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  1. I'd recommend buying an AFOQT study guide or 2, then taking the AFOQT. It won't cost you much, and an hour of study per night for a week or two should be more than enough prep time. The practice tests in the study guides will be a great help to you.
  2. I can't speak for the fighter or F-35 specific stuff, but if go-arounds were a bean, people would have to log them. That might diminish the reluctance of folks to go around in a borderline situation, since they'd have the face-saving option of rehacking currency.
  3. The major party POTUS candidates have been especially bad the last two elections. I'm a third party guy, but I'd take any of the major party candidates from the previous 3 decades over Trump, Hillary or Biden.
  4. We had a guy in my class hook all four checkrides in the T-6 and still graduate. You can do this. I struggled as well and just chairflew everything with the cockpit printout in front of me (radio calls, where I was turning, what my visual reference was, what pitch and power settings, what switches I was flipping, etc.). If you have to think in flight, you're going to struggle. Practice the basics until you can do them from muscle memory. That's what worked for me. If you're in UPT, then you're talented enough to graduate. You can do this. Don't quit.
  5. As yet another divorced pilot chiming in on this thread: DO.NOT.GET.MARRIED. I've literally never met a man who regretted staying single.
  6. They probably have the same name as the one poor IPZ person with a DP who didn't get promoted. Luck is a skill.
  7. I know someone who got one of those (n+1)/n strats. He earned it.
  8. I think they "randomly" select people who can waste a couple hours without affecting the flying schedule. I remember being on casual status prior to UPT and having to go pee in a cup three times in one two week period, including back to back days. Either I was just available, or someone was spreading lies about me. Same thing happened at my first base after UPT. I don't get tested for over a year, go DNIF and get tested twice in a week again.
  9. We haven't had a draft in decades, we should save some money and skip this debate by scrapping our draft registration system.
  10. I've been tagged to do one. I got a 10 minute powerpoint presentation and then a 15 minute discussion with the JAG. I did get some support and advice during the investigation, so that helped.
  11. I declined continuation in 2016. I separated one month later, so there is some flexibility on DOS. If you're looking to get out fast, follow up with your MPF to make sure that they are processing you correctly as an involuntary separation. These go much faster. Voluntary separations for officers have to go to the SECAF and through associated wickets along the way. The approval authority for involuntary separations for officers is some random E-5 at AFPC.
  12. The second I opened the email on my first deployment telling me I was going to MQ-9s I completely gave up on my career.
  13. You'll need a current passport and an FAA class 2 medical or better. I emailed in my most recent form 8, ITS, IDS & FHR and that was pretty much it for records. Clearance requirements are going to vary. Most places, but not all, require a commercial pilot's license. I chose deployed LR because I was current and qualed in the MQ-9 and hadn't flown a manned aircraft in years. Plus this pays better. Most companies ask for 3-4 month deployments, and there are often opportunities to extend or quick turn. There's a lot of turnover. While deployed, I work a normal 9ish hour shift with a reasonable amount of downtime between flights. 7 days a week sucks, but you get used to it.
  14. I'm a single late 30s dude with no kids, debt or pension. My retirement number is 2 mil with a house paid off. That should generate 80-100k per year, which is plenty.
  15. Assuming you mean defense contractor, I have. What do you want to know?
  16. As a caveat, the big money contractor jobs usually require an LR qual, timing and a willingness to deploy.
  17. As a guy who plays a role in the hiring process: Don't forget to put your availability date on your resume. It's something that seems really obvious, but most of the resumes I see lack it.
  18. Were PRFs mandated for people with negative indicators? Maybe if we're short Majors and the Wing CC says a guy with some marks on his record is deserving of promotion to that grade anyway ... just give him the damn oak leaves.
  19. They step to the Ground Control Station. Some squadrons have those indoors, some in shipping containers outdoors, some have a mix. The MCC/OPS SUP/TOP 3 does just what they would in any other flying squadron: verifies everyone is current, on the flight orders, ORM checks out, etc. The Lt I referenced got annihilated at a naming, passed out in a supply closet and experienced a catastrophic blowout. He was still wearing his flightsuit, which helped contain the damage ... somewhat.
  20. I'll take the opposite tack: Every flying squadron should have a mascot, and dogs would be serviceable. I argued for keeping a dog in the SOC at my first Reaper Squadron that could bark at Lieutenants when they stepped, but was told no because "it might poop inside". Then one of the Lt's did exactly that.
  21. So true. I'm off to start my shift in a polo shirt and cargo pants in half an hour and I couldn't be happier.
  22. But we do care about those hours out here in contractorland.
  23. Deployed LR is where it's at. But this game is volatile. I saw a dude go through the cycle of hired-deployed-fired in about 5 weeks.
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