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  1. Great advice all around from everyone and I'm appreciative. Two more questions. 1.) Anyone have any info on the Nellis air taxi contract? Perhaps that's a good way to build expereince a bit more while still getting out of the AF and not having to take a tremendous pay cut? 2.) More of a question on airline lifestyle, what is your social life like at an airline? Asking because I think the majority of adults make their friendships based on who they work with. Something about the airline life though tells me it's harder to build a robust network of close friends since it appears
  2. Hey everyone; thanks for the contributions. One thing I will undoubtedly miss about the AF is the "bro culture" of helping each other out and trying to take care of our own. So if suppose I decide 100% to get out; what are some other options to accrue time? I mean, I know there are regionals, but any non-traditional opportunities I might not be thinking of? For example, a friend at work mentioned maybe something like the GOCO MC-12 thing the Army has going. Its a quick transition to left seat, flying focused, no admin BS, and probably pays better than an entry level regional. Thou
  3. It's a possible COA for sure, if I can avoid a wing or group job there and just focus on flying. However, being an FGO, everyone seems to think I'm being under utilized by just being a line pilot. So who knows. Yeah I'm really in a tough spot and as much as I want to airlines to work, I just continue to see obstacles that delay my getting there. I also can't appropriately illustrate the total amount of nausea I have from continuing in the AF. This was a rough year for me that irreversibly flipped some triggers for me regarding my tolerance to stay.
  4. It sucks that the RPA skill set is generally useless outside the military unless you have an LRE qual. Even then, the good gigs are all taken at this point from what I hear. I know the AF doesn't owe anyone anything, and I did enjoy some aspects about my RPA time, but it does feel like you get stiffed serving a 10 year commitment for a a different job than what you signed the commitment for.
  5. I have 13 years. Do you think this is a better COA than just staying in for the same length of time? I don't know if I have the financial capability to stomach regional pay for that long.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I would like to make airlines work somehow, but I'm being murdered on PIC time. I have plenty of total time but a non-vul to RPAs followed by an MWS change that started me back as a copilot again have killed me. Recently met a guy from Kalitta who offered me a referral but I'm not sure how competitive it would be without the 500 PIC.
  7. Anyone have experience with Kalitta Air (cargo)? Thoughts? I honestly hadn't heard much of them until recently. (I guess just based on where I grew up) But according to the gouge sheet on APC they seem competitive with other major carriers.
  8. Great analysis of the topic. Thanks for posting that.
  9. Don't worry, I know lots of 11Rs not taking it..... ......what too soon?
  10. Only thing to add is the service (AF) can drop the GI Bill transfer ADSC, but the VA *will* cancel the transfer benefit and retroactively recoup any payments if you don't complete the ADSC (people have been bit by being days short of completing the gi bill transfer commitment and hit with a massive bill). Can you bypass that by transferring to the guard/reserve and finishing out time there?
  11. Great ideas, thanks for the inputs. Any idea ls on what to emphasize or how to write on myself for seeking non-airline jobs?
  12. I believe you can send a letter to the board requesting not to be promoted so you can seperate. Isn't Duck an expert on that? Someone on here I know did it about a year or two ago.
  13. Anyone have any golden LinkedIn account tips? I'm setting up my profile for the first time.
  14. Jesus dude, biased much? How do you come to this assessment? Based off of a single anecdote of a single person having a run in on a flight line? I think they didn't become pilots, surgeons or Navy Seals because that's not really what they wanted to do.
  15. Checkertails is the Waffle House of Osan. Slightly grimy, serves breakfast all day, and full of drunks after midnight. Its fantastic. I miss Osan so badly!
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