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  1. Off topic, but is it common for AF pilots to go into politics? There is a ANG pilot in Hawaii who's pretty much a shoe-in for Tulsi Gabbard's seat in Congress.
  2. I'm curious why you would disclose such history when you didn't have to (unless you went to a military doctor), and potentially ruin your dream job?
  3. I realized I've been doing everything wrong! From soft skills to answering questions. They are very personal, and they teach you how to create a killer "tell me about yourself" answer (because that question is almost guaranteed). They teach you how to answer questions to make yourself look like a future asset to the squadron. They teach you methods on answering the questions, and you have 2 video mock interviews which they tell you on what you need to improve on. I was just like you, wondering dropping hundreds is worth it, because I was already broke from flight lessons. But it was my best investment ever. If you're not willing to give it your absolute everything to get a slot, especially during these extremely competitive times, you will regret it when it's too late.
  4. I wouldn't have gotten my UPT slot without bogidope application prep and interview prep. I've interviewed with boards three times (twice at my home unit) and got turned down and finally decided to give it a try. I assumed I was pretty decent at interviewing until I went through the prep and realized I was absolutely wrong. Highly recommend.
  5. I'm curious about BAH while at OTS, UPT, etc. In the OTS guide, it states that: "Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH): Non-prior service OTs with dependents will receive the dependent rate BAH and OTs without dependents will receive the partial-rate BAH" I am currently enlisted (8 years) with NO dependents. Will I get the "no dependent" BAH rate or the "partial-rate" BAH. I won't be able to pay my mortgage back at home with the partial-rate BAH.
  6. Enlisting as LM or BO is the best way to get a pilot slot in the guard/reserves of that squadron. Not sure how it is in the reserves but since it is the 'best' enlisted job in the airforce, the guard holds boards for the two enlisted flying positions.
  7. They advertised for this board (which is weird) so it's safe to assume they received at LEAST 200-300+ applications. They interview at maximum 30 applicants.
  8. Yes. Update the PCSM to current flight hour time. It is a simple process. I am prior enlisted that got guard slot. They don't look at or ask for EPR reports.
  9. It was a breeze. Should be done within 1.5 days. Just don't disclose unnecessary information. Had my FC1 approved in two weeks by AETC.
  10. Hiring will start getting tight due to everything going on. Your credentials are good, but I recommending enlisting with a guard unit. That'll separate you from the pack since you are in the inner circle. Personally for me, enlisting has given me the edge because I was familiar with the military and their faces.
  11. I got mines done in early June. Had a small group of 6 people. You?
  12. I got hired in October 2019 and don't have OTS or UPT dates either..
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