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  1. You are putting words in his mouth. He is saying some people like more money. Some people like serving. Some like both. Some prefer one over the other. Some had a different experience and aren’t as jaded. Some got screwed and are super jaded. Do whatever makes you happy. It’s weird that someone that doesn’t care as much about making more money threatens you. All he is saying is don’t judge people for making their own decisions, including taking the opportunity to go get a bunch more money or getting out and living in a 1 room shack in the woods.
  2. Maybe, but people have died of omicron. It’s possible you are proven right but it’s too early to tell how deadly omicron actually is other than it’s much less deadly. Hopefully it is the beginning of the end of the higher death rates compared to other seasonal diseases.
  3. It is politicized. But you can’t say that the few thousand colds kill a year, or the 30,000 the flu kills a year is the same as COVID so far. It isn’t. That said, I mostly agree with you when it comes to overreaction of responses. Just be real about explaining the difference and the risk you are taking. I think the risk is low, much lower than the media makes it seem. I also think the risk is higher than the common cold. I don’t think those are two opposing views.
  4. How many Americans died yesterday of the common cold?
  5. I agree with you that over the top reactions needing to stop and most of our countermeasures right now aren’t doing anything, are for show, and we should be accepting more risk, but the 2000 Americans that died yesterday from it would probably say it’s still more than a common cold even if it’s usually less severe. we should be framing it for what it is, and making risk decisions that make sense. My two options now are it’s a common cold and any reaction is over the top, or it’s the Black Death and everyone will die if they don’t mask up with 7 masks. It can be more than a common cold and your argument can still be valid that we should be getting back to normal.
  6. Depends on where you are… blue country, everything you said. Red country, if you wear a mask you are obviously a freedom hating libtard. No one lets you just do what you want without judgement.
  7. There is nothing wrong with the government acknowledging religion as long as it doesn’t sponsor a specific religion and force everyone to join it.
  8. I think your right, but to his point many people treat non religious things like religion, such as political parties. My good side said this is good and the other side is evil, therefore it is so.
  9. Im not judging your view, just that your argument will be tough if you took all the other vaccines. No one ever thinks their own argument is weak. At least not people with actual convictions.
  10. If you refused every other vaccine for similar reasons then I think your argument is valid. If this is the only vaccine you have had an issue with I think your argument is much weaker.
  11. I mean the families of the 2000 people that died of COVID today in the US might disagree, but if you mean that we may be done treating it like a pandemic and just accept a couple thousand deaths a day that may be true. i just think it’s dumb my two options according to most here and the news are to completely lockdown scared and cause everything that comes with that, or completely ignore it and claim I’m not in the target population I don’t care and cause everything that comes with that. And if you end up in the middle somewhere you are obviously in the other side of the debate and can’t think for yourself and are just a pawn for “the other side”. This is why when I see people saying “ItS NoT PoLiTiCaL” for the most part I don’t believe them.
  12. Point that wording needs to be exact when you decide it needs to be.
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