat on O-6s the last couple years but back to normal numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues down. We are back to letting people opt out of command, although leadership can disapprove it and make you compete. We are always a number in the system from the day we join and it doesn’t change when you are one of 4000 Colonels. Some generals worry more about individual desires than others, but the system at least tries to listen. The problem is the system tries to get the best overall answer, but if your the guy that got sent to the opposite side of the world from where you wanted in a job you asked not to have, you rightfully could give 2 shits about the fairness of the system and how much it cares about you.
  10. I’ve seen this happen all the time, and it almost always is overturned and allowed after causing a ton of stress and delays. Sometimes it happens during people’s pack outs. It’s ridiculous. And most of the time it’s the gaining doctor just not wanting to add anymore “non-normal” cases because it’s hard…….
  11. EFMP will check with the gaining doctor who gets to decide if they can support, so it’s very doctor and location dependent. The whole process is kind of a joke for some of the stuff people get denied for.
  12. Yeah but you can wear an OCP patrol cap in your flight suit so it’s fine.
  13. Crazy! Almost like there is a new virus in the world that can kill people! im not arguing any view actually, but I need more than tabloid headlines to draw an actual conclusion.
  14. Either you are pro vax and the rise in heart attacks is because you hate science and caught COVID, or you are anti vax and anything negative that’s happened in the last 2 years is because a vax exists. No chance COVID being in the world on its own made heart attacks go up regardless of anyone’s actions. No middle ground allowed on this forum. Get your logic out of here.
  15. That was my point, a lot of generalizations of entire parts of the population.
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