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  1. I heard they started doing this again to Eglin recently. The 46 should be getting approval to refuel 16s and 35s soon so hopefully there will be more AETC business efforts.
  2. You're right, landing (on the right runway) with two out of the 3 gear is a win in the 17 community.
  3. Orbit


    Yes, random AR can be approved by center. As far as AR off of published tracks in the NAS there are ways to coordinate with center to get approval for that kind of stuff. I'd recommend looking at the JO 7610.4 lots of good information, it is FOUO so you might have to go through your pubs shop or OGV to get it. If you are lazy and can settle for the 90% solution filing to a track/anchor and requesting random once joined up usually is no problem.
  4. They are cutting down how long SERE is now FYI.
  5. The 217 is gone, the AF is not teaching "max relax roll" any longer. At least we should not be teaching that. Kinda hard to stay on top of all of these pubs changes in the last year or two.
  6. Orbit

    A toast

    That is why I thought there might be the possibility they would want more 10s. I was wondering if there have been other cases of boneyard jets being sold to defense contractors.
  7. Orbit

    A toast

    What is the possibility that the govt would sell any of them to a commercial group(I.E. Omega)?
  8. From the wording of it (http://avherald.com/h?article=4c497c3c/0001&opt=0) it sounds like when he was guarding the speed brakes he might have bumped it (on the throttles).
  9. Does the NTSB post this anywhere else? Since they decided to remove youtube access on nipr.
  10. That place is a shithole, who gives a shit who controls that wretched place. Let's GTFO now.
  11. Slightly off topic question, are zaps still a thing? I feel like I don't see too many new ones around in the last few years.
  12. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/06/24/air-force-takes-first-step-buy-maternity-flight-suits.html
  13. I think that might belong in the WTF thread.
  14. No U.S. carriers have furloughed any pilots yet.
  15. Just get your green boots that are super comfy dusty as shit and you should be good to go. I don't think i've seen two boots that look the same color yet.
  16. No need, those ROTC bubbas seem to just wear blues all the time. Save the cash and buy the cardigan.
  17. I heard a story about a dude/dudette that failed every checkride in UPT. (Obviously not the 89 rides.) Hopefully that is some motivation.
  18. The brits do have pockets in their flight suits at least
  19. Breast reduction surgery maybe?
  20. Probably the Tesla Top speed the vette wins. 0-60 the tesla is almost twice as fast. So if quarter mile time the Tesla wins.
  21. Don't you take my fast food away from me. Go look at the DFAC there is the same shit there that airman snuffy eats. They just have to bring their own sugar free monster to go with the chicken tendies.
  22. Low and slow with the window open. Congrats! Looks like Triple Tree is still going to happen. https://tta.aero/aviation-events/triple-tree-fly-in/ Any other large fly-ins anyone plan on going to?
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