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    That's on the entire party. They bitched for YEARS about how screwed up Obamacare was, claiming they could do better. Then they had the chance and had literally nothing prepared. They never even brought the outline of a plan. Over and over we heard repeal and replace, but they put no effort into a replacement. They showed all their outrage was just a big talking point and that they didn't really give a shit about the ACA. Just wanted to use it for politics. Blame McCain for his vote, but don't blame him for the entire party wasting years into chasing the car and no thought into what they'd do when they caught it. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
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    The liberal media is getting this entirely wrong, as usual. The mayor of SF, when asked if Pelosi violated the city health order: "So look, Nancy Pelosi has done so much for this city and even this country and in the midst of this pandemic and all the stuff that’s happening amidst this election, she is in Washington D.C. fighting against a tyrant every single day," Breed said. "We need to be focused on the issues and the fact that over 180,000 people have died in this country and we have a president that continues to divide us." YGBSM. Can democrats just have some integrity and condemn that she did the exact opposite of what they've been saying? Why doesn't she just admit guilt and apologize? Why is the political system so broken in this country? What choice is there for a rational voter when it's just Republicans and Democrats? Every day further convinces me that constitutional amendments are in order: ranked choice voting and term limits for people in congress.
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    Confident? Confident in what? That this guy will continue be incompetent if he’s re-elected? Let’s talk about that wall. As of the beginning of August, about 275 miles of wall had been built. Only 30 or so miles of new wall had been built where there were no existing barriers. Exact numbers may vary but I think you’ll agree that Trump has failed to come anywhere near achieving his vision of a big, beautiful wall spanning the length of the southern border. And no, Mexico has not paid for an inch of it. In fact, the military construction budget was pilfered to do it because, like with repealing the ACA, congress knows that a good talking point does not equal good government policy. If you want to call that a promise fulfilled, knock yourself out. The bigger, more tragic picture here is for all the talk about his stupid wall, there has been no meaningful discussion about real, effective, immigration reform. Want to curb illegal immigration? Maybe talk to the farmers and growers whose business model doesn’t work without cheap migrant labor. Back to repealing the ACA: N730 is exactly correct above. Republicans held both houses of Congress and the executive. They could have absolutely gotten that done, but in the decade since ACA was passed, conservatives have been wholely unable to come up with anything better. I would agree that the ACA has serious flaws. Republicans has their chance to fix it and abjectly failed. Trump could only offer the weak excuse: “who knew healthcare was so complicated?”. How about bringing law and order back to the apocalyptic cityscapes Trump so bleakly described in his inaugural speech? He’s been president for nearly four years. The streets that were actually bleak are bleaker and law and order is, in fact breaking down in places where it was previously peaceful. Trumps response has been to fan the flames and encourage his supporters to instigate further unrest. I do not believe for a second that The current or future Trump administration will make our streets remotely safer. The chaos he insists will be the result of a Biden administration is happening now, under his watch. What ever happened to infrastructure? Wasn’t that one of his “promises”? In four years his administration has been unable to get past initial talks with congress regarding an infrastructure bill, the one policy promise of this administration that had robust bipartisan support. The Democrats were willing to help him and he still couldn’t get it done. How about that Iran nuclear deal? Yeah, we pulled out of an imperfect agreement. Has that spurred any meaningful progress with the Iranian government. Is America safer because of it or has the region become even more unstable? Hint: it’s not the former. While we’re on the subject of foreign policy does anyone know what Trump got for spending the first year of his presidency fondling Kim Jong Un’s balls? Doesn’t seem like much has changed in Lil’ Kim’s people’s paradise. So let’s talk about something that’s one of Donnie’s strengths: The economy. It’s true that Wall Street seemed to love the man and his get out of the way policies. In fact, my own 401k swelled as a result of his economic policies. But, prosperity under Trump came in large part due to a tax cut that was extremely generous to big business, but is set to expire on average Joe’s like you and me. The real elephant in the room for those who would call themselves conservatives is that Trump is nothing of the sort when it comes to economic policy. So, at best he gets mixed reviews in this area. In fact, the only promise I can think of that the man unequivocally upheld was the promise to stack the Supreme Court with conservatives. I have to admit, the Republicans have played masterful politics here, basically stealing a nomination from the outgoing administration and putting a candidate in the White House with timing that got them another nomination and likely one more if they can hold the executive. If you’re a Republican, this is legitimate means to celebrate. But let’s face it: Any Republican candidate would have done just fine here. A Rubio, a Cruz, or a Bush would have absolutely put acceptable justices on the court. I fully expect a flurry of excuses from his supporters. Some may even have some validity buried in them somewhere. But one of his signature campaign phrases was “I alone can fix it”. He hasn’t. And all of this incompetence doesn’t even take into account the administration’s pathetic response to Covid-19, which I believe is a dead horse that I’ve already beaten in these forums. So if the ends justify the means for you; if another Supreme Court justice is worth the civil unrest, the decline of science and reason in our country, the abysmal global reputation we are fermenting, the further destabilization of troubled regions around the world, the jaded and cynical worldview one must accept to come to the conclusion that a man with no morals should be the leader of the free world.....if all of those things are worth it to you, then by all means vote to re-elect Donald Trump President of the United States for four more years.
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    AFPC’a 3 September 2020 board status update.....NO UPDATE. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    You speak a lot of truth. This is why Trump is so hated amongst the establishment, and so revered by many. He’s not a politician. He’s not a RINO. He’s not a puppet. I don’t care about his personality; his policies are exactly what America needs. I’d rather take a loud mouth New Yorker than an empty suit who can read a teleprompter. Heck, Biden can’t even do that.
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    Gents, Many units do not send out rejection letters. With the volume of applicants, its sometimes not feasible to send them out. Theres no ill intention, its just the military. Take it if you haven't heard back that you didn't get an interview. They will make every effort to call, email and text you if they want to interview you.
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    Stream of consciousness or lucky to be conscious. Helluva choice. One has been in Washington for 47 years. One has been there for 3. Which one has actually accomplished anything? As in done something, not talk about it.
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    Still makes far more sense than the shit that spews out of Biden's pie hole!
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    I think it’s fair to say I’m on the side of “COVID-19 is being overblown.” However, it pains me when people throw out the 6% number based on a reading of death certificates. My girlfriend had COVID and it really messed her up. Today, (nearly 6 months later) she can’t walk up more than a few flights of stairs because her lungs just won’t get the O2 needed. The doc has her on all kinds of things to try and help, and I think eventually she’ll regain her ability to breathe like before. I mention that because if she died today, say from just going too hard in a workout or straining herself, what would the coroner put down? Probably something pulmonary-related, but there’s a decent chance he/she would see COVID in her medical records and add that too. And you know what? They wouldn’t be wrong. COVID started the problems. For a parallel that might help, people don’t die only from HIV. That virus simply opens their bodies up to death from other things, such as infection. Should a coroner not note HIV alongside death by sepsis? Put simply, there’s far too much variability in what a coroner can put down on that paper to read too deeply into it. I think the death toll is significantly less than the 180,000 number, but it sure isn’t 0.
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    Just one question. Do you honestly believe Biden will be any better? /argument
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    Doesn't co-morbidity literal mean died with? The list of co-morbidities is larger than the total. The data isn't being skewed, people are interpreting it with their previous biases. "Data driven" is the new buzzword to mean "I'm spouting numbers, but don't actually understand what the scientific method really means."
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    Just wanted to say good luck man, I saw you post this on TPN! Just wanted to congratulate you on your progress I saw you posted this on TPN. Happy Hunting!
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    Lmao. Pelosi is now attacking the salon owner and claiming she set her up. Pelosi is on another level!
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    They advertised for this board (which is weird) so it's safe to assume they received at LEAST 200-300+ applications. They interview at maximum 30 applicants.
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    Yes. Update the PCSM to current flight hour time. It is a simple process. I am prior enlisted that got guard slot. They don't look at or ask for EPR reports.
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    Took the TBAS. PCSM 98 300+ hours When blasting UPT applications should the flight hours on the PCSM score screenshot be updated to reflect current accrued flight time? Or would the hours on my resume/logbook scan suffice? Since I maxed the hours part is there a need to update it? Sure wouldn't want an inconsistency to be the reason why i didn't get invited to interview. Any prior Army enlisted that got a Guard/Reserve UPT slot on here? What did you do for “enlisted performance reports” when submitting an application? A lot of the units require them or a service equivalent as part of the application for prior service folks. EPRs don’t exist in the Army and from 2013-2017 there sure wasn’t a service equivalent. The only thing I have is my DD214. I never received digitally recorded feedback, like an EPR, on how I was doing as a soldier. The only physical paperwork I have is some pre-enlistment stuff, medical records, and 214 copies of my DD214. My Human Resources Command online record only has what I have plus IRR muster orders. Any suggestions? I have nothing to hide. No article 15s, no negative counselings/no letters of reprimand the Air Force calls them. The “periodic” physical paper counselings we’d get were backdated 6-12 months at a time whenever higher leadership had an inspection lol and then subsequently tossed. I had PRK at a military hospital 5 years ago. The eye surgery form that units want us to fill out is kind of impossible for me to fill out since I am no longer a beneficiary. Any suggestions about this as well? Is that form only for off the street civilians who got the surgery at a civilian hospital since FC1 at WPAFB will be able to pull my AHLTA? My other stats not listed above: Commercial single/multi instrument CFI CFII All first time passes including the 141 stuff Thank you gentlemen. edit: I was junior enlisted so I never had an NCOER.
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    Have you heard him actually talking in this instance? If not, I encourage you to go watch and hear with your own ears, instead of pulling an article accusing him.
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    Sorry, I'm not really with you on this one. The Republicans have more than proved themselves to be, at best, Democrat-lite, and more often than not, as anti-Trump as the crazies. To wit, failing to support Trump after he won the nomination in 2016. They rejected the rank and file party's rejection of them. So I quit the GOP then. Failing to overturn Obamacare when they held both Houses of Congress and the White House. Thanks, McCain. Failing to oust Romney (Quisling is too kind a word for him) after he voted for one of the articles of impeachment. And these are just the highlights. There's literally hundreds more examples. Oh, and failing to bring forward national reciprocity when they had the chance. A pox on both parties.
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    1 party is introducing socialist platforms, and 1 party is firmly against that. That is all one needs to know to make a logical choice.
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    You're right. This is absolutely a solution in search of a problem. I don't think there is any long term race or gender based washout data that exists, let alone any that supports this idiotic COA. But what's worse is that the people who this is geared toward are actively recoiling against it. The person who brought this dumpster fire to my attention is a female pilot. When I asked her if this initiative would help female student pilots feel more included and improve their performance, she said not only no, but f*** no. Turns out a good way of making people feel like they're part of the team is to not sequester them over on the side doing their own special thing. Women and minorities can do anything in the Air Force.. except avoid being pandered to by generals.
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    I'll bite on this (for context my wife and kids are all Native American, I've spent enough time on the Rez and one of our family members is the Director of the BIA so I've been able to learn a little bit about this ). What it comes down to is that many native populations are 1) extremely underprivileged - a lot of the communities struggle with just basic access to running water, schools, etc. And 2) the tribal populations have also been diluted significantly due to things like the residential schools, theft of children and people leaving "the rez". WRT #1, when your community can't give you the same baseline opportunities as say your average middle american WASP community then it's a naturally steeper funnel to climb out of. So you just get raw fewer numbers of people who are even remotely capable of getting selected for UPT by that age - I'm not saying Natives can't hack it but that often they start behind the goal post instead of at the kickoff line in terms of opportunities and the resources just aren't there to foster the the natural talents/inclinations/traits that Natives might have that would normally make them a great candidate had they grown up in other circumstances. The actual talent of many Native individuals I've met is impressive though - they are naturally extremely brave, sharp and witty. It's no coincidence that our tribe (Mohawk) is known for their steel workers - guys who built the Empire State Building without harnesses, ropes or anything - literally just scaled steel into the sky and then did roll call at the bar end of the day and cheered to the men who fell that day. Some real courage and skill. WRT #2, a combination of the residential schools and skin leaving the rez in search of better opportunity has ultimately bred out / white washed the Native population. From what I have seen and learned, there literally just aren't even the raw numbers to make this a viable recruiting opportunity. By the way this is not even to speak to ancillary points like the cultural challenges of the drugs, gambling, smugling and gangs that often funnel young Natives onto the wrong path (which itself is actually not a Native problem but one that 19th/20th century Americans have given them). I think when you have a competing source of work/recreation that also would help the USAF focusing on Native communities. By the way huge props to you for identifying and recommending Natives for this, a lot of people wouldn't even think twice about this group of people who has given so much to our Nation and really got the shit end of the stick in so many ways.
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    PTN is experimental. Why hold a wash out against someone when it’s an unproven program?
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    Her ambition displayed as the DA of SF and AG of California is scary. She cares only about herself and winning and doesn’t care about the people who she knowingly kept in jail while innocent. It’s a complete joke that the Democratic Party is trying to align itself against brutal policing and in favor of criminal justice reform.
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    A woman who jailed thousands and thousands of black men as a prosecutor. And it's the person they want to put forward while people are protesting racial inequality in the criminal justice system.
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