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  1. Yeah but you can wear an OCP patrol cap in your flight suit so it’s fine.
  2. Crazy! Almost like there is a new virus in the world that can kill people! im not arguing any view actually, but I need more than tabloid headlines to draw an actual conclusion.
  3. Either you are pro vax and the rise in heart attacks is because you hate science and caught COVID, or you are anti vax and anything negative that’s happened in the last 2 years is because a vax exists. No chance COVID being in the world on its own made heart attacks go up regardless of anyone’s actions. No middle ground allowed on this forum. Get your logic out of here.
  4. That was my point, a lot of generalizations of entire parts of the population.
  5. So there is not a single low income hard worker out there, they ALL just want to take advantage of the system?
  6. Sure. I’d argue flyers also get leadership as Lts and Capts. I’d say better leadership, but they don’t learn how to manage a squadron as well as the support side. Those arguments elicit a lot of feelings though.
  7. Great point actually. Get rid of group command and potentially a 1 year EOSS then 2 years as wing king and that’s it.
  8. Your Army buddies also command as Captains. I don’t disagree with your logic but it’s not totally apples to apples. Without group command we potentially have GOs with 4 total years in command. We would need to change more than just getting rid of groups I thinks. Longer or more commands possibly.
  9. Some websites power index measurement is not a standing army. I’d agree we have the most powerful military, but it’s not the largest. Our Army in 1865 was larger than our army now. Topic at hand, fund Ukraine, let them fight our near peer for all the reasons previously stated including doing the right thing. For your point on downsizing, we have to be careful deciding to drastically cut our military and use it to fund friendly militaries because not everyone may stay friendly forever, and we are giving them the say on what the appropriate use of the military is. I’m not against looking at our budget, but we need to know what we are getting ourselves into.
  10. While large, we don’t even have the largest standing army in the world today let alone in history.
  11. We promote peacetime managers who make organizations numbers look good, for the most part. Sometimes we get lucky and those managers are also good leaders. This isn’t new. There is a reason we fire a bunch of our senior leaders every time we have a major war. Luckily we haven’t had a major war in a long time. That also means we forgot what we want in a wartime leader.
  12. Congress saved the T-1?
  13. I guess. I’m pretty indifferent about the vax but some of y’all are just as bad attacking the vax as your meme about people defending it.
  14. We had the chance to make this right, then Lockheed forced the J on us and we just took it.
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