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  1. Maybe, but people have died of omicron. It’s possible you are proven right but it’s too early to tell how deadly omicron actually is other than it’s much less deadly. Hopefully it is the beginning of the end of the higher death rates compared to other seasonal diseases.
  2. It is politicized. But you can’t say that the few thousand colds kill a year, or the 30,000 the flu kills a year is the same as COVID so far. It isn’t. That said, I mostly agree with you when it comes to overreaction of responses. Just be real about explaining the difference and the risk you are taking. I think the risk is low, much lower than the media makes it seem. I also think the risk is higher than the common cold. I don’t think those are two opposing views.
  3. How many Americans died yesterday of the common cold?
  4. I agree with you that over the top reactions needing to stop and most of our countermeasures right now aren’t doing anything, are for show, and we should be accepting more risk, but the 2000 Americans that died yesterday from it would probably say it’s still more than a common cold even if it’s usually less severe. we should be framing it for what it is, and making risk decisions that make sense. My two options now are it’s a common cold and any reaction is over the top, or it’s the Black Death and everyone will die if they don’t mask up with 7 masks. It can be more than a common cold and your argument can still be valid that we should be getting back to normal.
  5. Depends on where you are… blue country, everything you said. Red country, if you wear a mask you are obviously a freedom hating libtard. No one lets you just do what you want without judgement.
  6. There is nothing wrong with the government acknowledging religion as long as it doesn’t sponsor a specific religion and force everyone to join it.
  7. I think your right, but to his point many people treat non religious things like religion, such as political parties. My good side said this is good and the other side is evil, therefore it is so.
  8. Im not judging your view, just that your argument will be tough if you took all the other vaccines. No one ever thinks their own argument is weak. At least not people with actual convictions.
  9. If you refused every other vaccine for similar reasons then I think your argument is valid. If this is the only vaccine you have had an issue with I think your argument is much weaker.
  10. I mean the families of the 2000 people that died of COVID today in the US might disagree, but if you mean that we may be done treating it like a pandemic and just accept a couple thousand deaths a day that may be true. i just think it’s dumb my two options according to most here and the news are to completely lockdown scared and cause everything that comes with that, or completely ignore it and claim I’m not in the target population I don’t care and cause everything that comes with that. And if you end up in the middle somewhere you are obviously in the other side of the debate and can’t think for yourself and are just a pawn for “the other side”. This is why when I see people saying “ItS NoT PoLiTiCaL” for the most part I don’t believe them.
  11. Point that wording needs to be exact when you decide it needs to be.
  12. I had the opposite… I had a bunch of weird long term COVID side effect that all went away after my shots. Again, I don’t put a lot of stock in my one experience because of correlation and causation, but it felt like it helped.
  13. Like I’ve said, people have made decent arguments against the shot, but the Pfizer vs generic argument seems like it’s grasping for any loophole and lacks understanding of how they name vaccines and drugs. Good luck to the guys that make that their hill though.
  14. No he just named the generic name of the shot. Its the same shot. Its like saying you wont take advil but you’ll take ibprufin because they are different. I think people make valid points but that one seems like such a reach to me.
  15. You can make that case for every flu shot every year since it’s always new. If everyone had been up on arms about having to take an unproven vaccine every year since they joined the military for a low success vaccine against a disease that doesn’t kill lots of people of military age this would all make more sense to me. And this is because republicans are for pro liberty and individual rights like allowing families to personally make the call on abortion?To be clear, I’m against mandates and abortion personally I just understand how politics help form our opinions and make us all slight hypocrites, good or bad. I’m for your choice to do what you want. It just seems like some people, not everyone, are only against the vaccine to prove they can be. I’m for businesses making their own rules and not having authoritarian restrictions, but I bet most people who are anti vaccine and face mask immediately drop the mask even if the business says no masks for vaccinated. I’m for your right to choose, I just hope you don’t choose to be a dick. Follow what the businesses ask or just don’t give them your business if you are that angered. I got the vaccine not for me but because I hoped to limit the spread so I didn’t accidentally kill someone’s grandma. For some of you your health is more important then your buddies grandma, which is fine but that’s where some of the differences come from. And I don’t mean that as a shot, I understand the reasoning. Part of this is from knowing a few people, some our age that weren’t fat, that died of COVID. Finally, I don’t think there is anything illegal about the military making you get a vaccine. Tons of precedent for it. Even if the virus doesn’t kill you, keeping whole units from going down at the same time from an illness I think is a reasonable argument for readiness whether you agree or not, IE the flu shot. BIG jump to illegal order. I can understand not liking it and disagreeing with it but I don’t understand how it’s illegal.
  16. I agree completely with lack of desire to command not equaling less than selfless service, and I think there are GOs that do equate that. There is a point though where you are going to have to force people to command if they want to stay in as an O-6 because we have to fill our command requirements. It’s why officers exist. If you really don’t want to command at the O-6 level, don’t make O-6. Otherwise the possibility is out there just due to the numbers.
  17. 1/4 to 1/2 of O-6 jobs are command, so if you have too many people that make O-6 with no aspiration to command, it turns into a numbers problem. Letting people not command that don’t want to is a good thing I think, but you still have to fill all the commands. Good or bad, O-6 command is also seen as a valuable experience to inform certain future jobs as an O-6, not just promotability, which also makes it tough. I think where it gets weird is how much slack do you want to give the system and how it’s messaged. Plus everyone has their own opinion when messaging.
  18. I'm fairly aware of the O-6 assignments process. You can opt out of command right now and just go into the normal O-6 assignments process and for the most part it doesn't hurt you, except that some jobs want graduated commanders. But assignments at the O-6 level are all BNR so it can get weird, but you are not just looked at by 1 MAJCOM for jobs. There are even tracks at the O-6 level to take where you don't even meet the CSB and it isn't held against you except on the BG board when that box isn't checked. I don't think overall manning at the O-6 level is bad right now, but like I said is bad for specific AFSCs. For instance there was continuation offered last year, but not this year. Pretty sure COVID had a say and things can change pretty quick, but for a year or two that's where its at.
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