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  1. You assume there are enough resources for both patients, when that may not be the case, and a choice has to be made as to who gets treated and who does not. Some hospitals may keep them on as long as they are getting paid, or until that equipment is needed for someone with a better chance of living unassisted. This is the whole point of triage, and how money (in how our healthcare system is funded) can buy you options. Maybe there's another hospital that can take a transfer, but if not, how do you choose who gets the necessary equipment? First come, first serve? The one who can pay for th
  2. Is it murder to pull the plug on someone who is solely surviving based on life support equipment? Does that answer change if there are different levels of brain activity? Does it matter who pulls the plug? Or their reason for doing so? What if the life support equipment keeping a brain dead patient alive is needed to keep a patient who is responsive alive? Remember, hospital resources are finite. (Though if you're rich enough, you can buy your own equipment and staff). And yes this question is relevant, because a trade is being made between patients, and sometimes at the extreme of one o
  3. BLUF: I want our laws and policy to err on the side of personal freedom and choice, particular on complex issues (such as abortion or gun control) Your question is over simplistic. I'll admit though it's an uneasy question though, but that's good. It assumes that all people will change their life after having a child to raise that child and not neglect it. But that's not even the case today. You could threaten the selfish parent with fines or jail, but that doesn't solve the problem of a child being raised poorly or perhaps even abused, and even if they are removed from the bad parents, t
  4. Staff assignments are getting rarer due to the pilot shortage, so I guess there's that silver lining. Though I guess mobility pilots are still going to TACC [emoji2961] UPT flying is pretty much flying for flying's sake. I was pretty disappointed when I got tagged to go, but it turned out to be an absolute blast, and I think I'm a better pilot and instructor for it. It also helped that I had a great, tight knit squadron. Not a hard pitch to stay in, everyone's got their priorities and what they want it of their career and life. Just a different viewpoint so the younger guys don't just se
  5. Let me ask the question in a different way, so as not to lead the conversation into a one way answer like you did. What is the value of life? Not just for as an embryo or fetus, but as an infant, child, teenager, adult, elderly adult? If you value life (which is *the* argument against abortion, and most people value life in some form or fashion), do you value it equally across a lifetime, or does the value change at different points in life, and why does it change? A related question that feeds into the value of life is what is the goal or purpose in life? Minimize suffering? Maximize
  6. Plenty of FGO ADOs (including several O-5s) in the squadrons at UPT. T-6 (and probably T-38) buys you some schedule flexibility, since you can usually find time to squeeze in a 2.5ish hour flight period (1 hr brief, 1.3 flight, and a quick debrief) even when you have office duties, and everyone seems to welcome guest help. Just got to avoid sitting SOF or RSU...
  7. The abortion (and by extension, pregnancy and children's) issue doesn't live in a vacuum. It touches on healthcare access, economic issues, and societal/community support both during pregnancy and through when that child becomes an adult. 1- The state isn't making that decision to abort a pregnancy, typically it's the mother. If we were looking at state-directed abortion or sterilization, then you have a point here, but that's not the case. However, the US still allows forced sterilization, which was upheld by the supreme court...(you could argue that this just prevents life from startin
  8. LNAV only for the C-17, unless something's changed in the last year
  9. Yeah, stupid things like not being in/out of OBS or a bad direct to, or not confirming the course guidance greens up at the FAF on a GPS approach. But studs also do things like fly a "VORilizer" approach (attempt to fly ILS/LOC approach but on the VOR/DME course guidance), or not updating the course at the FAF. The good part about teaching GPS approaches in UPT is understanding TAAs and NoPT routings. But that doesn't really need to be done in the jet, it can be taught in the sim without worrying about certification of the GPS unit. This teachers the basic principles of GPS approaches that
  10. That looks like the take big AF is taking as well. If it was important, well, there'd be money to upgrade. I'd bet it eventually gets fixed, but probably not for a few years.
  11. Performance based navigation. Usually RNP approaches is what gets talked about.
  12. Well, that's where I think the solution lies, so yeah.
  13. A minority isn't always in need of protection from the government. But it requires the majority to not abuse power to harm the minority. Otherwise, the minority could be left to either suffer, or turn to violence to fight back. And at times, a minority can violate the majority as well. History is full of examples of individuals or small groups, and not just governments, inflicting their will on a larger population after they have consolidated some means of power, often through force/violence, technological advantage, or through control of key resources. Any number of groups can and have c
  14. Political compromise helps mitigate/resolve those negative consequences through facilitating debate from multiple viewpoints. And yes, for any policy/law there will likely be at least some negative consequences that affect someone. But that's just a fact of life with any form of government, at least with a representative government you get input into the process, and it's the price that's paid to live in the society being governed. My point is the people that wanted to pull those government levers to effect a change will find other levers elsewhere within society to do so if that lever is
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