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  1. Actual drop list, or it's on their dream sheets?
  2. My students have started adding bacon...
  3. I've got the whole tux=mess dress part. I was more concerned with the appropriateness of wearing my uniform while standing in the bridal party of a civilian wedding; but I just found the "Mess Dress Etiquette" thread which addressed that concern. Thanks for the help guys!
  4. My sister asked me to wear my uniform at her wedding. She, and my future brother-in-law, have no military history. Is it "normal" to wear mess dress at a non-military wedding?
  5. While I was at SOS there were MTIs posted outside the doors to the BX stopping every flight suit for having an open leg pocket with no hat and writing their name down.
  6. It would actually turn on at 1620.
  7. A safety investigation has no legal authority to do anything, that is what an AIB is for. Either you talk to the IO, get privilege, and have faith that they system will work and bros will learn from your mistakes. Or, you don't talk to the SIB, the IO has to either A) Be really good and figure out what happened on his own, or B) nobody ever knows and whatever happened will repeat itself, possibly with a deadly outcome. If what Day Man is saying is true...because in reality him saying that the AMC/CC used privilege to make a punitive decision is pure speculation, then I would hope there is enough integrity in the safety system that people are going to be fired and answering questions about a breach of privilege. Bottom line: we have privilege so that we can all learn from each others mistakes and make an inherently dangerous profession a little more safe. Get your privilege statement (you will always get it in writing because you are required to sign documentation), talk to the IO, and have faith that the system will have your back.
  8. True. We were told on Tuesday morning that we had to be gone by COB Wednesday. My buddy who was in the November class told me that it was cancelled, but I haven't heard anything official. Also, my flight commander there said that in March SOS is going back to 5 or 6 weeks.
  9. It's possible that if privileged information is being misused we will lose the privilege. This should be enough of a motivator for commanders to do what is right.
  10. Are you saying that if there wasn't video evidence of how poorly this chain of events was handled that the crew would be considered heroes? History is written by the winners I suppose...
  11. That looked fun, so I asked the wife to stand on her head...did not go over too well.
  12. Officially released. For real this time.
  13. Like I said previously: the 91-204 ch. 3 details contractor/non-rated personnel access to privilege. If you have a legitimate need to know, i.e. sim instructors or depot maintenance, the local safety office can give you an NDA...but that is their decision.
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