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  1. I'm fact I used to mentor Lt's and cadets it was fine to read but be very careful posting and better to get information from a source you know. By the time you've made Captain you've put up with enough bullshit you know not to take anything here to seriously....... Pretty sure I even have a few lashings from Toro in my ROTC days....
  2. Bro I have been here since 2005 and it was never that place lol.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/kentucky-mom-says-bryan-kohberger-divine-masculine-claims-sent-letters-dolled-pics Just goes to prove their is someone out there crazy enough for everyone. Incels unite.
  4. Eh. We don't know what kind of sensor payload it had yet. Some of those high resolution keyhole quality cameras definitely go for far more than your AIM-120. 9X Edit: Unless you're saying just launch 20 balloons that look like there is something on them but there is actually nothing on them.... then yeah, that would definitely work, lol.
  5. Woah woah woah.... we just going to forget about that Beagle that dusted that Iranian mosquito in Syria? Also, on a sour note, heard ADSB Exchange is going to start requiring monthly payment to access its features. Thats a huge bummer for people passionate about aviation as we are.
  6. No one understands you bro. I'm not explaining shit because I literally cant understand the last 4 incoherent thoughts you tried..... i dont even know wtf point you're trying to make.
  7. I was a low income worker in the private sector for quite a long time. Understand it quite well.
  8. Second balloon was identified now in South America. Biden needs to do something. You cannot show other countries that are boundaries are amendable.
  9. You mean the DNC isn't capable of collaborating a coalition to effectively remove Bernie Sanders from the primary running to ensure Hilary Clinton was "the chosen one" and there never was any e-mail evidence to support that?
  10. Man if I had more time I would love to dissect this for you. But its very clear your bias here and the tint of your lenses. If you think people in the private sector give a damn about "the mission" or "the objective"..... You are coming from a place of loyalty/duty/purpose. In the private sector the only "thing" you work for is supporting a bunch of privledged people line their pockets with satin gold you'll never touch. People don't work for "the mission." They work for "themselves." And that often means coming to work running out the mouth ass and nose because they need to make that rent payment in 2 weeks and they aren't getting paid if they aren't there.
  11. I think we also vastly underestimate the VAST VAST VAST majority of people in society who just give zero fucks and really have more shit on their plate than taking the personal time to advocate for someone/something. I don't particularly like some of the injustices going on in society and I will definitely get vocal with 2 beers at a party, but you won't find me out there writing articles, picketing, or doing anything that otherwise distracts me from the 6 million obligations I have each week to make sure I can pay rent and not be homeless.
  12. Over Montana? WTF Risk is he weighing?
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