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  1. http://www.katv.com/story/25470725/air-force-captain-indicted-on-child-porn-charges
  2. While we're on the topic of bringing back dinosaur crew members, can we just agree that the Air Force also needs to bring back radio operators to all aircraft? How can we expect a copilot to possibly tune the radios and fly the aircraft at the same time? I kinda miss the eng from my E/H model Herk days and they were generally incredibly good and professional at their jobs, but they are completely unnecessary on modern aircraft, and would be completely unnecessary on the C-17. Same with the nav...oh wait, navs were always unnecessary. There have been plenty of incidents where the eng d
  3. That cartoonist has his head up his ass. What they don't show on the "traditional war" side is a soldier coming back with his legs missing (or in a flag covered coffin), the multiple divorces caused by endless deployments, or anything about being a POW. I find it amazing the number of self righteous assholes who can criticize the way we now wage war, yet would never consider joining the military.
  4. I've never heard of it being illegal to move your stuff into a storage unit while deployed or TDY. Its spelled out in this article from the AFtimes that it is legal,the article is from 2003, so it may be a little dated. http://www.airforcetimes.com/legacy/new/0-AIRPAPER-1643323.php
  5. Ya, pretty ridiculous that Js can't fly GPS approaches yet. There are a shitload of them out there, and they are a lot easier and simpler to fly then the ol NDB. Js in general are just kind of having problems doing stuff in the WX.
  6. I don't think anyone will ever question that Corpus training isn't better suited for herk guys, it was a program designed from the ground up to train turboprop pilots. T-1s train you very well to go into any non-fighter airframe, and I believe that when I filled out my drop sheet I had 51 different choices of places I could go. The herk community is going to lose a couple of months of training in turboprops. In the grand scheme of things this probably won't hurt our community much. Little Rock does a very good job of taking people from any airframe and turning them into great herk crewdogs
  7. Honestly, everything you mentioned was what I hoped to get out of T-1s, some of it happened, some of it didn't... The T-1 is limited as to what you can do like the T-44A did with its god-box. I believe that the T-44C doesn't have a god box, so the navy upgraded itself out of that sort of training. Also most of the emergencies were taught in the sim. Learning how to handle an engine out in the T-1 with runaway rudder trim while flying an ILS down to mins is probably best left for the sim. Honestly, I don't think the lack of emergency training in the air during T-1s hurts me, or any other
  8. As far as I know from my buds who did go through Corpus recently, the review stage still exists. T-1s don't have anything comparable. T-1s just have their standard transition - nav - mission fam. During normal flights students are encouraged to make them fairly benign with the almost standard ILS to LOC to the same runway to 1 engine ILS to the same runway to a GPS to the same runway to a few VFR patterns, hold on the way out of the airfield, then RTB. I hope they bring a student-solo sortie back to T-1s. Would have been a great confidence builder, and a good time.
  9. Jeez, sorry, long time lurker finally making a few posts... sorry If I came off as a troll. If Corpus truly does end, what parts of Corpus training do you hope to see the T-1 program pick up? Its probably a pipe dream to think that anything would change, but you never know. I can say that I wish the T-1 program would have been a little more "big boy", show up to fly, know your shit then, then leave. Being back on formal release for the majority of phase III blew, and really added nothing to the program other than forcing us to be in our flight room for 12 hrs a day.
  10. Because T-1s and T-38s don't teach their studs to shoot an ILS down to mins? In my Little Rock class there was a good mix of guys from T-38s, T-1s and T-44s. My experience is limited as I am just a lowly LT, but there wasn't any big noticeable difference. I would have killed for a Corpus spot, but didnt earn one in T-6s. Still ended up in a herc and love it, but was glad that in phase III I got a mix of experiences from a wide variety of airframes. Also getting my wings almost 3 months ahead of my classmate who did go to Corpus is pretty awesome. Only big difference I did notice was
  11. MTW

    Cyber Wings

    All I can think of is buzz lightyear whenever I see the new cyber wings. Here is a contest for those of you who are more artistic than myself. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/04/design-the-air-forces-cyberwarrior-badge-cause-the-real-one-sucks/
  12. There has since been a deleted post that she left making a judgment about who got the UAV out of a class at XL. If a wife came on here and started talking shit about someone in my UPT class I would be kinda pissed. Wives aren't in the flightroom, in most instances have never been in the airplane, and in general shouldn't be passing judgment on something that I'm sure they just heard second hand from their husband/other wives. Passing on what happened at a drop is 100% ok, showing that you have knowledge of what your husband does on a daily basis even better, talking shit about someone becau
  13. The 4 herks for XL were: C-130 dyess C-130j dyess C-130 little rock EC-130 DM Lots of happy faces all around at Laughlin tonight for class 10-04.
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