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  1. The worst part about this is, noone on the wing can understand it was the wing that failed, not the air crews. The wings plan to out process and deploy 3 crews was simply not a good plan and didn't account for the physiological realities of sleep deprivation. But instead of saying "hey we fucked up and should make a better plan next time" they just want to blame the air crews for not takijg an unnecessary risk to their lives. This is toxic leadership despite what the 552 Wg is saying. In fact by the 552's definition they are all covering their own failure now.
  2. The culture in the AWACS community pretty much guarantees this is the case. Their priorities are often misaligned with the rest of the CAF.
  3. Our inheritence taxes were designed with a pretty clear purpose. The founding fathers were terrified of enough familial wealth being accumulated to establish a landed gentry re-subjugating the United States to the whims of an Aristocracy. This is effectively what the Rockefellers did with their oil boom towns. I hate aristocracy. So I will always support some sort of inheritance tax.
  4. From a reputable 3 star retention has declined to pre COVID levels as of the last quarter. Not that this has any bearing but just an FYI for everyone.
  5. Actually the risk for an anthrax event is near 0. Anthrax is nearly impossible to weaponize. In fact, the largest anthrax attack in the US, which only caused 5 casualties, took the expertise of the virologist who INVENTED the Anthrax vaccine for the DoD to actually contain it to a form that was harmful. Weaponized anthrax is one of the most obscure and overstated bio warfare arguments out there. By the way, the dude mentioned above, the one responsible for the 2001 mail attacks, did them because he was bitter that he didn't get enough credit for his work and was bitter the DoD didn't mandate the vaccine. After the attacks, sure enough, the DoD mandated anthrax vaccines. Good thing we let him win on that one. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Edwards_Ivins
  6. Correct. The language used is so nebulous on the AUMF it freely gives the POTUS carte blanche to launch military operations world wide so long as there is a loose connection to anything Al Queda related. Regarding the Muj's Facebook, I took a look but can no longer find it. I wonder if he found out about it and had it appealed to take down.
  7. You're talking about "the Muj" (short for Mujahedin) and he actually has a Facebook page. He's Air Force famous in the same way Songtan Sally is.
  8. The fact they require 6 months is ridiculous. Any other job is happy with 2 weeks but the AF.... Fuck no, we want to make sure your decision to quit gives us time to make it painful.
  9. One thing to point out is most people I've talked to aren't worried about dieing from the vaccine. They are concerned with more subtle side effects like unexplained pre-diabetes in 20 years despite a healthy lifestyle, or reproductive difficulties that increase frustrations with getting pregnant. In either of these cases the right of the individual trump's the public health concerns for right to life because both of those situations are life altering to the quality of a person's life.
  10. They already said the standard. The data has to be strong enough that either the federal government or the manufacturer will accept liability for any short term OR long term side effects of the vaccine. As soon as Phizer says it will pickup payouts to young women that may have fertility issues in 10 years, or young men who may have an increased risk of heart disease in 20 years, I think you'll have a whole bunch of people on board. As for me, I got the vaccine, mainly because I'm in Europe and I wanted the personal liberty to travel, eat at restaurants, etc... But I totally understand the arguments against getting it.
  11. Lol. Being employed by the Fed makes me trust them way less. I see first hand now how under resourced, understaffed and incompetent the majority of offices are in the Fed every day. Just look at the What's wrong with the AF thread and speak no further.
  12. It really isn't a discussion on epidemiology though. It's a discussion on policy, government reach and ethics. Turns out being an officer in the military does give you a great handle on those worlds because many of us often deal with them day to day.
  13. So the transatlantic trade sphere is considered the worlds largest and has largely caged Russian motivations in previous decades. I.e., seeking a warm water port. But geographically speaking Russia has excellent access to the trans Pacific trade sphere already. I'm curious with tech hardware and tech software becoming hubbed in China and the US respectively how long will that be considered. Who makes that determination and how is it measured? I believe both the US and Russia have more interest in the Pacific right now that they do on Europe or the Atlantic. However US strategy is still largely built around the 1991 Trans Atlantic partnership/NATO.
  14. Good link of how China (but also Russia's) sphere of influence has changed over the last 4 decades. https://www.axios.com/china-global-influence-map-us-powerful-cfe94279-2828-4364-a791-7f793e30aa0b.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=world-chinaglobalinfluence
  15. Black Sea yes. Hawaii... Unusual but I expect to see Russia exerting more influence in the Pacific region now that the global balance of power is becoming more centered in that region. People often forget, Russia has a Pacific shoreline and more of Russia is in Asia than in Europe.
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