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  1. “We’ve been trying to reach you about your aircraft’s extended warranty”
  2. Word is a hydraulic malfunction, crew declared an IFE, and upon landing one of the main gear collapsed and the aircraft ran off the runway. No injuries, thank God! https://www.kmbc.com/amp/article/b-2-bomber-sustains-damage-emergency-landing-whiteman-air-force-base/37599054
  3. My 5G reception has never been better!
  4. So long waist measurement! Also, fitness tests further delayed until April 2021. AF.mil Link
  5. ATC will usually allow random AAR if traffic and workload permit. They also may have to re-route you to accommodate the request, which is why Coronets are flown on ALTRVs to ensure that airspace and route of flight is pre-coordinated. I wouldn't plan on requesting random AAR in busy airspace unless absolutely necessary. I've found that tankers crews that routinely conduct buddy AAR (KC-10, KC-46) and experienced KC-135 pilots usually have no problem requesting it if needed.
  6. Agreed. My black boots were super comfortable when they were broken in and certainly looked better, but the fact that I haven’t thought about shoe shine in 12+ years makes up for it.
  7. Apologies for the crappy picture, but this is off mypers today. Bottom chart is Nov increments and top chart is Dec.
  8. Congrats! Same story for me, although after telling me I was picked up my CC said “I know you had a grand plan but making rank tends to change things.” Not for me...still putting my family first and still getting out at 20.
  9. I could listen to him talk for hours. Very insightful video. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Interesting that the KC-46 is starting to drop out of UPT when it’s not out of IOT&E yet and won’t be for a few years.
  11. Pure poetry. I know poets and that man is the orator of our generation. Believe me. He knows words. He has the best words.
  12. My philosophy as an evaluator when giving commendable or an EQ was “did your performance exceed what I’d expect of you at your current qualification/experience level?” As a new guy fresh out of the schoolhouse you’d have a much easier time getting a commendable then a seasoned instructor. While one check ride commendable won’t get you much (other than maybe a bump against your peers at the next TRP), a history of earning commendables shows a trend and will certainly will help you get ahead. Boards for competitive flying gigs (U-2, 89th, TPS, WIC, etc) all look at these things.
  13. Mildenhall isn’t going anywhere https://www.airforcemag.com/u-s-to-end-spangdahlem-air-bases-mission-remove-11900-personnel-from-germany/
  14. The article also states that Mildenhall is no longer closing
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